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Sexy Soap Opera For A Modern Family

I'm 41, a mom, married to a very busy Bruce, my husband, 51 who seems to ignore me even more after I've done everything to my best (with a little help here and there). Our son Kevin, 20 is a late bloomer and now seems just as awkward around me as I've seen him be around girls his age. His friends at least notice and like the new me. I just didn't realize how much.

To stay busy while Bruce is either at the office to all hours or away on business, with the help of a friend, I started a part time job bar tending one night a week almost a year ago and the owners asked me to work more shifts. That's when a lot of very eye opening surprises and embarrassments have happened. Or could have happened.
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Why don't you share those experiences with us?
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III. Kiss of the Succubus- Female detective hunts vampire and succubus. Featuring 8 new illustrations by LunA

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Nude Secretaries Day: The New Girl- Monica is asked to "sweeten the deal" for a new client

Maybe She'll Say Yes- Artist works up the courage to ask a sexy lifeguard to pose nude

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I'd like to hear more too.

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mmm, well I'm assuming it's a storyline you want to pursue; either based on real life or not! Perhaps you're a wife who could never cheat on your husband, no matter what.

But, of course, you're constantly hit on at the bar and a never ending stream of patrons try to chat you up - or feel you up! So perhaps you start a virtual affair; not online, but one where you allow yourself thoughts of being with various men at the bar. You might pleasure yourself at home, while your husband is away, or working late; thinking about those other guys, and on the phone to your husband with your wandering fingers between your legs.
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i like the pics
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new stories 5/19/2017!
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Sexy Soap Opera For A Modern Family

Thank you, I think

Originally Posted by angelique127 View Post
i like the pics
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