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Nov/17 #23

My American Friends

Though sometimes the day seems dark
in mid-November, remember the sun
is where it's always been. We're moving
in an ellipse that takes us this far
from Sol's heat. The light seems
watery and far too brief but yet a star
shines and puts a little warmth
on your neck, if you stand,
back to the south, in front
of your triple glazed-low-E window.

Happy Thanksgiving.
Get Carrie'd away.
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Nov/17 #24


Generally when words are a daily
obligation, the conversation
you have with poetry gets a little
stilted, forced, congested...
It's a tough thing to sort
through experiences and list
all the details of living
day to day to day. Time
kicks your ass and you know
you just have to write
Get Carrie'd away.
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Nov/17 #25

Christmas Is Coming

Sitting on a stonewall, watching
a creek burble its way over
a granite bed, at the foot
of a stone mountain in Georgia,
is what i distill from memory
and looking at that photo.

Hearing children's play voices
and watching their restless
hop from one foot to the other
condenses into a remembrance
of our first meeting, when I
needed to kiss you and touch
your face as if it would fade.

Restless anticipation is my companion
for the next two weeks, while I can
hardly keep myself from getting
on a plane and coming to you early.
You are my happiness in one serving
of an ideal man to bring me home.
Get Carrie'd away.
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Bump for jc

As a favour to Tsotha
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April is national poem writing month; a poem a day.

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I am gonna do 4 007s just because I usually fail at 23 or so. But good idea!!!
Guilty of strolling whilst droll.
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I'm lucky to get one a month


By JC Street © 2018, all rights and lollipops reserved

My cat
destroyed my hat
clawed my jeans
to smithereens

My cat
came to bed
ripped the duvet
all to shreds

My cat
clawed my head
rubbed its fur against my beard, said

we gotta talk

I woke up to
my cat
purring sweet, saying
time to give me food to eat, it was

4 a.m., and
I had a friend, who said
Oh baby, I love cats, and
sat up in bed, and said
Ted (that’s the cat’s name, eh)
you are such a silly moof and
here’s proof and
tickled its tum the way I hoped
she’d do to me so
I moped

My love and I are no more cuz
she took my cat to another shore
it’s not a chore to her to flirt
all night holding
Ted tight

I am bereft
Ted left, after
all the Whiskas I had deftly hidden
went into his furry tum
leaving me glum with the expenditure

of it all I am
appalled . . . this
graceless fickality, this
new catless reality


“Men are afraid that women will laugh at them and women are afraid that men will kill them.” — Margaret Atwood

Doe maar normaal, dan ben je al gek genoeg’
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