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Powerful business women

Hello everyone ,

My first post here so go easy ha!

Been a keen reader here for many years just not setup an account (I know really should have)

Just wondering if any guys or girls have similar cravings/interests to myself.

I recently started working in a full office/quick to think business environment and it's heavily ran by women (total dream job).

But after a few month here I've grow to have a real thing for the more mature business veterans and being 25 most are well over my age.

The power and skill these women have is incredible not to mention they really keep their health and bodies In check, which I must say really makes them stand out in meetings.

Anyways thanks for reading this and share your views please, also if you think your in this category share your thoughts/experiences if you've caught a few younger employees checking you out ha (I've been caught way to much!)
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I spend way to much time being distracted at the office by the women. It is like going to a candy store with no money.
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Unfortunately our office is pretty much a male orientated area, but I have met some striking women in meetings with customers who certainly made my mind run a little off track......although to date I have never had the nerve to try and develop these meetings :-)
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we have a regional manager where i work ,she wears suits and nice shoes and always looks hot ,all the guys fantasize about her i am sure .
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At the office right now and it would be the day my boss turns up in the shortest red dress ever... Gonna be a difficult day to concentrate but I'm sure the days going to fly by ;-)
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As a contractor for a vending company. I see the most eye candy at the office buildings. Not to say the girls at the gym arnt bad but there is something about a woman in a nice suit or dress that makes me think damn if I could have one shot at her she would walk funny for a month.
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I once worked for a woman who owned her own company. She sold very, very expensive "toys." She used her sex appeal all the time, and she only hired females to help in her office. We were never allowed to "dress down" or wear anything but heels. She was very demanding and most girls didn't last more than about six months. I worked for her for almost 4 years, and she and I became good friends. She taught me to accept human nature and use it, instead of fighting against it. I learned more from her than I learned anywhere.
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Nothing like a female vendor, business owner or colleague that knows how to wear female "power clothes". Pencil skirts, heels, silk blouses, stockings. Winter weather….when they start wearing high heeled boots…..lol!!!
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