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Poetry Feedback & Discussion Official Guidelines

Welcome to the Literotica Poetry Feedback and Discussion Forum. We're here because we love poetry and want to help each other write and learn in a supportive, respectful environment.

Forum Guidelines

1. You must be 18 years or older to read or participate at Literotica.

2. You may not post sexually explicit pictures or stories featuring anyone under 18 years old. Literotica does not allow the posting of underage or animal sex pictures on the forum.

3. Do not post /hotlink copyrighted images or articles in their entirety. Fair use laws allow some posting of copyrighted material, such as excerpts from articles and screen captures from movies, under certain circumstances. Please do a Google search under "Fair Use" if you want to understand this issue better.

4. You may not post personal information of other members or, for that matter, anyone else. We do not allow phone numbers, email addresses, private messages or quotes from private emails to be posted on the forum. This rule also covers real names, employment info, and any other personal information that we deem inappropriate.

5. Do not threaten other users. Treat other users respectfully and do your best to make the poetry forum a supportive and welcoming place for everyone. Do not harass or belittle other users because they don't agree with you. Posts or threads that berate others may be moved at the moderators' discretion.

6. Any posts made with the intent of promoting another site or a product will be removed. You may not send unsolicited PM's or emails to other users trying to promote other websites or products. Literotica is not a place to promote other websites, and we are very strict on this issue. If you abuse this policy, you will be banned.

7. Please do not blatantly "advertise" for other websites in your signature. We allow non-commercial links to other people's personal websites in sigs, but please do not beg people to click on your link, make it huge and/or flashing, or otherwise be obnoxious.

We do not allow links to any adult pay sites. We also reserve the right to remove signatures which link to sites with numerous annoying pop-ups, viruses, or anything else potentially harmful to people's computers. If you turn your signature into an advertisement, we will ask you to change it. Do not start threads with the URL in the header.

8. You cannot use a URL/site address as your membername. If you do so, we will ask you to change your name.

9. Please do not post audio that automatically plays itself on the forum. There are people who access Lit from various locations, and in some locations they prefer to be discreet. We reserve the right to edit or remove any post or signature which automatically plays audio.

10. Please post content in the appropriate forum. The main Poetry Feedback and Discussion forum should include content focused on poetry, while the Poets Hangout may include content of a more general nature. Remember to keep content on both forums respectful and supportive of all users. Failure to do so may result in your post or thread being moved to a more appropriate forum or off the main forums entirely. We do not believe in censorship, but your posts will be moved or removed if you do not read the forum title before hitting "SUBMIT". Personal ads should be posted in the "Personals" forum, story ideas in the "Story Ideas" forum, BDSM issues in the BDSM forum, random nonsense on the General Board, roleplay (sexual or non) in the roleplay forums and so on.

11. We will not remove posts for you. You have the ability to edit out any text and remove any attachments on your own. The administrators will not delete your posts just because you changed your mind about what you said. You can edit your own posts as you see fit. Please do not contact us about removing your posts.

The various poets here represent many different views about what constitutes good poetry, but anyone can disagree respectfully. Please avoid personal insults and flame wars-- they just waste everyone's time.

If you have a personal problem with someone else on the forum, please deal with it privately in a PM or an email or use the ignore feature.


Please feel free to contact the Poetry Forum Moderators with questions or suggestions.
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New Lit Picture Use Guidelines 6/29/15

Please note the following issued by Laurel and Manu:

NOTE: Admin has appended these. 6/29/2015

The gist is this: please do not upload to our servers (as an attachment or user icon/profile image) any photographic images that
1) contain genital closeups or explicit sex; or
2) do not belong to you. To clarify: no, you cannot upload photos of your erect penis or wet pudenda, and you cannot upload photos that you found on the Internet.

You can post links to images found elsewhere on the Internet. HOWEVER, we reserve the right to warn or ban you if we feel you are
1) spamming/advertising for another site/product/etc. or
2) you repeatedly post linked images which stretch the screen.
We also will remove links to images upon request from copyright holder. If, after we do so, you replace the image, we may ban your account.


The Literotica forum offers three different ways that you as a user can display your own images. Because of the massive size and high activity of the Literotica forum, none of these methods are pre-moderated. However, we will remove any images which are brought to our attention that violate our rules or any U.S. laws. The three methods of posting an image on the Lit forum are as follows:

1) Attachments. These are user-owned (that is, created by you and to which you own the copyright) images which are uploaded to our server by users.

2) Remote linking. These are images which are hosted on your server and displayed in your posts.

3) Avatars/Profile Pics. These are your images which you can upload to display on your profile page and next to each post you make.

The Literotica Forum Photo Guidelines have been created to conform to United States law in regards to content and copyright laws.

Here are the Forum Photo Guidelines for all attachments, avatars, and any image uploaded to our servers (Numbers 1 and 3 above):

Legally, we can allow soft nudity, but photographs (does not apply to non-photographic images) posted on this site may not contain "sexually explicit conduct", which the government defines as:

- Actual or simulated:
(A) sexual intercourse, including genital-genital, oral-genital, anal-genital, or oral-anal, whether between persons of the same or opposite sex;
(B) bestiality;
(C) masturbation;
(D) sadistic or masochistic abuse; or
(E) lascivious exhibition of the genitals or pubic area of any person. We're talking about the close-ups, or any pictures where the genitals or pubic area is the center of attention, or part of any simulated masturbation. Artistic full nudes are fine, so long as they aren't spread shots and the person can't be masturbating or simulating masturbation

ALL images (uploads and links, Numbers 1, 2, and 3 above) must follow these rules:

- All persons in all adult-themed photographs must be over 18 years of age.

- Image must not contain URL or other advertisement.

- Image must not contain bestiality or extreme sexual violence.


Please note that these rules apply only to photographic images.

Non-photographic images (drawings, paintings, 3D renderings, etc.) may not contain bestiality, underage sexual content, or extreme sexual violence.

If you see any images which violate these guidelines, please report the post and we will review your report. Anyone caught repeatedly violating these guidelines may have their image posting privileges revoked.

Literotica may remove any image for any reason without notice, and may periodically purge old images from the forums.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact a moderator.

Thank you for your time, and enjoy the site.

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