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Posting Poems

There are a few ways to share your poems at Literotica. You can submit them to the site and with some exceptions, your poems will be accepted and posted on the New Poem page the next day. Poems may be non-erotic as well as erotic and you may also submit audio and/or illustrated poems (which take somewhat longer to be approved). You may also receive free editorial help if you want it. All this is explained on this page and in the Submission Guidelines.

You can share your poem(s) by starting an appropriately titled thread (e.g., "My Poem(s)" or the actual title). Make sure to specify prominently whether or not you want comments about the poem(s) you're posting. If you just want others to read your poem then state in the thread that you don't want feedback. If you also submit a poem to Literotica, putting it in a thread here too, just to be read, is unneeded.

If you want others to review and critique your poem to help you improve it, state in the thread or thread title that you want feedback.

We look forward to reading your poetry!

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Recommendations and Feedback

You can get responses to your posted poems via feedback and/or public comments. In addition, your posted poem may be mentioned in the New Poems thread, but please note that reviews are really just one person's opinion.

Getting Feedback
What can you expect when you've started a thread called:
"Here's My Poem" Feedback, please!

Most poets here take reviewing seriously--we want to help one another and realize that everyone can improve, so it's pretty unlikely that you'll just hear "Great job" or "Loved it," even if the reviewer does love your poem. You'll probably get an opinion and suggestions for improvement. You do not have to change your poem of course, but you probably should consider the advice seriously. The commentator took the time to respond to your request after all.

Remember too that sometimes you have to take some bad with the good. If you are flamed, if a reviewer is personally nasty--and it occasionally happens here like anywhere else--please don't take it personally; use what helps you and move on.

Giving Feedback
You can return the favor by giving feedback. You may think you don't know how, but it's not difficult at all. If you're not sure what to do, try using the following as guidelines:

1. Say whether or not you liked the poem overall and why.
2. Name at least one specific thing you liked about--
language use
3. Is there anything you just don't understand in the poem? What?
4. Can you think of a better way to say anything in the poem. If you can, suggest it!
5. Do you know of another poem or link that you think would help? If so, include it.

Always try to make specific suggestions for improvement. Ranting that a poem doesn't work or raving about it without saying why doesn't help the writer. Above all, be truthful but kind. Write the kind of review you'd like to get.

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Challenges and Games

These are simply exercises to keep us all practicing our craft. Everyone is always welcome to participate. Try to follow the rules as they're set forth for each game or challenge. Some challenges are ongoing like the All of a Sudden Passion Suddenly thread or Pic-A-Thon, while others are of shorter duration. If you have questions, ask. If you have an idea for a challenge, post it. And have fun; it's supposed to be fun.

Also, make sure to check the stickies at the top of the board for the latest challenges!

Other threads of interest:
30 Poems in 30 Days
Poetry in Progress ~ construction zone
writing live
lit blog
Challenge: The Perfect Ten (v2.0)
not sure how many words
Poetry and Lyrics

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Post Poetry Links

References for Poets

The following links lead to resources for aspiring (and experienced) poets. Look up a word, find a rhyme, learn a new poetic form, read a new poet, or just explore. These sites are great for helping to polish your craft.

Please report any broken (or otherwise funky) links to The Poets. And feel free (encouraged, even) to recommend other sites you think would benefit this forum.

These sites were selected by The Poets; they represent personal recomendations, and not an official "opinion" of this site as to what is the best anything.

Literotica Resources
Start here with a general FAQ (frequently asked questions), which includes Literotica submissions guidelines (a separate link takes you to guidelines for illustrated and audio submissions), and onsite links to volunteer editors and general reference information, including articles by Literotica authors.

Other Writing References


(two of many online dictionaries that offer online look-ups and thesauri)

Clear English
(large collection of links to grammar and style reference guides)

Poetry Writing

The Glossary of Poetic Terms
(extensive poetry dictionary including descriptions of many poetic forms)

The Handbook of Rhetorical Devices
(more literary terms defined)

Sacred Text Archive
(links to the Bible, mythology sites, and other significant ancient texts )

(like they say on their home page--great books online)

Poetry Collections

Poetry International
(contemporary Poetry from everywhere)

The Wondering Minstrels
(large poetry database searchable by author's last name)

The Plagiarist Archive
(searchable archive and user comments)

Audio/Video Poetry on the Web (may require Real Audio)

Concrete and Sound Poetry
(large searchable archive of sound recordings including everyone from Appolinaire and Bukowski to Yeats and Zappa)

Listening Booth
(famous poets read their own or others' poem--sponsored by the Academy of American Poets)

Favorite Poem Project
(Americans from all walks of life read their favorite poem--audio and video files available)


Poetry Scams
(Article about fraudelent publishing practices and how how to avoid the scammers who claim to love your poem but really just want your money)


Poetry Awards & Contests

Poetry Awards: The Academy of American Poets


300 Links

literary journals that accept email submissions

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When submitting your work to Literotica.com, you may sometimes have the need to include some additional formatting. You can use the following codes in the Poem Text box of the submission form:
<b>bold</b> will produce bold
<i>italics</i> will produce italics
<u>underlined<u> will produce underlined
<a href="http://www.literotica.com">literotica</a> will produce literotica
<sup>1</sup> will produce
Please note that no links to outside websites are allowed. If you're linking to other pages on Literotica, including the forums, it should be OK.
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