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Western Idea 2

Still struggling for a western idea that I can write.

I saw some earlier but none seemed to really work for my style. Help.
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John Blackhawk
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you can always go with a "got thrown back in time in the old west" sort of story.
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One of my favorite westerns is "The Sons of Katie Elder." That would make for a good incest story. Of course, you'd have to change it so that Katie wasn't dead before the opening credits roll........

Or you could do a spin on The Quick and The Dead, but instead of a gunfight tournament, it's more of a sex tournament.
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Male Texas Ranger captures female outlaw in the wilds of west Texas. Has to transport her back to Austin to stand trial. Opportunities for horses, trains, ambushes by rival bounty Hunter or Indian raiders, boom town saloons. All the tropes. And also plenty of sexy hijinks.

I'm not sure how well the idea lines up with historical fact, but I don't know if that's important to you or not.
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Maybe something along the lines of High Plains Drifter, Clint Eastwood is basically raping and taking women at will. More to the plot of that movie than that but it has teeth for a sex theme..
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When I'm looking for inspiration, I usually turn to one of my favorite authors and read some of silkstocklinglover's tales.

Oh, wait...
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Indian captive stories were highly popular from colonial times all the way through the 19th century.

There's always the possibility of a Madame who runs a brothel/saloon in a frontier town.

Light bulb! Just riff off of Hell on Wheels.
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Originally Posted by silkstockingslover View Post
Still struggling for a western idea that I can write.

I saw some earlier but none seemed to really work for my style. Help.
I will admit that I haven't read all your stories but the setting might make it a bit tough for some of them to work.

Still, let's see what we can do using story ideas and themes from your own submissions and see what we can do.

For example, you have a number of stories about innocent or not so innocent girls being made submissive to a more mature woman. While acts of public humiliation would be hard to justify (it's the same century where the first top hat caused a riot after all) you could still have domination and submission.

For example, the new school Marm is well loved by her students and it's not uncommon for her female students to seek her advice after class. Parents don't mind as it lets them dodge answering questions they feel uncomfortable about. What they don't know is that the teacher is slowly creating a cabal of lesbian lovers.

Or maybe the pastor's wife has been teaching her husband's flock all about ejaculations (pun intended).
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You should try this one for inspiration. The author is great at creative storylines and writing long sex scenes.


I'm also working on a semi-western involving a mom/dad/daughter living in their cabin farm during the winter.
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Imo the essence of western erotica is their ignorance and taboos of sex. Theres no porn or pictures, and so seeing it for the first time is a real shock. Especially if its a religious town where even masturbation is frowned upon.
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Gunsmoke meets Spanking the Monkey

What about a rancher who dies, leaving his wife worried about keeping the ranch profitable.

How's she going to get Junior to stick around and help save the ranch instead of going off to the city?

She can't trust the rancher hands.
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Wagon Train.

Good healthy mix of people all moving west - for one reason or another with lots of families of various sorts.

All those people... and all those places... and all those wagons parked close together... and all the shadows on the canvas at night.

All the skills and trades... leather workers, blacksmiths, wood workers/carpenters, seamstresses, toy makers, musicians, cooks, etc., etc..

Streams and lakes to wash, swim and play in.

Hot waterless land to sweat and strip off un-needed clothing in.

Every bush and tumbleweed to squat behind, and plenty of ways to watch if you wanted.

A place where brother took care of sister(s) and sons were totally caring for their Mothers and no one ever questioned it. Everyone in a family slept together - in the wagons or out on the ground. You all cooked, ate, washed, worked and played together and no thought was given to impropriety - unless it became obvious and/or outlandish. For incest it must have been the very best of times. A move of just 100 miles and you would not know anyone or be known by anyone.

Plenty of material to work with.

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Cowboys and Indians: In the New West, many cowboys ARE Indians. In the Old West, cowboys were often Black or Mexican. Cowpunching was a VERY low-status career; White 'pokes would be white trash, Pikes. Ranchers (owners) were mostly white.

Thus realistic tales can feature IR, cucks, class struggles, etc. Rich rancher's pale flower of a wife is screwing the dusky, trashy ranch hands and wandering saddle tramps. Some foremen shouldn't be left alone with calves. Some cow 'boys' are tough crossdressing gals. And somebody stashes a dildo in their rifle stock.

I'll discuss Western mining towns another time.
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I don't have any western ideas but this pic might give you inspiration.
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Your stories about white guys learning to love black cock could also work in a western setting:

Guy goes out west and ends up in a town populated by ex-slaves and free men who are tired of discriminationwho are making a life for themselves in their own town. Guy lives there but one day sees one of the men fucking their wives or a brothel worker and is transfixed by his cock. He gets caught looking and over time either gets sissified or becomes a blowjob dispenser.

Add in a wife and/or daughter and you can add in themes of cuckolding as well as het bi and lesbian interracial sex.
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