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Advice from our chatters...

LitChatters --

If you could give a piece of advice to someone new to Litchat, what would it be? Share it here!
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Originally Posted by puzzlepieces View Post
LitChatters --

If you could give a piece of advice to someone new to Litchat, what would it be? Share it here!
Be nice.

Be patient. Don't log off right away if you don't get a private chat invitation right away. People want to look at your profile information before contacting you for private chat. And that means: have a meaningful profile, like announce your gender, age, etc.

For guys: Since the ratio of men to women is probably 10 to 1, I find it better to nicely announce my presence and wait for a woman to contact me. The ladies are probably besieged with invitations.

The constant status messages (people coming and going) and audible chirps drive me crazy; so I disable them with the relevant icons in the lower right of the screen.

Don't post the exact same lame teaser message in every room available. You will sound desperate.

Use the Ignore feature (drop down menu with their name) if someone is being obnoxious.

If you are really serious....get a headset/microphone and use a speech to text program to enter your posts. This leaves you hands-free for other activities without getting the keyboard all messy.

If I think of something else....
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Don't be a douche...or a twatwaffle. You know, act like a human being instead of a walking genital.
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Say Good-Bye When You Leave

Suddenly logging off without saying good-bye or good night is rude. (yes I know sometimes the connection can get broken, but you know what I mean). Seeing 'xyz has left the room' and they did not say why or ciao is discourteous.
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If you PM someone once or twice with no response, leave them alone. Just because someone is in a room, it doesn't mean they want to talk to *you*.

Don't antagonise the moderators. They do a thankless job and work hard to keep the chat running smoothly. Be nice. Actually...

Just be nice. To everyone.

Be respectful of real life commitments from other chatters. Cybering is not more important than a user's real life commitments, so be cognisant of fellow chatters and their need to leave/not be online.

As in real life, don't gossip and try to limit the drama. Don't PM someone about another user. Don't copy and paste private messages into a public room or a different PM. Things like that cause bad blood quickly.

Fill out a profile. It's hard to get a read on whether or not you should chat with someone if the only thing you know about them is that they created an account two years ago. A novel isn't necessary, but something that says who you are and what you're all about is a good place to start.

Literotica is a wonderful fantasy world, but it's just that: a fantasy. Try not to get too worked up over it; we're all just here to have fun and blow off some steam. :-)
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*shrugs*. idk. try not to be patronizing? lol
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Understand that much of the room conversation is off-topic. Food seems to be a topic frequently discussed, so recipes are welcome
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Actually engage someone in a conversation. Don't just expect them to entertain you. Everyone is looking for something a little different. Finding out if what you want and what they want has any middle ground is the key.

And Have a Profile! It takes less than 5 minutes to type in a few things that can help save a lot of time and effort (and maybe grief?). Nothing like a gender neutral username and 'no answer" under gender to speed things along.

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expect to get randomly disconnected than randomly connected a lot on lit. its really annoying but you have to get used to it
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With regards to random disconnects - Please read this post

My Fetlife Profile

LitChat Moderator.
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