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Originally Posted by Primalex View Post
Side question:

If a real girl creates a FetLife account, uploads real pictures, gives the account credentials to her PYL, then doesn't actually ever use FetLife again and the only one who reads messages is the PYL - is this a fake profile?
Originally Posted by Iamsubmissive View Post
I would say yes since it isn't being used by the represented user. If people knew it was a kind of joint account then no.
Nope. It's not.
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I have a FL account as well as a Lit account. I'm DVS in both. I don't visit either much any more, but I don't see the need to delete them.

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Originally Posted by RubenesqueAphrodite View Post
Giggle away... And yes, your interpretation was most likely correct

no kidding...

Most days I have to wonder, are those of us who are on meds the only ones who realize that we all need to be on meds??
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I write my stories on Fet. I really don't see what's the issue? That's the only place I can upload my work at the moment. I need an editor to upload my work here. Fet was the first place I uploaded work to, it was my stepping stone and I am happy I did it, it made me feel more comfortable sharing my work.

I don't like Fet because most do not respect or read your profile,they cannot control them self's and some just don't care to have non sexual chat. Or want a platonic friendship. But I am learning those people are everywhere....they are on Lit too.
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I have to agree with you on your critique of FL - I myself was also on the site for around a year or two until it became more of an entertaining distraction which yielded no fruit or substance.

Getting out in your community and finding those who can relate to your fetishes-mindset- with education and growth is a better journey ..my two scents
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I'm still on Fetlife, but not at all active. I use it purely to keep in touch with people.
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I like the forums on Fet.
Just a little harder, please.
Thank you.
A bit more?
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I'm so confused. Where is one writing stories on Fet?

Fet is the only way to find out real life activities like parties and munches.

Thank god for Fet. It's opened up a whole new world for me to explore.
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I've found Fetlife absolutely fine. It's great for staying in touch with people and finding events. As with any social network there are a lot of idiots, but after a while you get good at filtering them. I've had more positive experiences from it than I have had negative.
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So the last bastion of my hope is already screwed up before I even had the chance to really try it?
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