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Roger Stone, falling like one

Like bread crumbs can lead a bird to its doom, Roger Stone's own publicly accessible comments may be his undoing. Stone, an adviser to Trump, has said repeatedly he was not in contact with anyone in Russia during the campaign except one Guccifer 2.0, a person U.S. intelligence believes is a front for the Russian intelligence agency, nor had any communications with Julian Assange.

Stone's repeated denials of contacts with Russia and Assange are under renewed scrutiny because his own words betray him. For months during the campaign Stone bragged to various Republican officials and news outlets he was in fact, talking to Russia and Assange.

The timeline is long, stretching back to at least August, but the evidence is both overwhelming and damning. In short, Stone is trying to mimic the con artist by denying his own words, but his ego will bring him down just as surely as his name implies.

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It's like these people don't realize history exists.
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Breadcrumbs actually helped Hansel & Gretel when their stepfather led them to the woods and left them there.

Nowadays with gps, people don't really need to carry crumbly bread in their pockets. Mace or a glock is a better alternative.
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