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Homeless punk girl at the freeway offramp

I don't see myself ever writing this but it could lead to a nice story if someone wanted to do it.

Setup: every day Joe who is in a sexless marriage comes home and when he is pulling off the freeway there is a sun burned, dirty, "traveler" hippy punk girl. He sees her everyday and takes to giving her food and money. They strike up a friendship in two minute increments. Over time he becomes fixated on her, fantasizes about offering her money for sex or joining her and her pack of travelling friends, or helping her in some "pretty woman" way but never ever would act on his feelings and doesn't want to admit it to himself that he has them. She appreciates his being nice, kind, treating her like a real person and has him figured from his comments. She can see that he is attracted but she knows he will never act on it for a hundred reasons. He comes home early one day, for some reason a first break in his precision schedule, maybe he got fired, or something bad happened, she comments on how it is not his regular time, seeing how miserable he really is she decides to help him out. She says it is her birthday and all she really wants is to take a shower and wash her clothing and jokingly (not jokingly) asks if she can use his. He shocks himself by agreeing. Her plan is to clean up, seduce him, give him what looks to be a much needed thank you fuck before she leaves town with her pack of pals the next day. His wife is out of town or at work or left him or whatever plot device clears her out maybe related to why he came home early. The get to know each other more, she tells him she won't see him any more as her group has decided to head for warmer climate as the weather is getting colder. She showers, cleans up, etc and he finds her clothing from his wife's closet, she is touched and puts it on while he does her laundry. He talks about how he will miss the talks. She says she is so glad they got to spend a it if time talking for real as she has a gift for him, but he has to close his eyes because she has to get it ready he does and opens them to find her naked in front of him. He is shocked/turned on/scared and she eventually gets him to play along and he does so with complete abandon. At the end of the afternoon or next morning she asks for a ride to the bus station where she is meeting her friends. He offers her money which she declines, and she leaves him with advice, get the fuck out of your marriage and live life. I like the idea of him thinking he is helping her when ultimately she saves him.

I've had this idea for awhile, surprised myself at how much of the scenario I had as I was writing the preceding. Anyways if anyone wants to run with the ball please PM me so I can see the result!

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