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Prostitutes and porn stars get off Earth

Seeing the state of the world, an escort or porn star playfully broadcasts a message to the stars saying they'll trade sex for a lift off of the planet.

1 week later, fleets of ships arrive around Earth willing to take them. Of course, once others start finding out about the aliens being genuine with their offer, more and more people start volunteering to trade sex for passage off Earth.

What happens to those who leave...and what happens when those who stay find out the Earth is indeed fucked and they don't have a lot of time left?

Possible stories:

Young escort didn't have any family that doesn't hate her and went to the stars as she didn't feel she had anywhere to belong. She finds the aliens she winds up with are actually very caring and makes a good fulfilling life among them.

2. Evangelical pastor tries to use the exodus to argue that Earth is now free of sinners. Then they out human civilization is going to end in just a few years. Desperate to save their skins, they offer their family and then themselves up but the aliens aren't interested...though they do broadcast their "audition" and upload it to the internet for shits and grins.
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I saw this on the Twilight Zone. It was called "To Serve Man."
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Well in that one the aliens put up a ruse for what would happen. In this, both parties are there for sex.

...although that does give me an idea.

Escort gets on ship with alien race that doesn't like to show themselves. They talk to her and seem nice but the only thing they ask her to do is play with these weird, large grapes and eat them when she's done. They let her know what the act is called and she slowly figures their language out afterwards. She then finally figured out what she's been doing:

The aliens can actually transmit their consciousnesses into anything living. The balls are bundles of living tissue and they enjoyed being handled by her and being eaten. Essentially, they really, really love vore.
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What a great idea, I hope someone comes a long with a good story.
Aliens always were a big fantasy of me, and the secrecy makes it so much better.
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