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A basic setup I won't use so y'all are welcome to it.

Our Main Characters (can be several of varied ages, genders, etc) work for an insurance company specializing in Special Lines coverages, which usually means performances. Plays, concerts, filmings, and even small events like weddings, bar mitzvahs, and formal parties, may be in venues or contracts requiring insurance for completion, safety, performers showing up, etc.

Our MCs handle inspections and risk assessments of mostly small, indy-type events in greater London or Los Angeles or wherever. They're backstage at rowdy dance clubs, overwrought little theatres, wildcat video/film productions, licensed in-the-park shows, and so on, checking fire extinguishers and escapes, the sobriety of performers, the quality of bouncers, the whereabouts of box-office receipts, all the big and little things that go wrong.

These situations likely drown in sex, drugs, and odd music. Community theater groups are fuck-a-holics. Producers are coked-up scum. Nervous backers and players will offer our MCs ANYTHING to gain approval and insurance. Et fucking cetera.

This could be an endless series of stroker episodes encompassing many fetishes, and the situations, venues, and players would be fun to describe, hey?
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