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a substitute for magic

I dream of experiencing a lot of joy you with you, the unicorn woman I search for, when we exchange mails with each other. To compensate for the voids in your life and in mine. If possible, I like us to exchange mails daily, to provide each other a highlight that now is missing from our lives. For that to work out, we'll have to develop a liking for one another, something that ordinarily requires some magic.

Trouble is: I have not experienced magic since I was a child, and magic is not something you can simply order from Amazon. So what might work for us instead of it? A strong motivation, I suppose, in me and in you, because we simply need that elusive joy so much. Good, but motivation alone cannot possibly be the only thing that matters.

I suppose you'll need a fellow you simply feel good about. And the same applies to me, I mean a "fellow" in female form. So what makes you feel good about me, and me feel good about you? A likeable character is a good start. And one with a bit of erotic charisma. Below I will try to summarize, what I find essential in you, so that I consider your character likeable.

Maybe you can do the same and send your summary to me, in case you reply to this ad via PM. With both of our "wish lists" in our hands, we should then be able to tell, how likeable we'd find each other. Providing of course, that each of us honestly tells the other, in which respects a perfect match will not be available from you or from me.

For instance, if you tell me that your curiosity is less than I would like, I can ask myself whether I can just live with a woman less curious than my ideal. I am fairly sure that won't be a problem, when you for instance tell me that the way you prefer making love, pretty much aligns with mine.

For me two essential indications of a likeable character are 1-that you be a highly human female being, and that you look for me being highly human also. With flaws and blemishes for sure, but also with a certain amount of tolerance toward imperfection. And 2-that you have experienced role models in your life, which had demonstrated a high degree of civility to you. Hopefully you experienced also that civilized behavior results in a lot more happiness and content than the opposite.

OK, now comes the rest of my wish list, regarding you. You should read it also as a list of what I will offer you in return (as were all my words above also). In a sense this list is a bit like "gravy"; if all the items I mentioned above are in place, the stuff below most likely will just follow naturally.

■ I look for a woman, who wants to take this mail exchange as serious as I do and commit to it as much as I do also. And who is ready to remove with me any roadblocks we discover, when we develop our mail relationship. With open minds, including an ability to voice regret, when either one of us discovers a fuck-up we committed.

■ If you want and desire to compensate erotic voids that exist in regular our lives, by imagining intimacy with one another, and by describing to each other our fantasies along those lines, you'd make me very happy. In fact I consider this particular desire as part of the joy we seek in our mail relationship.

■ Also if you had a desire for at least some of the mails we exchange becoming a bit intellectual at times, when we discuss more than only us and our daily lives.

■ It would be great if you were full of curiosity like I am, wanting to understand, wanting to know, wanting to develop and grow thru satisfying our curiosity. Not simply reading mails from each other but wanting to know what lies behind the words in our mails,

■ and if you looked for truly interacting with me thru mails, not just simply for telling each other one-way stories and fantasies.

■ Honesty and seriousness should be part of your values. And it should not be difficult to extend the gift of trust to each other.

All in all, my desire is exchanging intimate mails with a highly human female unicorn like you, but mails which go well beyond just erotica and horniness. "Horniness with feeling" if you like, or "erotica plus".
what I am looking for: http://forum.literotica.com/showthread.php?t=1477491
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