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describe your first sex

Describe your first sex
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Awkward. Cringingly awkward. I knew where to put it thanks to my extensive online research at redtube and other instructional sites, but even that hadn't prepared me. My hands and legs trembled as with fever while I undressed, and as soon as my dick touched pussy, I was scared out of my mind. It felt so warm and soft, caressing me in a way that my hand never could, and with a pleasure I had never before imagined. Shocks of pleasure shot through me instantly and I feared I would cum before I truely began. The next five or so minutes consisted of me awkwardly sawing into her on the floor of her dimly lit living room.

My anxiety and seflcounciousness stole the moments of true pleasure from the experience. Every slow thrust had me on edge as I thought that this was the one that would push me over the edge. In the end, my fear of cumming inside of her and getting her pregnant forced me to stop before finishing.

After finding myself inside the most intimate place of a girl I barely knew, I couldn't even meet her eyes as we both clumsily redressed. On my way back home, I was elated to have hit this milestone in my life, but at the same time let down with how things turned out...how my nervousness had ruined the greatest experience in my life up to that point.
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Can't be told on LIT.
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