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I lightly shake my shake my head and place the copy of e-mail on your desk. The e-mail is from one of your clients I do not know about.

I sit down in the chair in front of your desk as you read the email. I run over a few thoughts in my mind before you finish reading the email. "Mr. Anderson, would you like me to sne dthe email to you?" I asked.

I smile at you and say thank you Mr. Anderson for putting your trust into me.

I smile at your comment and say. "I would love for you to br my test client, Mr. Anderson. I would not have it any other way." I smile and wink at you before heading back to my desk to finish preparing your calendar and other matters in order.
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"No need to send the e-mail to me; as I said in the e-mail to him, all massage arrangements are to be made thru you. If anyone gives you any problem, then I will get involved. I selected Fred as the first massage client for a couple of reasons. He is a very likeable guy who has the money to spend. I know he will not give you any crap and will not try to force you to do anything you are uncomfortable with . . . so it is all up to you as to what he receives."

Seeing a look of relief on your face, "And yes I will be your first client later today. You will have me in your hands . . . and I am sure I will be quite satisfied with your services. I want to be able to learn from you and give you a massage soon."

"Just so you know, Fred is pretty typical of a guy in his 50's. Slightly overweight, doesn't exercise much except for golf with his clients, but definitely thinks the ladies love him, so he will be a little flirty."

As you leave my office, as usual, I don't turn back to my desk until your ass is out of the door and the door is closed.
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