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Originally Posted by Wild_Honey_66 View Post


'State of mind' - yes. I feel like a broken record, but I don't look like any of those women in the FemDom Tumblr pics, and I'm sure as fuck not about to change my personal style for someone else's idea of what a Domme ought to look like. Please.

My closet is filled with maxi dresses, long skirts, lacy tanks, quirky tees, and pretty little blouses. And sandals. No mini skirts, no leather corsets, no thigh-high boots. And do you want to know what I wear in the bedroom? Nothing. That's right, I like to be naked when I'm having sex. Which isn't to say that I'd be unwilling to dress up for a partner, only that my wardrobe is a reflection of my taste in clothing, not my kink, and i don't need to wear black anything to dominate a man.

In fact, I kind of like the juxtaposition of bossing someone around while not 'looking the part.'
I like this, intamicy in any for is ultimately about being yourself. It is a shame that rhis is not more accepted
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I stumblred across this this AM.


This is definitely not my style. What struck me is how like many kind of extreme video of female subs this is.
For a friend.

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"Gentle Fem Domme"

That sounds like just the kind of relationship I'm looking for. I tend to be submissive, but I'm not a doormat and I don't like to be abused. But I do like it when a woman makes the first move, or doesn't wait around for me to call , and is willing to make the plans for the evening.

I think my ideal relationship would also be an open relationship - where the woman can have sex with other men. I know I'm not very good in bed and its actually pressure off of me if I don't have be relied on the satisfy her sexually ... I would certainly try, but like I said, I know I have problems in bed, but I also have fantasies about licking her after she's been with another man or even sucking another mans cock while she watches to make his cock hard for her, and lick her after.
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