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This explains everything: Barack Obama’s portrait may have been made in China

Was the presidential portrait of Barack Obama made in China?

Sources say artist Kehinde Wiley — who painted the former president before a background of greenery and flowers — has studios in China and produces most of his work there.

“It’s his base of operation,” said art critic Charlie Finch, who has known Wiley and appreciated his talent since they were students at Yale. “He has dozens of assistants working for him.”
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Oh, Whew! I would hate to think he had his portrait done in, say, Russia.
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Isn't that just down the street from where Tromp has hats, keys, medals, steaks, suits, dice, college courses, and financial reports made? Ivanka's shit comes from nearby, too. At least they didn't hire illegal Dominican laborers there.
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“He has dozens of assistants working for him.”

There are no absolutes, except infinity.
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