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Originally Posted by Lily_Wight View Post
Though if he can cum in my mouth then still fuck, it is quite nice.
May I steal your boyfriend? For a weekend maybe, or permanently please.
Sins for the win... uh, wins.

Yes, I partake in the shameful activity of writing. Read a bit here.
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Originally Posted by CoyoteMittens View Post
May I steal your boyfriend? For a weekend maybe, or permanently please.
You can borrow him. I am certainly not wearing him out enough on my own. Lol
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Originally Posted by My I View Post
Go give someone a blowjob, take notes and then write it into a story.
Waiting for the right person first. (blushes tremendously) Though these other tips help. ^_^

Have you ever considered just not writing blow job scenes? It's not like you're writing a porn "script" where the first scene after the pizza is delivered must be a 10-minute blow job.
I have, but at the same time I believe in recepication. Context of story; a young woman looses her virginity to her boyfriend, who is an escort. She wants to give him pleasure before he goes down on her. [If this seems sloppy, I'm just barely awake right now, but hopefully that made sense.]

Just what is it you are wanting to get across with a blowjob that you feel you are failing at? I mean, yes, I read what you wrote. What I don't know is just where you are trying to get to.
I feel like my stories are formulaic. It starts the same way, and ends the same way. The only difference is character names. I also feel that I rush through these scenes a lot.
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