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MF cheat story, couple on staircase, boyfriend watching sport on tv

I'm looking for a story...nostalgic...sentimental...

It's a MF cheat story where the boyfriend and his friends are in the lounge room watching some kind of sport in the lounge room while the girlfriend and her old friend have sex on the stairs while being able to hear everything going on in the loungeroom.

I'm not positive it's on Literotica - but I have a feeling it's one of the first stories I read here...(years ago)
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Nope. Don't know it.
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Doesn't ring a bell.
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Maybe this one?
I particularly enjoy stories about "straight" men who get bent over and go gay. I'm double-hard if this is humiliating, and their sexual humiliation is witnessed by others - spouse, family, friends, coworkers.

You might enjoy one of my stories.
My stories:https://www.literotica.com/stories/m...ge=submissions
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this one is an amazing story from shadow rising but it it not about an old friend of her. he is the best friend of the boyfriend and hits on his girlfriend until she gives in and they do the deed while the BF is in the same house watching sport.
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