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writerannabelle HFHM chapter 11

I nominate writerannabelle for most original sex scene where our hero Mike Radley has sex with a witch. They are both under a spell from a flesh eating plant being forced with a powder to exhaust themselves through sex so they can be eaten. The whole scene is incredible from start to finish but these 5 paragraphs tell the most.

Im going to rip off your face, Sarah informed him, before pushing him back and throwing herself on top of him. In their frantic thrusting, Sarah lifted up too high, Mikes dick popping free. In his frantic rush to get back inside her, he missed the target, pushing his way into her tight asshole.

Oh fuck! Sarah grabbed his hips and sank all the way down until his balls were squeezed by her ass cheeks. She rode him like this for several minutes, and he came again, filling her ass up with his seed. Gasping for breath, he could only lie there in a daze until the powder took over once again, his entire world consumed by the desire to mate, to fuck, to pound her relentlessly.

How long had they been at this? Mikes whole body hurt, yet his dick was doing all of the talking. Every time the powder took over, he sank even deeper into the euphoria of pure, unadulterated sex.

Sarahs face twisted up, turning bright red as she experienced a string of orgasm all together. Eyes popping open, she stared down at Mike, opening her mouth to say something. Instead, a line of drool fell from her mouth, and she collapsed on top of Mike, gasping for air. The two of them had just been forced to run a marathon at a sprint, and Mike felt like his heart couldnt take much more.

I hate you so much, Sarah told him, the anger now out of her voice. It had been replaced with acceptance, the realization that neither of them was going to survive.


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I would like to nominate my own story because I think I managed to write a pretty hot one:

"John guided Claire back into the middle of the room. He was leading her by her hair; his belt hanging loosely from her neck. Her hair was ruffled, and her dress was wrinkled beyond recognition. She held her heels in her hand and had the look of a completely satisfied, freshly fucked bitch.

"I think your girlfriend is ready for a proper DP now, man," John said calmly to Adam, who was staring at Claire anxiously.

"Are you, honey?" he asked, standing up and moving in front of her. His stiff cock pointed at her like a cocked gun.

"Yes...," she smiled, her eyes focusing on his swaying appendage..."
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I have read so much this past week, I'm near seeing double. However I love to read and I wanted to look at all the nominations and they are good. But I came down to two that I really loved. Isolated Property and Trapped in the out back. The problem is they are so different and appealed to me on completely different levels. I did reread them both a few times, that's how good they are. So I debated the merits of both and could think of no demerits of either. Fucking done my head in!

My vote goes to Trapped in the Outback, chapter two by Jasonclearwater
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Thumbs up Isolated Property: Bonus Scene

I was torn between the original story and the bonus scene, but in the end thought the bonus scene was more inventive. The scene is not only hot and detailed, but also has an element of breaking someone down psychologically.

I'd love to see more of this story, especially given the last line of this scene.

Isolated Property: Bonus Scene
My stories in case you are interested. Offbeat, unconventional and just a bit dark. Just a bit, I swear

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Afternoon-fun by Soma99 https://www.literotica.com/s/summer-afternoon-fun

That's when I handed her the next note. She just stared at it. Clearly she was hoping we were almost done with this game. Everything had gone just as I had hoped, even better. If it hadn't I wouldn't have used the third note.

She unfolded it, it read "start at my neck, and slowly kiss down my body until you get to stomach. Then you are going to go down on a girl for the first time."

The shivering returned almost immediately. I don't know if she was really ready for that, but I was. I pulled my shirt over my head and since I had skipped a bra I was now topless with her.
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