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Talking Camping Surprise

This is a true story about my first vacation as a divorced man and my campground neighbors. Read the story here: https://www.literotica.com/s/camping-surprise-2. I would appreciate your comments and helpful suggestions.
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From "The Last Halloween":

The sound outside made all the hairs on the back of Chann's neck stand up. Lita sat up straight and huddled in his arms. The temperature in the room dropped two degrees. "What the hell was that?" she said.

"I'm not sure," said Chann, which was a lie.

"It was some kind of howling."

"Must be coming from the park. Kids or something, having fun."

"No, it sounded really close." And it came again, long and cold and plaintive. "It's right outside!"

"It can't be," said Chann, but even as he nudged the curtains aside he knew what he'd see. A half dozen big, shaggy shapes loped on all fours on his lawn, their huge yellow eyes turned toward the window. They all howled together. Lita was at the window with him. "How weird," she said.

"Dogs. Must belong to some neighbor."

"Those look pretty big for dogs."

"Coyotes, then. They run around the canyon."

"I swear, those look like wolves."

"There aren't any wolves in the city."

"I know. But that's still what they look like..."

The biggest of the pack looked Chann dead in the eye. Chann's pulse picked up, and a feeling like fire prickled all along his spine. The ugly truth was, he remembered the old nights all too well. Nights like this--Halloween and a full moon to boot--were perfect for running on all fours, going in packs, and howling at windows. He remembered the coppery taste of meat right off the bone on nights like this, too. He held onto the windowsill too hard. If he looked down, he was sure he'd see his hand had become a paw. And once it had started, there would be nothing to stop it...

But Lita slipped her hand into his and the cool, soft sensation banished the bad old feeling immediately. The tension that had been collecting evaporated. He remembered where he was, and who he was. Pointedly, he shut the curtains again. He waited to see if there were any more mournful howls, but the night had gone quiet. He turned back to Lita, who was looking at him with a combination of curiosity and wonder. "What do you suppose that was all about?" she said.

"No idea. But it's nothing important. There's nothing important tonight but me and you."

"For a guy who doesn't like to talk, you sure do have a way with words."

Read more at: "The Last Halloween":

Latest stories (Holiday):

Flesh For Satan: An end to innocence.
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If you are up for some sticky, gooey fun and a pair of panties with a Voodoo spell cast on them, plus some hot sex stirred into the mix, try my story, Pandora's Panties.

From the story:

After drying, I smoothed the hotel's luxurious skin lotion all over my neck, my limbs, breasts and stomach. The act itself made my nerves tingle and I felt the reawakening of that need slithering high between my thighs. With reluctance, I turned my thoughts to dressing, and my eyes fell on the package laying on the bed.

Still naked, I opened the box, revealing several layers of deep forest green tissue paper kept closed with cellophane tape embossed with gold lettering: Pandora's Chest. On top sat a small box which, when I opened it, disclosed a truffle. I admired it briefly before biting into it, savoring its creaminess as it melted slowly in my mouth and infused my tongue and palate with its rich mix of tastes, hazelnut cream mixed with chocolate and tinged with a sprinkle of salted caramel. Mmmmmmmm. If anyone wanted to poison me, they would have found a cheaper way to do it. On the other hand, if they insisted on spending this kind of money on such a lovely piece of chocolate, I would gladly take the risk of being poisoned.

As I was finishing the truffle, I opened the tissue papers and saw the panties. They were made of the thinnest satin, their color a deep dark maroon, almost brown, bordered in black lace and accented with a tiny black velvet bow. A rather intimate gift - who the hell had given me these? It was almost creepy. I turned away from the open box spilling its tissue paper and pulled out the packaged thigh-highs I'd set aside for the night. I sat on the bed next to the box and begun the painstaking process of pulling on the stockings, slowly, making sure I didn't start a run. Every once in a while my eyes shifted to the opened box. I looked in the mirror, adjusted the elasticized lace on each thigh and made sure the seams were correctly in their place. Not for the first time, I thought how titillating it was to run a finger on the inside of the lace edge.

The opened box was still mocking me. Winking at me. Here we are, the panties said. Try us on. And, as if to underscore the whole ridiculous dilemma of whether I should give in to this seductive yet mysterious and odd gift, I felt that tell-tale moisture begin to seep out between my labia. My body was a needy, greedy traitor.
Legerdemer, a trick of the sea... feel free to call me Mer ~ ç'est moi.

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I have a story of intrigue, financial crime, a masked ball, and assassination, punctuated by episodes of gratuitous sex with the German criminal investigator's love interest, a Romanian artist. All of this takes place in the obvious location, Venice. But wait, I can hear you asking, is there a plot twist at the end? Why, yes, as a matter of fact, there is.


Please check out my Winter Holidays Contest entry.
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Wink New Story


This is my latest offering and it has really upset the macho-alpha males... Its also upset the submissive (arn't all men wonderful?) ladies.


Okay, so the main character is a nasty piece of work... You know the type: manipulative, but everyone loves her!

I'd appreciate any useful feedback... And no, I don't want to tone her down: I would like to make her worse and much more objectionable, if possible.
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My First Story

Just posted my first story. It was a true adventure my wife had last year. I based it on the account she gave me. I'm about to follow it up with what has happened since then. The funny thing I've noticed, is that every negative comment was posted by some named "anonymous". LOL

Maybe that's to be expected. The story is "It Finally Happened" in the Loving Wives category. I wrote it from her perspective.


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Post First time attempt to write about first time experience

This is Kriti and I am trying to recall about 10 years ago when I indulged in sinful pleasures for the first time. This is a real story -


I have put it in incest category by mistake, but it should have been in first time category. I know my English is not upto the Literotica standards, but since it is my first time, I hope to improve with every passing day.your feedback is most welcome, and I would definitely acknowledge and reply on your feedback.

Hugs & Kisses
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I'm excited that my first story, Golden Discovery is now online https://www.literotica.com/s/golden-discovery

It is the essentially true story (with some literary license) of how my wife and I discovered our pissing fetish.

I'm interested in your feedback, both as an erotic story and my writing style as the story doesn't finish there, a few chapters to come and naturally I would like to do better.

I enjoyed writing it, had a constant hard-on as I was recalling details and trying to form a coherent story with them, but it's important the reader enjoys the story as literature too.

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My Indian Maid Spanks Me

My last chapter in the maids saga, on how my Indian maid servants used to spank and slap me, is now published.


There is a twist in the end, which explains how this relationship went to the next level.
-- spankedboy

I am a young male who loves to be spanked and used by dominant females.

I write about strong Indian women and their cuckolded husbands and spanked males.

My Stories:

Interested in chatting about stories, fantasies? Feel free to pm me, or add me on google chat.
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Sweet Dreams

I'm new here on Literotica I have several stories written but just recently posted my first here. I have been suffering from writers block due to a stressful and suppressive marriage. Now 7 weeks into being happily divorced I am hopping my creativity will find its muse . To jump start that I posted my first story. It is titled Sweet Dreams ( https://www.literotica.com/s/sweet-dreams-52 ) .

Basically it is a story of a young man who is infatuated with a female superior at work. It is written in three chapters. The first develops an understanding of his feelings. The second chapter is a masturbation scene involving his thoughts about her combined with his physical act of "self love". The third and final chapter leads to a detailed session in which his fantasies (and hers) come true.
If you aren't into foreplay jump straight to chapter 3. If your into character development then start from the beginning.

I will appreciate feed back, constructive criticism, or even unadulterated ego stroking (wink), all to help get me writing again.

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Next one from me

Cheers, all, Smokey back with yas once more. Next story of mine will be up tomorrow, 11-20-15, "Seize The Moments Of Your Life," another chapter in the "Happy Endings" series. I meant to get it up there today, being that today—11-19—is the main character's birthday, but things just didn't turn out that way. Anyway, here is the link: https://www.literotica.com/s/seize-t...s-of-your-life
And as always, hope you enjoy it. Thanks, y'all. Lotsa love, Smoke
"It's a crazy world out there...let's hope our prayers are in good hands tonight..."
"If you are a good and strong person, your work is never done."
Stories link: http://www.literotica.com/stories/me...ge=submissions
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Location: In the forest, preventing forest fires, Cinnamon Street, Daydreamland, The Pleasuredome, through the looking glass, where the wild things are, passing through your room with all the other angels, under your spell and at your mercy, take your choice.
Posts: 63
Aaaaaand next...

Next Smokey Saga here, a new lesbian version of an earlier story of mine from last year, "Do You Trust Me?" Now up, link here: https://www.literotica.com/s/do-you-...esbian-version If/when you get the chance to read it, as always, hope you like it, and any and all forms of feedback are totally welcome. Cheers 'n' love, Smoke
"It's a crazy world out there...let's hope our prayers are in good hands tonight..."
"If you are a good and strong person, your work is never done."
Stories link: http://www.literotica.com/stories/me...ge=submissions
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