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Post Looking for an editor_Erotic coupling/consensual sex

I am new here. I started writing as a form of couples therapy and the story grew from there. Anyway, I began writing a story that was a combination of fantasy with a touch of reality and I came to a point that I wanted to share my work. I think it's fairly polished—well maybe rough sanded and would love someone to take a look at it with fresh eyes. (Punctuation help mostly)

The story is about 28K words. It revolves around a young married couple that needs to rekindle their romance after growing cold. The wife takes the opportunity to use her husbands favorite sport to relight their romance—a very sexy round of golf. The chapters are divided into the 18 holes with and extra tee-off at the end.

The story is from the basic view of the husband who feels he is losing his marriage—not to another man but to indifference and to the mundane sexless nights, weeks, and months brought on by too much work, daily lives, kids, etc. (Confessions-that is were the realism comes from) So it's a love story that uses sexual tension, sexual fantasy realized and humor, not a porn fantasy.

If this sounds interesting to you, the story is currently written in WORD (MAC) but can be save in whatever you need and I would be willing to send you a chipshot to see if it is something you would like to take on.

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