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Wink who else secretly longs to be seduced and taken?

Alright! Here's the thing. I'm bi and I've been with both men and women before. I haven't been with many people and my relationships are usually long term. But, I've realized I secretly enjoy other women's attention and fantasize about what goes on in their minds. I mean, I'm in a meeting or at a party and a woman is checking me out and I begin to fantasize about what she might be thinking. Is she undressing me in her mind? Thinking how she wished she was on top of me instead of my bf, fucking my brains out? Is she planning on seducing me, getting me drunk, taking me somewhere private and do things to me. May be she will tell her friends about me later, that what a great lay I would have been and how slutty she felt I was. May be she is a neighbor hearing me while I'm having sex(I'm very vocal :-D) and fantasizing about being with me right now, making me moan and talk dirty the way I'm doing just then.
I know it all sound very slutty, and it's a very small part of me, but still, I was just wondering if anyone else might have the same feelings.
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My wife, am sure.
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Who doesn't?
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Your wife

Originally Posted by CuckIndianHubby View Post
My wife, am sure.
I sure would enjoy having sex with both of y'all. I got big dick
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I've been seduced, but I've fantasized about being taken since I was in my teens.
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Originally Posted by CuckIndianHubby View Post
My wife, am sure.
And so would you!
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I lean toward the sub side, and am often thinking about being seduced or even “forced”.
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