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how did you meet your wife?

how did you meet your wife?
was it love at first sight?
or did it take time to realize this was the one?
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Originally Posted by dominatrixjane View Post
how did you meet your wife?
was it love at first sight?
or did it take time to realize this was the one?
We went out for a quick Asian meal
Then I went back to her house and fucked her on her sofa
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In the line at the bank.
She looked beautiful but would not say love at first sight.
It took a year before asking Her to marry.
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Sissy is never allowed ejaculation
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Originally Posted by dominatrixjane View Post
how did you meet your wife?
was it love at first sight?
or did it take time to realize this was the one?
It wasn't love at first sight. We went to the same high school. Had a few clesses together. Once we started to get to know each other it didn't take long before feelings developed. Now we've been together almost thirty years.
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Technical when we were really young.
But met back up about 6 years ago, and been together ever since
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We went to graduate school together. No certainly not love at first sight, but common interests and circumstances drew us together.

Though now it is more like being with your best friend than marriage...
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As far as my two late wives, the first met me when she walked in on me fucking her then boyfriend, and the second met me when she and her late husband (her forth) moved in next door. I am now married to a man who is my Daughter's wife's Brother.
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I was drunk acting like an idiot, she was drunk and found it cute, our mutual friends said I had no chance, the next night I went to her apartment and she asked me to tie her up, weíve been together ever since.
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In high school, she had a date with a friend. Our eyes met, she smiled, and I was hooked. She turned me down when I asked her out, claiming a bad cold. We continued to talk at school, finally went out, and got married seven years later.
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Online almost 20 years ago. We came to be friends and after she came to visit me several hundred miles away and we've been together ever since.
Why throw away half the menu? Bi and loving it.
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She was working at a little burger stand with a gal I went to school with, it was hunting season and I was covered in blood when my brother and I went to get dinner. When we left she turned to my friend and said "that's my future husband". In the future we would learn that we actually played together as little kids in my grandmothers front yard.
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20 yo me had the hots for this older woman (33) at college. Met in the cafeteria and had coffee. Hung out together for a while. Rumour got back to us that everyone thought we were screwing - she laughed and said well why not? Two years later we married and were together 10 years before we split.
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My wife asked me to dance at a night club. 27 years together. 21 years married. Happy as a pig in slop!
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Party in high school. Went to different schools. We saw each other from across the backyard - gave each other the same smile and that's all it took.
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Not married, but we have been together for 17 years. We met at a cave diving social. We did a dive with a mutual friend, and then had dinner together.

I got hooked on the sight of her curvy ass in a black polypropylene drysuit undergarment.
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Met on holiday and married 3 years later
The start of my stories

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I walked into her shop and when she approached I snapped ''Go away, I don't speak (her language)''.......... 'No problem sir, she replied, I speak English''.... and we were married a couple of years later. That was around fourteen years and a couple of children ago.

We have now been separated over two years, so maybe the cultural differences etc were too much..... that's an idea for a new thread maybe ?
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I stole her from another dude at a swinger's party.
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I met my wife in the Lit chatrooms 10 years ago not quite the same as the rooms now !
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Definitely not "love at first sight."

Although it took us awhile to remember once we got together, I'd been in the bookstore where she was an assistant manager and rummaging through books she thought were a little too old for me. (I was a thirty-year-old man trapped in the body of a child of 10 or so.)

When we did meet for what we thought was the first time, it was several years later and we were working together. I was twenty-three and she was thirty-six.

She always said it was love at first sight for her. Or at least she soaked through her panties. According to what she always said when the topic came up, it was my broad shoulders, narrow waist, and blue eyes first. Then, she claimed, when I said: "Hello," my deep, rumbling voice (her description) made her thighs clench. Then, I turned and walked away... and frankly just thinking about what she said about the view still makes me blush. "... that panther-like grace and his delicious ass filling out those jeans..."

I was more than a bit clueless. While I couldn't help but look, I wasn't looking, if you see.

I was working on my third doomed engagement with a girl who lived five hours away from me where she was working on finishing college.

While I wasn't bothered by the thirteen year age gap (not least because she actually looked younger than me), even if I hadn't been engaged to someone else and determined that this time it would work, she was married to another man (unhappily) and there were still some things I just wouldn't do. She also had two kids. The oldest only eight years younger than me and the youngest still closer to my age than she was.

But, there was something about her that when she was in the room, I couldn't seem to look away. And, man, was she smart. And funny. She could always make me smile, no matter how my day was going.

It took her catching me in the break room and tonguing my tonsils with her hand on my crotch to get the message that sex was an option as far as she was concerned.

And my brain turned off for about six months. Until her husband caught us together.

Over the next several months, I often wished he'd just killed me and have done as I came to grips with what I'd done. Something I believed with all my soul was wrong, no matter that he had been having affairs since two months after they were married (having left his first wife and child to marry her). No matter that he'd abused her verbally, emotionally, and even physically a few times. No matter I wasn't the first affair she'd had. Or even the first she'd had that day.

I can't be accountable for what other people do, after all. I can only be accountable for what I do.

So, I left and moved back home. To leave her to work it out with her husband and children. And me to try to focus on my engagement.

My fiancee forgave me, but I couldn't and ended up breaking off that last engagement myself rather than look in her eyes every day for the rest of my life and know what I'd done.

About six months after I'd left her behind, the woman who would become my wife followed me.

And pretty much saved my life since I'd been headed down a pretty dark road.

I don't know. Maybe I'm more of a romantic than I'm comfortable admitting, but there was just something about a slender delicate hand slipping into mine and telling me that no matter what road I chose, she was going to walk it with me that made me choose a different path.

Last October, after twenty-two years of marriage, twenty-five years together, she closed her eyes while lying beside me and watching me while I slept and left this plane of painful existence behind.

Any road. It's Valentine's Day. And I happened to notice this thread in passing and thought I might share our story.

I only hope you aren't sorry you asked. And if any might read this on this special day who have someone special and maybe feels a little more inclined to do something special for them, then that's more than I could have asked.
I'm not clumsy. It's just the floor hates me, the table and chairs are bullies, and the walls get in my way!

For the literarily masochistically inclined.
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We've been married over twenty years and met, online, but not in a sex or dating site which were few and far between when we met.

We met in a section of the old "Rock Online" forum of Compuserve for our favorite classic/progressive rock band. Both of us had just been through divorces. We lived 3,000 miles apart on opposite coasts of the US. We didn't intend to meet our future mates, and weren't looking for anyone, it just happened.

We corresponded online, via chat, email, and forum posts and also through long phone calls that eventually included some cybersex for over a year before before she moved to the west coast and we got married. In the course of that year, during which we communicated via written and spoken word, we had only one physical visit (and sex) and got to know each other largely without the distraction of a physical relationship. We discussed anything and everything including full disclosure about our sexual and personal pasts, kinks, fetishes and sexual experiences preferences and orientations. We had, and still have, no secrets.

Because we had discussed EVERYTHING at length and revealed our deepest kinks and sexual fantasies, there has never been even a moment of awkwardness in regard to what we want and are willing to do with each other sexually. It's always been so natural that just about anything goes.
"Pleasure is the blossoming of your desires. Your body knows its heritage and its rightful need and will not be deceived." - Kahlil Gibran

True stories of my youthful follies.

What can I say? After all these years, and a diverse variety of sexual experiences, kinks, and fetishes, I'm still trying to figure out this "nature vs nurture" thing.

In any event, I yam what I yam and dat's all what I yam .
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Met her st a friend's party

We fucked that night
So sexy, still is
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She selected me from a mail order catalog. Surprised she never tried to get a refund.
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At work. I grabbed her tit and she told me she usually requires dinner first. Good times.
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