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Originally Posted by Gaia_Lorraine View Post
Isi this what you are looking for?

Highland Cathedral version
Hello Lorraine. Long time no see. Hope you are well.
Wow...10 years on lit. Stop in and have a celebratory drink on me.

Stryder's House of Romance


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Originally Posted by Stryderthorongil View Post
Hello Lorraine. Long time no see. Hope you are well.
Stryder my partner and I are back together after a long separation and so I pop in once in a while to keep a silent vigil over Sienna
I wrote a poem once, it's in the top 100 of LIT's all time poems

Definition of a man - Someone who spends the first nine months trying to get out and the rest of his life trying to get back in

Definition of a woman - Someone with the power to choose whom she allows back in

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