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Writing Challenge #1

Here's a challenge. Take the following four lines and do anything you want to with them. Add material before them, add how things are said, turn them into a monologue instead of a dialogue-- do absolutely anything you want, just so you embed these words in what you write. This is especially challenging if you try to put the words into a novel or story you are already working on.

It's been a long time.
Is this it?
I guess it is.

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Originally Posted by MistressLynn View Post
Here's a challenge. Take the following four lines and do anything you want to with them. Add material before them, add how things are said, turn them into a monologue instead of a dialogue-- do absolutely anything you want, just so you embed these words in what you write. This is especially challenging if you try to put the words into a novel or story you are already working on.

It's been a long time.
Is this it?
I guess it is.
I was walking along the broad sidewalks of the cafe district in the downtown core of Toronto, enjoying the bright, warm sun beating down in the early afternoon. I wasn't paying much attention to anything in particular, when I heard my name called out by an
un-familiar female voice.

I quickly looked around in the direction of the voice and then saw a hand waving towards me. At first, I didn't recognize her, but my memory went far back in my past and there she was, Sue Garrison.
Eighth grade, sat beside me in math class and liked to look at my work to get the answers. Always wanted to ask her out, but I was just a scared kid of 12 . I thought she was pretty.
She was nice looking then, but now, here was a woman in her thirties that could turn a head with a flick of her hair, or light up a room with her smile. Time blesses people sometimes. Sue had been blessed many times over.

"Steve, how are you? I thought it was you when I saw you passing."
"Hi Sue, It's been a long time. Eighth grade, Mrs. Kinney's math class. I'm doing great thanks, how are you?"

Her smile captivated me and held my attention of focus. She looked gorgeous in every sense. Her face and hair, an amazing looking body and that smile that makes you feel warm inside.

"I'm great too. Just moved back from Vancouver a few weeks ago. This place sure has changed since I've been gone. So what's up with you? Married, single, kids, working? All that stuff."

"I'm single, might say I'm married to my business. No kids, but a wonderful dog named Titan, I just get off on, he's so great. How about you? Give me the run down on your life."

I was inwardly hoping to hear single, no kids and let my hopes wander a bit.

"I'm single too, was engaged, but he wasn't the right guy when I really thought about it. I have my own business, a consultation firm that keeps me in money, but little down time right now. So what are you doing right now? Would you like to join me for a bit and get caught up on things.?"

The invitation was everything I could hope for. Single, no kids and no where to go. I looked at her golden/hazel eyes, flashing bright in the sun, that inviting smile and a subtle sexuality seeping out around the edges.

"Yes, I'd love to join you. This is so great meeting you like this. I'll be open and honest here and say that I used to think about you back then. I was such a wus and afraid you'd say no if I asked you out."
"Really? You had a thing for me? No kidding. I had a thing for you too. Did you really think I didn't know the answers in math class? I was trying to get your attention somehow, and I just thought you weren't interested in me."

I was stunned beyond belief that she was telling me how she felt about me. Was my lonely streak coming to an end? I sure hoped so.

"You mean I could have asked you out way back then and I've missed out on all these years? God, do I feel dumb. I was so scared back then and all I had to do was just ask you. You know what makes it worse?"
"No, what's that?"
"I've missed seeing you become a beautiful woman. I remember the Sue who was 12 and now here's Sue at 34 and I'm sure you hear it all the time, but you're gorgeous."

I saw the glint in her eyes grow and the smile take on a more personal expression. I felt her happiness and joy eminate from her.

"You always were a smooth talker and knew just the right things to say. At least when you could talk that is."

Her laughter was rich and heart-felt, her hand taking mine in hers, so warm and comforting a feeling it gave me. I saw the facial changes and knew she was enjoying my company, as much as I was enjoying hers.

"Would you like to have dinner with me tonight, Sue? I hate the thought of ending our time together so soon. I bet we'll find so much to talk about, that we'll need the time."
"I'd like that very much Steve. I don't have any plans and it'd be great to spend some time with you."

I was soaring at that point. I felt like I was floating 3 feet off the ground. I gave her hand a little squeeze to assure her I was interested and wanted to pursue what might be between us.

"I have an idea if you're game."
"What's that?"
"I took the bus down here and have to get back and feed my dog. What do you say to meeting me at my place and I'll cook us something yummy. I have to stop by the store to get some things anyway, so I can make anything your heart desires, well, within reason."

My laughter made her laugh and her affectionate look turned to a stronger sense of desire for me.
"Pretty well anything, huh? How about...some salad to start and do you BBQ?"
"Then how about something done with chicken and some nice rice to go with it and maybe whip up a little fruit something for dessert. Or is that too much?"

I could see she was teasing me and I played up to it.

"That's a tall order ma'am, I might need a little help in the kitchen"

I really wanted her there beside me at all times to enjoy her company.

"I think that can be worked out. I don't mind helping out and I'll even buy some wine for us. And I'll even drive us there. How's that for a deal?"
"Sounds like a plan, Shall we?"
I swept my hand for us to go and then held it for her to take. It was an instant feeling of affection the way she took it in hers and held it that I loved. The feeling of want was there and I wanted her.

I asked what she drove and she said a blue Honda Accord. I held her hand in mine as we walked down the street, enjoying the new closeness together and enjoying the presence of her there.

I saw what I thought was hers and asked her.
"Is this it?" As we walked closer.

The sound of her remote beeping and the alarm going off told me it was. I could see the playfulness in her eyes, as she turned to me.

"I guess it is." Her smile warmed me and her eyes searched mine for the answer she was relaying to me with hers.

I looked into her eyes and saw the longing for me to understand. It didn't take but a moment to realize what I was being asked. I pulled her to me and saw her looking at my mouth and then back into my eyes, before they closed and I placed my lips against hers.
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(I can't believe I'm doing this. )

Kerry stood alone, unmoving, as the wind tugged her hair, blowing a tendril across her face. In front of her stood a pink and purple Queen Anne Victorian house with its ice-cream cone turret--a sick gingerbread monstrosity. She was facing her past and it held no sweet thoughts. Inside awaited her mother.

It’s been a long time, she thought to herself. Fifteen years, and still the feelings that had kept her away squeezed at her insides and held her rooted to the sidewalk. Did she really have to do this, she asked herself?


Her mother was dying. The madwoman, the flight-prone fanciful angel-bitch who was her own flesh and blood had no one. Just her. Everyone had been driven away or had died. Looking around Kerry drew in a deep breath and gripped the handle of her suitcase.

Is this it? Is this how I get redemption for abandoning a mother who’s always needed more than I can give? I guess it is.

With each step her stride gained speed and determination as she walked onto and across the slatted porch. Gripping the knob of the stained glass and oak door, she called out, “Mama! Mama? It’s me, Kerry. I’m home.”

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it is what it is - by audeamus

my apologies for the length of the piece....

It Is What It Is

"He's done this before?" Caroline asked, trying to suppress her anger. Penny swallowed hard and nodded, pushing cold scrambled eggs around on her plate. She couldn't face her friend. Not because of the bruises, but because she felt disgraceful. Caroline inhaled sharply then gazed out the window, "I can't believe you didn't tell me. I mean, I thought we were friends." After watching a few passers-by, her eyes fell to the manilla envelope on the table, then Penny.

"What did he say after you told him?"
"He said, 'it is what it is'. Then left."


It was a beautiful spring day. After Adam left for work, Penny opened the windows to welcome the sun and gentle breezes. She washed up, then went right to work in the kitchen. Next to the bathroom, the kitchen was her favorite room in the condo. Ceramic tile floors, see through kitchen cabinet doors, granite countertops with plenty of space. And the love of her life, a stainless steel professional oven. A wedding present, he says. But Penny always felt that it was a gesture of pity because Adam didn't nurture her dreams of becoming a personal chef.

In this economy, do you really think it's wise to be someone's cook?
What happened to studying to become a physician's assistant?
You know I've told you a million times that I can bring you into pharmaceuticals with me.

These were all statements he often made that precluded futile discussions. She reflected on the incident that started it all....

One night, when she thought it was safe, Penny brought up the subject. She tried to make a compelling argument about the type of clientele she would be preparing meals for, but Adam had heard enough of this personal chef business.

"I said no, Penny! No wife of mine is going to be someone's cook!"

His hands were around her neck, and her back was against the wall, "But? There is no but you stupid bitch, I SAID NO!" A squeeze accompanied his growl and Penny struggled to bring some air into her lungs. Just as she thought to fake passing out just to get him off of her, he released his grip.

Coughing, Penny slid into a sitting position. When she found the strength to push herself up, his foot, like a piston, came down on her thigh. He left her there, crouched against the wall. Later that night while an ice pack rested on her leg, she decided never to mention her desire to be a personal chef again. The next day, when she returned from her errands, Adam met her at the door. He instructed her to close her eyes and kissed her tenderly as if the previous night never occurred.

"I have a surprise for you," he stood behind his wife with his hands over her eyes, guiding them both toward the kitchen. "Open," he whispered in her ear, peeling away his fingers. She slowly opened her eyes. A big red bow was wrapped around a stainless steel, six burner gas stove. "the guy at the store said it was top of the line," he continued as Penny walked in a trance-like state toward the new appliance.

"Do you like it?"
"Yes, I love it." Penny nodded enthusiastically.
Adam cupped her shoulders and pecked her softly behind her ear, "I'm sorry about last night. Will you cook for me? Make something special." And she did. That evening Penny presented her husband with Osso Bucco garnished with Gremolata and served over polenta.

After that things continued to get worse. Over the course of a year, Adam became possessive and jealous. He began controlling conversations, accused her of cheating. Penny started taking classes online because his jealousy became too much to bear. When they attended dinner parties, she timed her glances and smiles at other men so he wouldn't think she was being flirtatious. She started choosing her words carefully so as not to provoke a fight, made sure to answer the cell phone when he called to check up on her. She was careful when applying her makeup, because too much eye shadow made her 'look like a whore.' When running errands, her head always seemed to be in a downward position; not wanting to reveal her shame to anyone.

Then there was the hitting. It started out with chocking and kicking, then transitioned into slapping. Once, he backhanded her and the side of her face stung for an entire day. She remembered when he used his hands to tickle the thin flesh across her wrist. Or how he would lace his fingers with hers when he climbed on top of her in the middle of the night to show the moon just what lovemaking is. Anymore sex was an alcohol induced quickie over the sink while she washed her face. He would apologize, but he'd said it so many times that the words I'm sorry fell on deaf ears.

She became withdrawn, an empty shell of herself. She threatened to leave. He begged her to stay. She felt like a stranger in her own home. But then something happened.....


The aroma of wine, veal shanks, chicken broth, tomato paste, fresh herbs, and vegetables delicately lingered in the air. In the oven, a beautiful union simmered inside of a Dutch pot. After making the Gremolata and polenta, Penny sauteed some baby turnip leaves to serve as a side dish.

She was setting the table when he came home. "Mmm, is that what I think it is? It's been a long time since you've made Osso Bucco, what's the occasion?" Adam grabbed two glasses from the cabinet and quickly kissed his wife on the cheek.
"I was going to wait until after dinner to tell you. I'm pregnant."
"We're going to have a baby?" his face beamed like a child on Christmas morning. He scooped her off of the ground in a loving hug and spun around. Penny smiled expansively, not just because of the news about the baby, but because for the first time in a long time he hugged her.

For the next few months, there was no hitting. Adam returned to the charming, kind, sensitive man that Penny fell in love with. Each night, he would kiss his wife's stomach and often fell asleep with his head there. He painted the spare bedroom himself, and even put a crib together. Then her nightmare came back to haunt her. One night, Adam came home reeking of alcohol. Penny embraced the idea that he wouldn't do something so stupid as to hit a pregnant woman -- his pregnant wife. But she was wrong.

Trying to sound upbeat, she crossed the living room to greet her husband. "Hey. You want to have dinner out tonight and catch a movie?"
"I can cook something. Fried chicken. And we can just stay in and watch a movie."
"Jesus, what are you deaf? I said no!"
"Sorry, I just thought...."
"That's your problem, Penny. You think too fucking much!"
"Adam, you don't have to ye..." heat rippled across her cheek. Strands of chocolate brown hair swept over her face.
"Are you serious!? Since when do you tell me what to do!?" Adam shoved her, and she fell into the cushions of the couch. He slapped her again, this time she tasted something metallic. He grabbed her and pulled her onto the floor.
"Adam please don't. The ba...." she sobbed, but it was all in vain. By then the piston had come down on her stomach. Three times. She screamed like a banshee but still heard the words stupid bitch over the shrill cry. Adam left her lying there, a quivering helpless mass.

Penny pushed herself off of the floor; she didn't know how long she'd been there. As she walked to the bathroom, she cradled her stomach, hoping the life inside of her wasn't harmed. She braced herself for what the light was about to reveal.


Half of her face was bruised and swollen, blood had dried where her lip was split. Those things weren't important. She needed medical attention.

Adam was sitting in the bed when she entered the bedroom, "I need to go to the hospital." Her throat was dry and her voice creaked.
"So go." He replied callously, without giving her the satisfaction of looking at her.

Before she could let herself out of the front door, one of Adam's hands stopped it from opening. The other hand was tightly curled around the front of her neck. "If you tell anyone what happened, I'll kill you. Understand?" Penny knew enough to know that Adam never issued idle threats, so replied with a trembling nod.

When she entered the house, Adam was coming down the hall; jacket on and keys in hand. "I lost the baby," Penny offered morosely, hoping this would be the intervention he needed to stop his abusive habit.
"It is what it is," he pushed past her, brushing her shoulder. She was numb, and blinked back tears as she thought, he took life from me, and all he has to say for his actions is, 'it is what it is'? Penny packed two bags that night. She had about two thousand dollars to her name but figured it was more than enough to put some considerable distance between the two of them for the night. Before she left, she made one phone call.


Caroline picked up the manilla envelope, "Is this it? Full statement and pictures?"
"Yes, it's all there. Caroline, can I go...I mean when you."
"You'll have to stay in the car."
"I understand."

Like lioness, Caroline closed in on her prey just as he came out of his building. Penny watched from the car across the street as her friend manhandled her husband. Her knee was in the middle of his back, "Adam Sherman, you're under arrest for domestic abuse and fetal death," Caroline hissed through her teeth, trying, and with difficulty not to get personal.

"That stupid bitch!" Caroline put all of her weight on his back, "Ahhh! Shit! I think you broke a rib!" Adam cried. Caroline grabbed a handful of his dark brown hair and slammed his head into the pavement. She then yanked him to his feet and Mirandized him. After she cuffed him, she called her partner.

It didn't take long for her partner to arrive. When he did, he jumped from the car and jerked Adam away. Before he was shoved into the back seat, he looked at Caroline and whimpered, "I think my nose is broken."
"My friend is broken. So I guess it is what it is, sunshine." She puckered her lips and blew him a kiss.

Caroline slid into the driver's seat and pulled the seatbelt across her chest, "He won't hurt you anymore, Penny."
"Thank you, Caroline. For everything." Penny offered a warm smile.
"You're welcome. For everything," she winked.
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Post Echoes of Time

We both wake again in the same black room. No windows, no doors, no sound. Our pasts are nonexistent, no memory of where we came from, why we're here....

No change. No aging. No injury or discomfort. She is beautiful, attractive, irresistible in her femininity, radiating sexual prowess. I know I must be to her the epitome of masculinity. This is not vainness, simply an observation. We've never denied that attraction, never sought to hide or deny it.

At first we sought to escape and spent out days scouring the room for an exit yet found none. When we realized there was no way out, we concentrated on what we had within: lust. The intensity of our lovemaking over the following years (or what I assume to be years, you can never tell in this place) brought us both to sexual peaks I am certain no other human has achieved. Our waking hours were filled with exploration, passion, sex, fucking, bestial wantonness, freedom to do or try anything our minds conceived...we did that and more.

We explored one another's bodies until no mole or dimple remained a mystery. We probed and prodded until no shame was left between us. We played games, each of us trying to bring the other to the heights of sexual, tantric bliss....

It has been an eternity. Our bonfires of passion long ago settled into comfortable flames...flickers of heat...dying embers...cold ashes. Conversation was long ago exhausted. There is nothing we do not know of one another, nothing more to discover, no new experiences to share.

Time passes. Time. Perhaps eons. We sleep, we awake, known constants in a constant world. Today, a whispered exchange:

"......It's been a long time...."
"Is this it?...."
"... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...I guess it is."
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"It's been a long time. A long time since we first met in the dingy little bar down by the docks. You were a waitress in that dive and I had just completed my last voyage on the Krista Marie.

"Yes. This is the place of the birth of our lust and love, yet there are no good memories I hold of this place except the meeting of you, my darling. When I think of you I see you, always, as you were in that place of our meeting. Wondering. Always wondering.

"Is this it? Is this all that there is or ever will be between us, the lust of that night so long ago that it has faded into the darkness and shadows. With out you that day I would have been lost, yet you gave me purpose, you gave me life. Is this it?"

"I guess it is. As with anything there is a beginning and an end. Our beginning was in that little bar down at the docks. Our end came not in a grand clash of egos or the degrading bout of fighting. Our end came with a whimper. Her confession to me rattled my brain, shook my world. Ended my love for her."
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It's been a long time.
Is this it?
I guess it is.
Will you tell anyone?
How do I know I can trust you?
You can't.
Then why should I do this?
You shouldn't. But you will.
I still have a choice.
No, you don't. You did once, but you gave that up a long time ago.
My wife - will she find out?
I can't do this.
Stop talking. You made your choice or you wouldn't be here. But now that you have, I suggest you stop talking and do what I say. It won't be pretty if you don't follow orders.
Good. Now, you have two options. I can tie you up, or you can attempt to lie very, very still. It's better for you if I don't have to tie you up, but it would be especially bad for you if you moved.
Will it hurt?
Probably. But it's a good pain
You'd better tie me up.
You disgust me sometimes. Hold still... Would you like something to bite? Or can you hold in your screams?
I'm not a screamer.
Alright. Good. Just to test that...
Right then. You can bite on this. Now, when They come it, I highly suggest that you don't do anything stupid. Your soul was forfeit when you walked in, but we may give it back to you if you can prove yourself worthy, blah blah blah.
Can I ask you something?
Why me? I mean, of all the other men you could have chosen, why did you pick me?
Don't flatter yourself. The choice was easy. You were weak. And available. And willing to cheat on your wife.
I made some bad decisions, didn't I?
Yes. But let's face it, I'm the best lay you'll ever have. Your body will get some good ones. And who knows? Maybe He'll even let you enjoy the nights that He's with your wife. You're a moron, Barry, but in the end you'll come out ahead. That's the horrible reality of it all. Guys like you always end up getting ahead in the end.
If I don't die.
Right, well there's that. But try to learn some things. And I'll still be there to help you.
Well that's reassuring, at least.
It shouldn't be.
Oh. So how will this work?
Well, first, I'll be giving you a blowjob while He fucks Her. Then, when He cums into Her, She'll come fuck you until you cum while He toys with me. Once you've cum, you'll suck His essence into you from Her, at which point He'll possess your body. Then, for good measure, He'll lick Her clean using your body, which is His new host. Meanwhile, His old host will fuck me until we both cum, and then He'll eat me out too. That should solidify His hold on you. Then, we'll turn his old host loose downtown somewhere, and if the authorities ever find him and he ever recovers, he'll go back to his old life, plus some lovely bonuses. You, on the other hand, will sit tight at the back of your mind while He takes over your life, fucks your wife, fucks me, fucks every woman he wants, et cetera, until She eventually finds a new host. Then She and I will transfer Him out of you and into the new host, and you'll return to your old life, plus some bonuses. It's not that complicated, really.
Why do you do it?
Well, I get why He does it, and I get why we hosts do it, but why do you to lovely ladies do it?
I... We... It's what we were created for. It's what we've always done.
So, as demons, you only have this one choice?
Of course. Now, prepare yourself. They are almost here. Your life is about to get more interesting.
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