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RaLaWrites' Kink Bingo Card

It took me two months to get familiar with the author's section of the site, a month to get familiar with the Discussion board and now I'm ready to participate in kink Bingo! I'm so excited!
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RaLa, welcome, welcome!

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"Oh woe, these be perilous times! Children no longer obey their elders, and everybody is writing a book!"
--Pliny the Elder, AD76

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B-5, "Hair Fetish"

Thank you, Stella!
_ _ _ _ _ _ _

Long tresses the color of black molasses.
I like them and him, his skin, his glasses.
His wry smile as he whispers to me.
Vividly portraying pictures of he and I,
his princess with her legs spread, his face between my thighs.

A gentle flick against my clit.
I clench my teeth and make a fist.
My fingers entwine in his mane.
Sharp gasps, soft laughs and drops of rain.
An explosion of hair, it covers me.
His face is hidden, I'm unable to see.
Not on purpose, it's what he wants.
To tease and arouse, excite, taunt.

My legs on his shoulders, resting there.
My skin is porcelain, pretty and fair.
Such a contrast to his deep tan skin.
His tongue wiggles, probes, then goes all the way in.
My squeals of joy soon turn to screams.
He grabs hold of my hips to lap up my cream.

My fingertips touch his beautiful head.
My body feels heavy, legs like lead.
He licks fast, hard. He knows I'm close.
The sweet, sticky juice is what he wants the most.
He worships my cunt, loves me for me.
I don't feel the same. Why not? He'll soon see.
I climax, smile and give him a push.
He's confused; my brain is supposed to be mush.
I stand up, wink and put on my sweater.
"You're always good, but Ray is better."

His eyes go wide and he frowns.
He's angry and livid but makes no sounds.
It's not just that I want another.
It's just that "another" is also his brother.
I shrug and grin, curtsy and twirl.
"Told you I'm not a princess or good girl."
I head for the door but stop in my tracks.
I'm frozen in place, his eyes on my back.
"You've got nice hair, it turns me on.
It's thick, wavy and really long.
You wanted it too, no need to lie.
But I've got a date with Ray. So long, goodbye!"

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