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I'm right here.
The profile page is broken so I'll put it here.
I'm a 36 year old bisexual women who works in IT. I've been with my bf for more than a decade and we have 2 young kids, but he knows I come here. I didn't come here to chat originally, but I'm warming to the idea. OK I'm warm to the idea now lol.

I'm not opposed to the idea of voice or video chat, but its never a good time and roleplay style chat reminds me of DnD, but without the cool magic swords.

I'm not interested in chatting with people a lot older than me, though I don't mind a friendly conversation. If you want to chat I would at least like to know what you look like. I'll probably add a picture later, but for now you can see my thread in the amateur board.

Also I've been peeking in here when I'm at places like work or just busy so if I'm online, but don't answer your pm right away please don't take it personally.
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bi here
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Just walking around the dorm room with my new strap-on. Because...DAMN!
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Originally Posted by Fierywhore View Post
Just starting work..yay Monday's

(Gorgeous profile pic btw)
Thank you
I'm not looking forward to a meeting tomorrow
Lunch will be interesting, though
Please be nice, and I will be.
Don't PM me if all you want is to tell me you're horny, or you're looking for a hookup, or you're a man on the East Coast.

You assume the risk of being called out for PMing me just because I posted sexily or hot or a picture in a thread.

If you're over 40 and female, share a photo or two with me.
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Originally Posted by SaraDarkened View Post
Just walking around the dorm room with my new strap-on. Because...DAMN!
Knock, knock, knock. . .

Yes, I'm Missy K with SubDom Testing Services -- you called about needing help with a new toy trial run?

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Happy Monday ladies
Nipples, without them Tits would be pointless...

Please be kind! We're ONLY interested in Women
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