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The taste and smell of her in and on my beard hours after going down on her.

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Cycle Tom
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Originally Posted by sailanaconda View Post
The taste and smell of her in and on my beard hours after going down on her.
That's one of mine too!

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passionate kissing ... mutual stroking and caressing.

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Vanilla, basil, sex.
Of course my opinions aren't popular. Intellectuals are the first people rounded up and slaughtered when dum asses get guns and want to be in power. Heck, even this signature isn't popular with some people. I got a request to change it since it apparently irritates some dum ass. Never going to happen.

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Just about everything about him

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To alleviate server load, we're slowly closing down any threads with over 5,000 posts. You are free to continue this topic as a new thread. Should you do so, please PM me with a link to both the old and new threads, and I will place a link in this post so that others who follow this thread will be able to find the new one.

As annoying as this may be, phasing out all or most of the active super-long/never-ending threads will increase the forum speed substantially. If you see a thread that's active with more than 5,000 posts, please feel free to PM me with the link.

Please note that these threads are not being removed - just closed to new posts.

Thank you for your patience and kind understanding!
"A great future doesn't require a great past." - William Chapman
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