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Originally Posted by Tigersman View Post
The reason Obama wasn't impressive is that the Senate majority leader Bitch McConnell vowed to make Obama's presidency hell. Remember that Bitch McConnell would not hold confirmation hearings on Obama's choice for SCOTUS as he claimed the next SCOTUS should be the will of the people. It would have been hilarious had Clinton won the Electorial college.
Must be why Obama did nothing but fuck up when he had control of congress......

Thank gawd McConnell shut him down early on.

Originally Posted by Tigersman View Post
We can be very proud to have Trump as President since he is so arrogant and egotistical that he has managed to alienate most of the free nations leaders, has proven to be a coward with his military deferment for bone spurs that could have been removed, has managed to insult every veteran who was ever captured during war, has praised the world's dictators and is a consommate liar.
Don't mind when (D)'s dodge military service for their sacred cows, get people killed for their image and praise the world's dictators though....never a problem with that no no no. It's only bad when a "Not a Democrat" does it.
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