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New Story up...trying my hand at the Romance angle of things...

Check it out: Stolen Kisses

Side Note: I dropped 2x instances of humor in with the sexy stuff...curious if anyone will pick up on either incident or assume its just stupid dialogue. Gotta have fun with this stuff, right?

Anyhow, enjoy, read, rate, rant and so on por favor.
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It's non-erotic, so I doubt it'll get many views, but "Four Little Words" has just been approved by the management. It's a short story about a law professor's poignant final exam for his students, and a reminder that no matter what, we can always learn from our mistakes.



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I tried my hand at a simple short story, where a lawyer comes home and her girlfriend helps them both relax. Might lead to more, in the future, but it's a single story for now.


Contains lesbian sex and very light D/s elements.
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New story

I posted my first story: Perversion Immersion Therapy. Its my mostly true story about one of my adventures. I appreciate any feedback.

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Originally Posted by frostyghost09 View Post
Hello all! This is my first successful story submission, fittingly in the First Time category. It's not really based on anything other than daydreams and personal fantasies. Give it a look if it's your cup of tea

Very nice! Lovely first time!

- curl
My stories feature fitness as flirting and foreplay. (Is that too many f-words? )
Male-primary stories on literotica or Female-primary stories on brawna.org
(I will be away from literotica for awhile due to family issues. I will check for private messages occasionally.)
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A composer falls for his young pupil while the pupil's brother secretly watches, and strongly disapproves of the relationship. Light BDSM and mind control, incestuous themes.

First part of a serial.

Looking for feedback and constructive criticism.

Thank you
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A short Non-human series about what would happen if fate brought together two people as mates but one isn't interested.


My first story submission. To be completed soon.
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My second story on Lit has gone live (actually a slightly-updated version of a story originally written some time ago at another site).
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