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Lya followed the guard, they were at the end of the street. In front of her stood a home no different than the other, no light burned, yet the door stood open. The guard led her to the door and stood aside for her to enter, she paused, unsure of the action. The lights so far had proved that there had been conscious thought, that D'an knew that she was there. The silence and lack of light now proved that she would be entering an unknown realm. But not only was she there for D'an, she was there for D'om and herself as well. She took a deep breath and stepped into the dark entrance...

She woke up, seated in a kneeling form, dressed in a black kimino, her hair pulled back into a tight bun. The room around her was bare, the walls paper and clearly she were in an ancient home of Japanese origin. She rose and moved towards the door, next to the door appeared a weapons rack, she looked the weapons over and then satisfied that nothing seemed out of place, she opened the door. Outside cherry blossoms drifted lazily from the sky, disappearing two inches from the ground, a stone path led towards the neat garden, a small stream spanned by a small arched bridge.

She stepped onto the pathway and followed it, her bare feet making next to no sound. The silence was only broke by the chirping of birds and a gentle breeze ruffling through the leaves. She felt almost lulled into complacency, but she stayed alert, knowing that in the mind anything could happen and even if D'an did not mean to, he could scar her mentally forever or in the worst case scenario, kill her.

The roar which shattered the air and sent the blossoms blowing still caught her by surprise and she jumped with fright. The red dragon which rose from inside the garden was massive, the dark eyes focused on her and it rushed at her, mouth agape with another roar, the sinewy body slithering like a snake's atop the six legs, which propelled the massive bulk forward. She wanted to flee, but made herself stand as she softly spoke.

"I know it is just an illusion D'an, I will not flee that easily."

The dragon came to a halt in front of her, the head darting forward, the mouth gaping and she could smell and feel the heat and the cloyingly sweet smell of instant death washed over her.

The dragon vanished into thin air. But in it's wake stood a tall samurai warrior decked out in full armor. He drew his katana and took up the ready position, she realized that the weapons had been meant for this confrontation. She had no weapon and then realized that it must have been the smartest move she could have made. Even in his deepest sub-conscious D'an was still a man of honor and integrity, he would not strike down an unarmed opponent.

She knelt down, bowing her head and closing her eyes, "I did not come here to fight you D'an. I am here as your friend. I...we all want you to return to us."

She didn't hear the change, only felt the sand under her skin and the warm sun on her back. She opened her eyes to find herself kneeling on a beach. The sun shone from a clear blue sky, the water crashed demurely onto the beach and she realized that she had come full circle. Back to where she had started, only this time a shade of trees and a hammock were added to the scenario.

"Are you going to sit there looking for shells the whole day?"

She rose and turned to find D'an standing slightly to her left and behind her, wearing a slight smile, a loose shirt and pants. She would never have thought that her relief could be so palpable, so over-whelming. She threw herself into his arms, hugging him close. His arms encircled her and for a few moments she felt the safest that she had felt in a very long time.

"I have wondered if anybody would come for me, it's quite difficult to get out on my own."

She shivered slightly against him, "We were very worried about you."

His fingers slowly stroked through her long hair, "It will be alright now. I am freed. But you know a lot about me now, more than anybody know, even me."

She raised her head from his chest and looked up at him, "I think no less of you now. In fact, I feel much more."

He smiled slightly and leaned in to kiss her softly.

They had time, as time ran a quite different where they were right then.

What felt like an age later, but in fact it was just mere moments, they rose from the hammock, since clothing was not needed, they took hands and walked into the cool water of the surf...

She woke with a start, her eyes flew open. Next to her D'an groaned and opened his eyes. She sat upright and shivered slightly from the feedback, D'an sat upright and looked directly at her.

"You remember anything?"

She shook her head, he smiled slightly.

"I remember everything."

He looked at D'om, "If you're lazing around here, I sure hope that you have kept the cargo, we still need that money."
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Soon after developing A.I. it became clear to everyone, that computers needed to show emotions, even if they did not actually feel the emotions. It was important for many task and interactions with organic life that a computer show emotions. For example, when computers were negotiating with people. The data showed that the emotion shown by the computer resulted in “better” deals for the computer even when the organic life knew they were negotiating with an A.I.

This result naturally led to computers have “emotional” intelligence. Peg, as explained earlier, has a highly modified emotion subroutine. She uses it to great advantage in certain relations to develop trust, subordination, leadership, etc. Peg’s emotions are also free of some human flaws. Peg could “turn off” her emotions if they started to get in the way of a mission.

She had done just that while D’an life was in the balance. But once D’an and Lya woke up, she turned her emotions back on. “YAHOOOOO!” was the yell of joy that came over the ship board communication system. Peg’s avatar headed down to the medical bay at a run. She stopped quickly at the mess to picking up two cheese burgers, beers, and cigars. She burst into the medical bay with a huge smile on her face. She placed the food down on a counter and gave D’an and Lya extra long hugs. As they separated, she said “I'm so glad you made it D'an! Great work Lya! I was not sure what you organics wanted to celebrate with… so I brought cheese burgers, beers, and cigars!!” she said in excitement.

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Pyrsk Tex, Lir Sak on Ero 9

Pyrsk Tex and Lir Sak were both, Niktoain, a race of reptilian humanoids. Nikto have scales for skin, small horns down their face to their nose. They only have small holes for ears. Pyrk Tex was dressed in dark sunglasses and long overcoat. Lir Sak who just walked into the bar was dress exactly the same.

Pyrk had a huge smile on his face as Lir walked over and joined him at the table in The HuCow's Moustache. The dive bar drinking place was pretty low for Ero 9 standards. Pyrk had picked the prefect restaurant to meet Jesi as it was high up and looked over the street below. He handed Lir a cocktail with a strange mixture in it. Pyrk had an identical one on his side of the table… only it was already half empty.

“It is called “a meltdown” … a more "sophisticated" version of a “Reactor Core”. I was told it is a popular mixed drink among Usagi. Those cute little fuck bunnies. The drink gives you partial immunity to certain toxins and dangerous gases.” Pyrk explained with a goofy smile on his reptile face.

Lir took the glass but did not drink out of it “Why the big smile?” He asked

“Oh… let’s just say… the syndicate leadership is going to be happy. Someone took out Ima and Layth. Those two assholes are dead.” Pyrk explained.

“Dead?” Lir whispered in surprise

“Fucking dead!” Pyrk said taking another swig of the drink.

“I think you have had enough of that drink. We are here on business” Lir said noticing the effect the drink was having on his partner from the syndicate.

“Don’t worry so much. These Rovers are honorable. They live by a code. Stupid shits. We’ll transfer a ton of credits to them. They’ll turn over the stuff. And then we’ll cancel the whole credit transaction. Oops… I hate it when computers mess up.” Pyrk giggled as he took another swig of the Meltdown. “Then we frame the Rovers for stealing the shit in the first place. Turn it over to the investigators and… they will look REALLY guilty!!”
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Jesi the spy! (from the frying pan into the fire)

Jesi knew she needed to change her outfit before meeting Pyrsk at the bar he had specified in his message. She also knew she was taking a chance meeting some strange Niktoain that she had never met before. The friend that owed her a favor had vouched for him. Still she knew she had better be on guard.

She had looked up what kind of girls the humanoids preferred and had taken special care to dress accordingly. With a grimace she looked at herself in the mirror of the small dressing room located at the rear of the bar. She had been lucky to have been able to slip in the back door. Once in she sighed in relief, it had been empty. The bar didn't have many dancing girls on weekdays. She had quickly changed into her outfit. She looked at her reflection once more...frowning. They...meaning the Niktoain liked their women loose and wild. Well that is what she looked like.

Most of her long hair fell down her back, just the sides were held up so her earrings would show. She wore lots of gold jewelry, from big hooped earrings with small bells attached to half a dozen chains around her neck and many tingling bracelets and rings. Her bare feet had ankle chains and bells attached as well. Her off the shoulder red top showed off her cleavage, and most of her midriff. Underneath she had decided to go bra less. The side of the long flounced black skirt was lifted up and tucked into the waistband, leaving most of her leg showing. There wasn't many places to hide a weapon but she had managed to stick a small blade in the waist band anyways. Her look reminded Jesi of the old time gypsies from the planet Earth.

The idea was she was to be a dancing girl and Pyrsk would get her to sit on his lap and ply her with drinks. He would start to talk about the syndicate's plans in Niktoain . She heard the music finish for the last girl. Taking a deep breath she quickly stowed her bag and left the dressing room. The music started up once more as she entered the main part of the bar. There was all kinds of humanoids sitting at small tables as well as the main bar.

Jesi started to dance seductively making plenty of tinkling sounds from her jewelery while looking casually around for Pyrsk. She smiled at him and his companion when she spotted him near the wall. She continued to dance around the room winking and so on at the men while they whistled and shouted the various lewd things they wanted to do to her. She tried to keep her face seductive while wanting to spit at them all. Knowing that she would be invited to sit when the dance ended Jesi made sure she was near Pyrsk when it finished.

He leered at her and called out in English, "Come over here and sit on my lap Darlin!" Pretending to hesitate a few seconds, while more invitations were shouted at her, she laughingly came over and sat on Pyrsk's lap. He called for a drink for her. While waiting for her drink Pyrsk insisted she have some of his. Jesi took a small sip and grimaced, saying thanks but she would wait for hers. He ran his hands over her body while getting back to his conversation with his companion. Jesi's face reddened with anger and frustration as she silently shouted, "PIGS, YOUR ALL JUST A BUNCH OF PIGS!" Pyrsk turned his attention to Lir and spoke in Niktoain,

"Look Lir....we can continue with our meeting while I have my fun with this human female. They'r kind aren't known for being that intelligent, particularly at languages so she won't know what we're talking about." He smiled his goofy smile again and they went over the syndicate's plan once more. Meanwhile Jesi had her tiny ear translator directly hooked up to Peg.

As the conversation went on, Pyrst (who wasn't really a bad guy just slightly inebriated) continued to drink causing him to become bolder with his hands. Jesi tried to keep him off her boobs while sipping on her drink. Suddenly the conversation changed. Lir uttered;

"Enough about the syndicate...last night I heard a rumor about the Skrulls!" Jesi froze at that comment. Quickly recovering she grabbed her drink pretending to be chugging it down. Li leaned across the table whispering, "I heard they're building a weapon that will be capable of vaporizing entire cities!" Pyrst hand stopped wandering and he too leaned closer to the table. Jesi became somewhat squished but kept on gulping her drink. Lir's head nodded, "Yeah, and I heard it was to be completed in six months."

Pyrst whisperd, "Where is it being built?"

Lir shook his head, "Not sure, on some moon in the Dedelus sector." Jesi gulped one last time and put her drink on the table as Pyrst leaned back to finish his drink while waving his arm for another round. Once the fresh round of drinks were on the table, the humanoids began to talk once more. This time about every day things the syndicate was doing to the locals. Pyrst's hand of course started feeling Jesi up again.

Slowly Jesi started to feel weird, her mind was becoming fuzzy while her body grew super sensitive. " Shit...someone put something in my damn drink!" With her heart thumping she whispered, " Peg ...get...me...out...of...here!" Pyrst's hand finger walked up and under her top grabbed her right boob and squeezed lightly before flicking the nipple causing Jesi to arch her back and moan softly. In his drunk state Pyrst felt encouraged and so his hand splayed down Jesi's flat belly and onto her naked thigh where her skirt parted. His big hand pressed downward on her naughty place and into his huge lizard stiffy. She wiggled her bottom on him and moaned louder. Jesi screamed in her mind, "HELP ME...SOMEBODY!"
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Human dating rituals often seem strange, confusing and not-at-all productive. Female humans wonder if they should wait three days to call, or if they talked too much at dinner. Males chase after “good-looking” partners ignoring other important breeding/genetic requirements such as intelligence or strength. Males also engage in weird grandstanding and posturing between other males. But all of these pale in comparison to Nikto mating habits.

The Nikto species resulted from a hybridization of two other reptilian humanoids. Therefore, it had double the chromosomes as other reptile humanoids. This allowed both males and females to reproduce without a partner and still maintain genetic diversity. Nikto trigger self-reproduction via engaging in simulated sex with a partner. The sex does not have to be with another Nikto, it can also be accomplished via sex with another race… or a tree… or a shoe… anything. This information is important for the reader’s understanding of the interaction between Pyrsk Tex, Lir Sak, Jesi and Peg.


Peg’s computer systems had a massively parallel architecture. This allowed her to run the ship’s systems, be at the party for Da’n, and address Jesi cry for help via the comslink.

“Jesi, first of all remain calm. Secondly, remember in relationships, 84.6% of the female of the species of the galaxy are in charge of the relationship. It might seem to you that Pyrsk Tex is about to violate you. However, you are the one in charge of this situation. For most species I would recommend you end this encounter by vomiting, urinating, or simply farting. farting is always a good move to break the mood. However, for the Nikto species I would recommend something different. The Nikto species is the hybridization of two other reptilian humanoids. They can self-reproduce. So I would suggested bouncing up and down on Pyrsk Tex’s lap. In his drunken state, this will stimulate his sexual organ. If you can make him achieve orgasm, there is 78.3 percent change he’ll become pregnant.”

Jesi, knocks up two Nikto with one dance! (or how she danced her way out of the frying pan!)

Jesi forgot that bit of sexual trivia about Niktos. Peg’s subroutines actual came up with a pretty good idea this time. The drug she was on also pushed her in this direction. She moaned louder and started bouncing on Pyrsk’s lap. She could feel his hard member responding to her movements.

“OHHH that feels good” Jesi moaned putting on a little private show for Pyrsk.

“Hey, Pyrsk, are you on the pill?” Lir asked his fellow syndicate partner.

Pyrsk was having too much fun and was very drunk. “Noooo” he moaned his excitement written all over his scaly face.

“Hey, watch it… she might make you pregnant!” Lir said to Pyrsk. This only made Jesi increase her seductive and erotic movements. She was really putting on a great lap dance, it was hot as hell. Lir reached down and started to rub the bulge in his pants as well.

“OH GOD she is AMAZING” Pyrsk moaned thrusting his crotch at Jesi’s rubbing and wiggling bottom.

“Ride her… fuck her hard” Lir gasped as he was rubbing his crotch. His eyes glazed over as Jesi/hot human jerking off a Nikto was some fantasy of his. It was just too much for both of the Nikto, after a minute or so both moaned and gasped as each came hard in their pants. Jesi could feel the powerful squirts from Pyrsk’s cock and she could see Lir's crotch become wet with his cum.

“Oh my, that was wonderful” Pyrsk said handing Jesi 400 credits. “Yes” Lir moaned too and handed her another 300. “You were so good… you made both of us pregnant” Lir added. Jesi got up and smiled at both men. Still a little wooze from the drug. “It has been a pleasure gentlemen. Please name both children after me.” She said and headed out of the bar. Like most males, both Niktoians became sleepy after their orgasms and did not follow her.


Peg had called a local space shuttle service for Jesi. The small 2 person craft was waiting at the alley exit of The HuCow's Moustache.
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