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"I thought we were going to die!"

It's the end of the world! Missiles flying, stranded in a perilous place, stuck with a violent killer! The horror! ...except, not really.

So for this thread, let's think up some ideas for stories where people think they are going to die...but don't, whether due to luck or the situation being a false alarm. What do they do when they think they are going to die and what are the consequences when it turns out the end didn't come?

Erotic or non-erotic.


A missle alert goes off in a big city and our protagonist is stuck at work. Unable to call home, they seek solace with their coworkers, either admitting an affair or taboo attraction to another coworker, or engaging in an office wide orgy....too bad it was a false alarm and now everyone knows about the affair or has a shared secret that their families don't know.


Girl is pranked into thinking a masked killer is stalking her and her friends in the woods. However, before the ruse can be revelead, she intentionally kicks one of her friends towards the "killer" steals the car and drives off. While it was a horrible prank, it's also clear she would have abandoned them. Can their friendship survive or do things need to just end?

Erotic: road tripping female athletes get caught in a blizzard and drive off the road down a steep hill. Cellphones don't work and it's too treatorous to climb back to the road. The girls start panicking and even their captain is starting to freak. As the hours pass and no help seems to Be coming, the girls start admitting they don't want to die virgins/without confessing their love, so they start having sex (with even one of the girls parents, who was chaperoning getting involved).

...then a tow truck driver knocks on the bus door.
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They're at sea, the boat's motor has quit, they can't get the radio to work, either, and now they notice they're taking on water...
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I read a story, long ago before online stories were a thing, with a similar theme. A guy was dating a girl who for whatever reason wouldn't go "all the way" with him. She wanted to wait for marriage or some such, but he didn't want to marry her, he just wanted to fuck her. So he has her over to his place for dinner, but beforehand, he recorded a special fake radio program. It was all nice music for an hour or so, but then a "special news bulletin" breaks in on the music. An announcer (actually a friend of our scumbag hero) reports that Russian missiles are on their way, and everyone has exactly an hour to live!

The chick decides she doesn't want to die as a virgin, and the two hop into bed and screw like crazed weasels. Eventually, of course, she finds out that it was a hoax. I remember being surprised that she wasn't more upset about the whole thing.

I can't remember the title or author or anything, but it had to be at least twenty years ago that I read it.
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