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Bully Story

So, I was thinking about writing a bully story where the bully fucks the victims mom. Only problem is, is that cuckoldson is already doing an amazing job at writing one with his Conflicted story. I was just wondering if there would be any ways to write one without it seeming like I'm blatantly copying his idea.
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It depends if you use his content or not.

I'm a bad girl.
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as long as you do not copy his text that is all good.

When a story inspires me to write about the same theme, I do mention it in the intro
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I'd like it if someone ran with my idea. It's about a milf having an affair with a son's former classmate/bully of his who is now in his early/mid 20s. They go to the Craigslist personals section and put up an anonymous ad with just pictures of their genitals/asses for a place to fuck in return for allowing the host to watch. The son responds with his apartment address, which the mom recognizes:
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Great topic
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What if someone who had always been bullied found revenge by fucking the bully's mother?
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I have a lot of ideas about how this happens..i had a thread Indian mom turned Whore..i can help u out with his the bully makes a respected married mom into a cumdumpster
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