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I have a story idea I think needs fleshing out!

My idea is of a couple that have basically grown distant for lack of sex. The couple seek the advice of a sex therapist OR marriage councilor OR BOTH to see if the relationship is salvageable. I have more detail of the idea. But I do NOT have the patience or writing abilities to make the story plausible or interesting. Id like to ask if there are any writers that would like to hear my idea and write the story?
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Imagine the therapist has a new program he (or she!) is testing out on couples. The idea is to teach them to communicate better with language and touch. He has them wearing helmets with viewscreens inside such that they can speak and it translates that to text. Other than the helmet, they are to wear nothing. While this hat stops any oral communication or oral sex, it's supposed to get them to pay attention to what words are actually said.

All those intentions are wonderful, but the therapist accidentally cross-matches two married couples, and both couples get all the way to sex before finding out, as they're so focused on attempting to get words right.
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Originally Posted by BlueFlame6178 View Post
Id like to ask if there are any writers that would like to hear my idea?
Okay, I'll bite. Share your idea.

I'm a bad girl.
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I wrote a story about this for you.


I was high as a fucking kite when I wrote it. I hope you like it. (I hope it makes sense.)
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