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Announcement regarding picture threads

THis is the policy for GLBT Chatter regarding picture threads. This policy was developed by Etoile, the former GLBT mod, and Laurel jointly:

As of October 1, 2012, any posts made to picture threads that violate the picture posting rules will cause that thread to be removed.

Posts made to picture threads between now and October 1st will not cause thread removal unless they are all rule violating posts. If they are, it will be taken as "pre-loading" the thread before the deadline, and the thread will be removed immediately.

Again, this policy comes directly from Laurel. It is a result of threads constantly being full of images that violate the rules.

Note that the rule applies to new picture threads as well. If a thread is removed, before or after the deadline, and a new thread is created, it is also subject to removal if it receives posts that violate the rules. We cannot police every post in every thread here. If a post violates the rules, the whole thread will be removed, not just the offending post.

The way to keep the picture threads alive is to adhere to the picture posting rules. It's as easy as that.

Laurel has appended the forum guidelines regarding picture threads and the confusion the rules have caused. Please read carefully:


Also, please feel free to PM me with any questions you have.
Contact me --- Chargergirl, mod of Fet. Central and GLBT

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