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Looking for story - 18 YO neighbor to couple seduces husband

I am looking for a story I read about 3 or 4 months ago. The story might be in 2 chapters, but I am not certain of that.

Protagonist is a young woman (18) is in high school (or maybe college) and lives next door to a couple. The wife of the couple works at the high school and was
Responsible for the protagonist getting punished for something she didnít do, so the protagonist hates her.

So protagonist schemes to get revenge by steeling the wifeís husband.

Husband is submissive with wife. Wife criticizes him repeatedly and controls everything they do, including the decision not to have children.

So over time protagonist seduces the husband and while the husband objects he is pretty weak and succumbs and he and the protagonist have sex. They even do it one time when the wife is in the house.

So at one point the protagonist goes away to a relativeís house for a month or so. Canít remember why. But when she returns she talks parents into inviting the neighbor couple over to dinner.

During the dinner the protagonist announces she is pregnant. When the mom or dad (not sure which one) asks who the father is, she points to the husband of the couple. The wife, furious, leaves.

The husband gets a spine and admits he is the father and decides to be with the protagonist.

At one point the protagonist goes to the husbandís office party (or maybe BBQ) with him and presents herself as his wife (none of the office people had met the wife, except for one woman who is a friend of the wife).
One of the other office women volunteers to hold a baby shower for the couple (husband and protagonist).

In the end the husband divorces his wife and the protagonist gets him and while she is thinking about her revenge on the wife, she realizes she actually loves the husband and settles in to be his wife.

I also remember that there was a note from the author at the beginning of the story. In that note the author noted that none of the characters in this story were likeable though at the end the husband had changed for the better. I can't remember the exact words he or she used but that was the essence of the note.

Anyone know the author and title?

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