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A story I probably won't write. It's a different sort of framework than most plot bunnies we see here.

Lacy King was born on her land-baron father's immense cattle ranch in southeast Arizona in 1898. Dad ("The Colonel") is a progressive rancher, owning gas-powered buckboard and utility truck by the time Lacy is eleven (1909) -- and the little cowgirl becomes expert as driver and mechanic. Three years later (1912) she has talked The Colonel into buying a Curtis biplane to quickly traverse their land empire, and Lacy shows herself a natural pilot as well as aero mechanic.

Comes her 18th birthday (1916) and the European war is furious. Lacy sneaks off to France to volunteer with other American and neutral-state fliers to shoot down Germans. She's the only flying woman; she's too tough, smart, and downright LUCKY to be denied.

Of course this is LIT so Lacy works her way sexually through the entire Allied pilots' corps, and more that a few German fliers too, including the Red Baron. We may contrive many varied fuckathon sessions for her.

Part I: The above -- she survives the war.

Part II: She returns to the ranch, fucks many cowboys and passers-by, but longs for the freedom of flight, and goes barnstorming around the world, fucking anybody available. She survives close calls and falls in love with a rescuer, probably an Aussie. They settle down on the ranch. The world economy is booming (1928).

Then, disaster. Hubby dies, leaving her a widow mother. Ranch is foreclosed after stock market crash (1929). Lacy suffers many travails but prevails. Cue the HEA ending. Y'all can work out those parts of the story.
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Along the way, she invents the Mile High Club.
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doesn't watch television
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Originally Posted by Carnevil9 View Post
Along the way, she invents the Mile High Club.
She also probably:

* starts and runs a flying school and flying circus;
* lands on Lost World-type guyots north of the Amazon, and on the Forbidden Plateau of Leng in Tibet, and fornicates with locals whilst escaping monsters;
* smuggles a threatened maharajah's jewels and concubines/dickgirls to safety;
* overflies Kong running around on Skull Island amid native orgies;
* any other 20s-30s pulp adventure plot, with sex.
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during the flying circus stage does she fuck flying clowns?
finally a new story:

Bad Grandpa

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Originally Posted by Hypoxia View Post
any other 20s-30s pulp adventure plot, with sex.
Unless Doc Savage is involved.
"Fighting was all I was ever good at; but at least I always fought for what I believed in." - Frank Jaeger

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