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What's a girl to do?

A young model who had only signed up for regular modeling sees where a photographer has a mini dungeon set up in his basement. As she is modeling for him, she strikes up conversation about the dungeon area, and he tells her he does some fetish photography as well, but that he didn't have hope of that sort of photography with her, in that she didn't list that on her profile. She asks him to tell about what would be involved in such a shoot, and he begins telling her about the more minimalist end of such a shoot. (Skimpy outfit, rope tied at the wrists and ankles, safeword, possibly gag and/or blindfold, maybe partial nudity, etc.)

She thinks it over a bit, and then asks about the difference in pay. Even at just the lighter end of things, it's a nice jump in pay, so while she's never actually considered anything about bondage, she goes ahead and gives it a shot, telling the photographer she will give a fetish shoot a try if he's willing to pay.

They agree on a safeword first, and he takes her over to a table where he tells her he'd like to start with her simply bound at wrists and ankles by cotton rope, topless if that is OK. (No blindfold or gag) With that, she hops up on a table and lays back for him to attach ropes. There is an end for each rope coiled at each leg of the table, and the other ends lead off to a device she didn't think to ask about. Once tied, he tells her that she need only pull the end of the rope out of the knot to release any wrist or ankle, and demonstrates one before retying it. With that, model and photographer are nearly ready.

The photographer steps over to the machine and activates it, pulling all the ropes at once, which pulls her arms up to the corners at the head end of the table, while her ankles are pulled out to the corners at the foot end, and the lights are flashing before she can say anything.

Her first reaction is surprise, in that she's not expecting the pull, even though it's not all that much. (She isn't being stretched, for example) She does rather quickly notice that if she pulls a wrist or ankle away from the corner of the table, the pull exerted by the tensioner increases with the distance from the corner, and she can't seem to pull very far. (A video camera and stop motion are going as she struggles a bit to find this out.)

Her second reaction is frustration, in that she pulls *hard* against the ropes, and realizes she cannot untie herself. With that realization, she becomes afraid, forgets the safeword, and starts thrashing against the restraints in a way that looks painful, and to her surprise the photographer says the safeword, coming to the side of the table to try and calm her down with, "You look like you're freaking out there! I'm a photographer, not a rapist. The only thing that gets to have it's wicked way with you is my camera. If this is not something you can do, we'll just undo the ropes and go back to regular modeling, though I won't pay for the time we've spent on this, even though I will have a few pictures, as the fetish shoot will be a bust."

She considers this a moment, and is surprised again at how quickly she decides she is cool with this. "Do I act scared?" she asks, to which he tells her, "If you've ever had a rape fantasy, try repeating that in your head here. Scared is fine, if that's all you can do. Sultry defiance works too, but a combination of fear and being turned-on is probably best. Imagine you and your boyfriend are experimenting, and you're finding you like the tease, as well as the uncertainty, of giving total control over to him for a time. Maybe a blindfold at this point."

He takes out a fancy blindfold and slips it over her head. As she lies there, thinking about a rape fantasy that she has enjoyed, she finds that the restraints and the pain she is starting to feel both from them and the table *are* turning her on. Her nipples announce the start of this to the photographer, who quickly goes back to taking pictures!

My question is: Would a model be able to get into this enough to find she wanted her photographer? Enough to actually attempt to bed him, just because she'd been through this for a first time? Would she want him to fuck her on the table, while she was still restrained? If he coached her to beg for cock, would she? (Could she get that turned-on?)
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