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Smile Sweat as much you can

For me is the most sexy boy or girl doing some sport, esp. hard exercise in heated room. I want to see rivers of sweat and a lot of shirts on their bodies sweated through and dripping.
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being dominated by a couple
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Originally Posted by sweetDDs View Post
Okay, so everyone on earth has that one thing.. that one little sexy thought that makes your brain Za-Zaowww! tingle and feel oh so gooood... Their fetish. What's yours?? You can list a couple.. but I wanna know your #1 specific thing that you call your "fetish"? Don't be shy...no one's judging.. just sharing

I'll start! Mine's spanking.. just being bent over and exposed and humiliated by a guy (or girl) and feeling helpless and naughty and all that good stuff. I love it!

So what's your fetish?
A simpler question would be what isn't my fetish; because I am quite the pervert, but I'm not much for causing pain or for feeling it myself. Although, I suppose that there is a time and place for just about everything. I guess that you could say that I am an equal opportunity pervert, when hiring my fetishes.
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Submiting to caning followed by sodomy,after getting tipsy on gin/whisky.
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Spanking (ass and pussy), orgasm denial, light bondage, nipple clamping, and ... does being fucked by my gf's stapon count as a fetish, because if it does then I'm adding that to the list
Mulder: "I was told once that the best way to regenerate body heat is to crawl naked into a sleeping bag with somebody else who was already naked."
Scully: "Maybe if it rained sleeping bags, you'll get lucky."

My personals page: http://forum.literotica.com/showthread.php?t=733164

PMs are okay, but if the message doesn't have some substance, I won't respond... and, no, I won't automatically jump into YM or other chat messenger with you. PM me if you'd like to chit-chat
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pet play

My fetish is full on pet play with my pet Honey68. Our fav pet is kitty.
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being controlled either physically or mentally
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I like to spank but just spanking and seeing your ass would lead to my fetish/i love to lick asses. If a women told me(this has never happened)she really needed her ass tongued and bent over and spread her asscheeks and said"please ,I really need you to eat my ass" I would just flip
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Old 11-22-2012, 12:14 PM   #434
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I want to be used as a sex toy by my wife in front of her friends. I'm not into severe or harsh things.
Exhibit me, tease me, make me perform in front of others. Jerk me off or make me do it in front of them.
Make me get in the car naked with nothing to cover up with and take me for a drive and the list goes on.
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As my user name likely suggests, mine is definitely spanking. Preferably combined with some sort of 'power' role play, such as Daddy/girl and Teacher/student. Hand, hairbrush, wooden spoon....all very good indeed!
~ ~
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Dressing like a slut and having my mouth and ass used by multiple cocks.
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