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Obuzeti's Profile!

Gender: Male, as will be my characters. I can play bit female characters, no problem, but as regards erotic material, I wouldn't know how to approach it realistically.

Age: 27. I can play any age, but the younger my attempt, the more unreasonably eloquent they're going to sound. On the other hand, I apparently already sound like some finely-aged rapscallion, so that's like to suit fine.

Orientation: Heterosexual, or cisgender, as you prefer.

Power Exchange: I like being playful, an equal exchange. I can do dominance as well, and find it tremendously sexy, but I completely fail at submissive anything. I don't take it seriously and I'd laugh at you. It's kind of a mood breaker.

Race/Ethnicity: I tend towards a Mediterranean origin for realistic roleplays, and span a wide range of ethnicities otherwise. If I'm writing fantasy, the whole bag is up for grabs - I've played a sentient eel before and had a smashing good time with it.

Body Type: I can write anything, but I've never weighed over 190 in my life, so I wouldn't even know how to write a husky fellow, much less think my way into the head of one. I default to tall as well. The combination, as you might expect, leads to a beanpole.

Fantasy/Sci-fi Elements: I will drown you in this. I can write realism and enjoy it, but I am a dyed-in-the-wool fan of these and I will write pages and pages about environmental minutiae that no one else will ever care about. I'm a creator - I love filling out worlds and people that are strange and wonderful. I say, without conceit, that this is my specialty.

I mean, I can write about young-middle aged handsome accountants with infinite free time to seduce secretaries, but honestly it'd have to be something really special. I don't do 'boring' well, and sex alone isn't really enough to hold my attention, as strange a thing that is to say on an erotica site.

Settings: I need one. I need culture, location, geography, demographics, physical locations. I'm a details man - I can't do just 'random bar and there's a sexy brunette'. I want to write about the cobblestones outside the bar and the way the steady rain has worn the bronze knockers outside to mint green. I want the scent of the smoke from the ashtray bought in 1983 from Sicily, and then the backstory behind that. If you just want to get on with it, I'm going to bore you.

Kinks: I find female orgasm denial to be just about the sexiest thing ever - the trust and control involved are just scintillating. Aside from that, I'm honestly not certain, as nothing jumps out at me as lip-licking hot.

Not Into: The usual suspects: gore/bathroom fetishes/kids.

Writing Style: Third person distant, highly descriptive, dialogue heavy, and worldbuilding. I want to create more than I want to word-fuck. Also, if you can't deal with a sense of humor, you probably haven't even read this far, but just in case: I have a sense of humor, and it's not an optional attachment. I like laughing - I like life, and my characters will spring and move and crack jokes and think, because static development is boring, and life is not a photograph. Dynamic writing is not easy to adjust to, I know, but it's interesting, and I'd rather look fondly on half a dozen false starts then be bored by a thread I wrote with a Mad Lib for adults.

I update daily, usually, and work evenings - otherwise than that, I should be regularly available. Even if you don't want to RP, I'm open to talk, so long as you understand that I'm likely to mock you if you're silly.

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Gender: I really, really prefer to play females. I'd be willing to let my character be de-feminized or turned into a man. I also like to play crossdressers and transsexuals.

Age: I like to imagine my characters are old enough to be legal, but look like very baby-faced adults.

Orientation: I've played lesbians and straight women, and I find myself aroused no matter who my character is screwing.

Power Exchange: I love it. I play to win, and my characters act very cautiously.
But when you defeat me I expect you to make my character truly regret losing - if you let me out of the handcuffs, I will escape or try to turn the tables.

Race: I'm white, but I like to imagine my character as belonging to a best-of-all-worlds proto-race - long, thick, straight red hair, a small brow ridge like Asians and blacks, a sharp chin like whites, a short, narrow jaw, small, high narrow cheekbones, and a small button nose. Bright red albino eyes. A narrow, equatorial build with long limbs and a very short torso. Very short stature. Pink, hairless skin. Certain other features such as the remarkably long (Dolichephallic) skull and very large eyes hint at neanderthal ancestry - or perhaps, something more archaic. Steatopygia and macromastia. This isn't a description of my character - it's a description of a fantasy ethnicity of humans;

Bodytype: This is a big part of the fantasy for me - including and beyond sexual appeal. I don't care to mention my own body type. My character is short, even for a 'red person' - 4'8". She has a BMI of 24.9 - or roughly 110lbs, at the limit of a healthy weight. But she carries it all in in her thighs/butt/breasts/upper arms. I chose this height so that she'd be shorter than the average woman everywhere on the planet.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I like this idea of the above ethnic/bodytype description being changed in realistic ways such as weight gain, pregnancy, steroids, antipsychotic/SSRI side effects, etc. Bioprinting and stem cells offer an explaination for more radical changes - such as sex changes, changes into strange beings, etc.

Settings: I like to mix fantasy and sci-fi - people carry swords on spaceships, which are wonders from a previous enlightened era. Humans came from space 3.7 billion years ago, and rode dinosaurs in the Triassic - the 'red men' I describe above were originally conceived as a race of humans who evolved on another planet and migrated to Earth. They periodically forget and remember their stellar heritage, and can pop up anywhere and anywhen in Earth history. I like the idea that many other types of people also came from space, and humans all across the universe share a common ancestor - this allows any two human lifes to be connected.

Likes/kinks: I really do like to dominate or submit, and I want the sub to be bullied and tortured relentlessly. If you want me to dominate you, I'm going to do some pretty horrible stuff. If you want to dominate me, I expect you to treat my character just as badly. I like knock-down, drag-out fights which are violently resisted. I like the winning party to punish the losing party brutally - I love realistic body modification in this context. Tattooing, branding, cutting, whipping, etc as punishment. Chemical castration and anti-psychotics to totally subdue the loser. Pregnancy and a female gender role in this context are the final marks of defeat and domestication.

Hard limits: Vomit. I love playing peoples' games, so your limits are my limits.

Availability: Basically 24/7/365.

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I tend to prefer playing female characters, not having much experience taking a male role. I find that character building is crucial and therefore have one character that I do use in role-plays more often than not and just change tiny little pieces to fit the situation or scenario we are engaging in. I do have an image of the face I imagine as my character and am willing to share it with any future partners.

Age: usually anywhere between 18-30 is the typical age of my character but this varies depending on the scenario.

Sexual orientation: heterosexual. I'm also interested in male/male story lines or RPs however have no experience writing them due to lack of experience and as such would prefer to read them but not to write them to save any of you lovely individuals the pain of wanting to rinse out your eyes with bleach at my tacky writing of LGBTQ individuals. I'm interested in threesomes - preferably m/f/m or any variation of same, but would be open to considering m/f/f.

Domination or submission/Power play: I prefer to take the submissive role but am able to clearly lead the role play in a certain direction if I desire so. My character is more often than not shy and not as assertive as she maybe could be, but she knows what she wants sexually and will not hesitate to ask for it. I am a brat. My character reflects this, but I am also evolving sexually each day and am finding that even if I prefer submission personally I do also have the capability to perform well as a Domme.

My main character tends to be someone who is very stubborn and will attempt to remain hard-headed or play hard to get initially. When she does finally submit, she does it wholly. She likes her partner to achieve complete control over her - even to the point of her partner making meal choices or picking her outfit for when they go out. She can be quite indecisive and benefits from someone else taking the reins, but she can be quite the brat and needs to be put in her place. TPE arrangements steal my breath.

Body type: as Iím a shorter, curvier woman, I find that my characters are modeled more accurately after this, with wider hips and a decent chest size.

For visual reference, please do see this thread: http://forum.literotica.com/showthread.php?t=1473795

Kinks: I love rough sex (hair pulling, slapping/choking, spanking, spitting, throat fucking etc) that ventures into the dubious or non-con areas of kink, focusing on the power play that comes with this - my character being forced to subjugate herself to meet the needs of her partner. This can be done through emotional or physical manipulation; I love when my character wants nothing to do with the advances of her pursuer and he twists her moral compass and mindframe to suit him, in essence, forcing her to like what he's doing to her and eventually making her fall in love with someone who is bad for her.

Anal and cumplay/impregnation (obviously) are also things I enjoy. Love name-calling, degradation/humiliation and messy sex (spit/cum etc). Watersports/golden showers has quickly become one of my all-time favourite kinks. In understand it is not everyone's cup of tea but it's something to discuss together; I certainly donít need it to enjoy the story we write together.

Iím willing to explore a variety of different kinks as long as they donít fit into the hard limit category listed below.

Hard limits: children, scat, vomit.

Sci-fi/Fantasy: I have been known to venture into this in the past but do prefer to stick to more real-world scenarios. Message me and we can talk about it!

I prefer to write more angtsy, darker RPs with characters who are into emotional and physical manipulation, completely bending my character to their will as mentioned above. I like morbid things and I'm not afraid to admit it: rape, serial killer AUs (alternate universes), Mafia, drug/sex trafficking, blackmail etc. I am also capable of perfectly normal, innocent scenarios where our characters meet through coincedental but sweet means and fall in love without anything too dark happening in the background.

Also, wrong number AUs! Love those.

Availability: usually daily. I attempt to at least write a couple paragraphs minimum each day as I can however sometimes life gets in the way. If I will be unable to post for a few days I will always message and let you know. I like to think that I am friendly enough with a good response time. At the very least if I cannot post daily I generally post 2-3 times per week. I do tend to post within a day or two of seeing your response. Please be patient with me : )

If any of this has tickled your fancy feel free to message and discuss. Linked in my signature is my personal picture thread, Lounge area in the SRP boards that details my current RPs and ideas (updated as required with new projects).

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GoodatBad's SRP Preferences

Gender: I am cis female and will typically play cis female characters. I am open to playing cis male characters as well however, depending on need.

Age: I am over the age of 21. I feel comfortable playing anywhere from 18 to 40, depending on the plot.

Orientation: I am comfortable playing heterosexual, bisexual and homosexual characters.

Power Exchange: I prefer a dynamic in which our characters can shift power to some degree. Rather than play a hard submissive or dominant character I like to play with dominant and submissive nuances in the characters' personalities. For example, my character might be more aggressive in seducing another to bed, but would enjoy the other taking the lead once there. Negotiable really, depending on the story we decide to play out together.

Race/Ethnicity: I am mixed race. I feel comfortable playing Latina, Black and White characters mostly. Just please don't explicitly fetishize my character's race/ethnicity as that's a turn off for me.

Body Type/Physical attributes: I am 5'4 and busty with brown eyes and long, dark hair, so I tend to write characters similar to that build. This is mostly negotiable though!

Fantasy/Sci-fi Elements: I am definitely open to sci fi/futuristic/alt. universe roleplays (think of Black Mirror and Westworld). I am also open to fantasy and supernatural elements such a vampires, werewolves, ghosts, succubi, sirens, etc, but these sort of plots don't tend to last long in my experience.

I am just as happy writing contemporary, realistic scenarios as well. It all depends on the story we can craft together.

Settings: Open to most ideas here.

Kinks: Flirting, seduction, age gap, forbidden relationships.

Not Into: Anything against Lit rules, no bathroom stuff, vore/gore, minors, no non/dub con or degradation please. Also, please don't assume that I am my character; my character may explore certain kinks that I personally am not into. I will let you know if I like something as much as my character does if we speak to one another in that way.

Writing Style: I typically write in 3rd person and past tense, but I'm willing to match the preference of my partner in most cases. I prefer and will use at least 1 thick paragraph in replies vs one liners or multi paragraphs. I prefer this way because it gives enough descriptive detail to move things along, while still giving my partner (and myself) freedom to take cues in potentially unanticipated directions. I love story telling and character development and prefer it over smut for smut's sake.

I am typically available in the evenings and on weekends. Please PM me to express interest in SRP or simply to chat. This account is brand new but I have been a Lit member on/off for years so please be kind and literate if you're going to approach me. I am happy to provide writing samples, if you require.

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Gender: Male
Age: 18-50
Orientation: generally straight but open to m-f-m or orgies
Power exchange: Generally dominant but willing to be submissive or power switch
Race: Caucasian, but open to and enjoy race play
Body type: tall athletic
Settings: modern, Victorian, historical some fantasy or futuristic
Kinks: anal play both ways, taboo/incest, racial play, romanticism, multiples, age play, dirty talk, light bdsm
Hard limits: minors/children, blood, feces, violence, beastiality, vomit, cruelty
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Shall we play a game?

Gender: I am a man and would like to stick to male characters for now.

Age: I am in my 30s. Could roleplay anything from a fresh 18 year old and up.

Orientation: I am comfortable playing heterosexual and bisexual characters but I prefer a femine presence, meaning assigned female at birth or cis female. I like watching and to be watched., whether it's just someone else in the room or a full-on exhibition. Nothing is more thrilling than to perform for an audience.

Power Exchange: I like dominant roles but enjoy the experience of someone seizing that power from me. If you want to take me, then really take me.

Race/Ethnicity: I'm white/euro blend. I usually choose to stay within my own race and nationality as bad accents/dialects are a real turn-off.

Body Type/Physical attributes: I prefer to choose characters who are long and lean.. athletic types but not necessarily hard bodies.

Fantasy/SciFi: I like all these elements. Into cyberpunk/Neo-Victorian(steampunk) elements.
A few stories I've never gotten around to finishing include a planet hopping bounty hunter and his female half-demon companion and a human male forced into the fighting pits of an intergalactic empire that overtook the world ruled by his royal family. His sister and mother were forced to become concubines for the conquering overlords.

Contemporary modern scenarios work fine, too. They take a lot less work

Settings: I love beaches, deserts and forests. I like settings that take the characters away from what they know or are foreign to me, at least. Creating a setting with rules that are different from the mundane world are great. Communal style living with lots of sexually open and adventerous people is a setting I love.

Kinks: Voyeurism and exhibitionism. Public nudity. Spying on women while they change or are naked (only in stories, I don't do this irl). Public sex. Group sex. BDSM. Some humiliation ok. In-character taboos. Woman who own their sexuality. Sexual teasing and build-ups. Women of all shapes and sizes welcome but especially matronly bodies (curvy with pubic hair and large breasts) and tall younger women with high hips. Boi-ish women.

Not Into: Scat, vomit, blood play. I'm not into solo male-male sex unless there's a good twist or it needs to happen for story purposes. Like I said, I like women who want to watch and liked to be watched.
I love women of many shapes and sizes but I'm not into fat-as-a-fetish.

Writing Style: You can browse my stories for a little more background. Smaller paragraphs, past tense, no dialects but local vernacular when needed.
I'm not a fan of stories where people post bra sizes or penis lengths as a replacement for descriptions. No 2 penises are identical and a lot of differently shaped breast can fit in the same bra.

I haven't posted a ton on the board but I have posted stories that go back a couple years. Very interested in sexual roleplay chat, even if it's through PMs. It's a lot easier when someone can surprise me and easier when I don't have to write all the characters. Sometimes, just developing the world and characters is as much fun as the actual rp.

I'm mostly availalble late on Sunday nights and periodically in the day. It works better with me if I can post and return, so drawn out SRP is better for me.

Would love to get PMs from posters who like playing with someone with a big imagination.

Just thought I'd add that scenarios like the one in this video are really exciting. To summarize: a group of female guerrila fighters capture a couple men and humiliate them while they make them pleasure the commander and then make the men get off.


Would love to srp something like that either from the dom or sub role.

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Smile I'm new at this and need a guide

Hi, I'm not new to role-playing just new to this site. Not sure hiw this all works. I am a man but like to roleplay as both men and women. I am submissive by nature so that would be the easiest roll for me. Please help me get into a good long roleplay.
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Posts: n/a
Gender: As a woman, I would stick to playing as female characters.

Age: I'd like to stay relatively close to my age, so anything between 18-30 years old.

Orientation: I'd like to play as a straight woman but would probably try bisexual or lesbian characters if you had a great idea in mind!

Power Exchange: I'd like to play as a very submissive woman, with just a hint of masochism. My characters wouldn't be totally submissive from the start though. I like to think that my characters would be stubborn and hot-headed at the beginning, and develop into becoming incredibly submissive.

Race: I'm white/european so I'll try to play as someone with a background I'm familiar with. That said, I'd be happy to play as any race though.

Bodytype: While I'd be happy to play as any body type, I'll probably try to stick with a body type similar to my own. I'm somewhat tall and curvy. I'm a bit on the busty side and I've got a big butt with wide hips, which I suppose is what gets me the most attention. Like I said, I'd be happy to play any body type, but there is a good chance that I'll try to play a character similar to well...me!

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations:
Not really my cup of tea.

I'd love to play something as close to a contemporary setting as possible. I'm not too big on Fantasy/Sci-Fi and although I'd be willing to try in the future, at the moment I feel that I'd butcher the entire idea!

Likes/kinks: Sexually, I'm submissive so I'd really love a story where my character would end up as one! I'd love nothing more than for my partner to be dominating and in control. As far as my partner's character goes, what I've love is for them to have a sick mind. My favorite part of reading stories (whether it's here or publish stories) is getting into the mind of a very perverted and lewd character. I like especially stories where this character would manipulate and maneuver himself to get what he wants. I'd love for this character to be objectifying as the story goes on and far, far from vanilla.

Cheating is a type of story I've been really into as of yet, with my husband and I loving to read some top rated stories involving that/cucking. Additionally, I really like the element of verbal humiliation, public display and physical aggressiveness over time. I'm not too big on most noncon because this gets to this way too quickly - I prefer build up leading up to these goodies. I love building up to the moment where my character would be chocked, spanked and abused in this way.

Finally, I'd love to try to play as character that is...well, me! I'm not sure if this belongs here, but someday in the future I'd like to write a story that involves me with a writing partner who can really write long and descriptive posts.

Hard limits: Minors, scat, animals/furries, vomit, drinking piss, foot worship, graphic gore, the usual limits!

Availability: Although I have work and the like, I'm hoping to post at the very least once per day.
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Ruby's Profile

Being new to this forum and collaborative writing, these are general, loose, guidelines for the most part. They could change depending upon the strength of relationships formed with co-writers/other posters on this forum.

As I tend to work from my own mind and understanding (a potentially correctable flaw), right now I am mostly comfortable playing characters similar to my own personality and within my RL limits.

Gender: I only play female characters.

Age: I prefer characters close to my real age of 40, so 30-45, although I am willing to play characters as young as 18.

Orientation: I am only interested in playing heterosexual characters.

Power Exchange: I play submissive women who are often coy and occasionally bratty. I do not domme or switch because neither are within my nature. I prefer characters who love to serve and take orders, but who are sometimes hesitant to follow through with orders when they are uncomfortable. As with me IRL, they will ultimately follow reasonable orders given (as discussed with RP partners OOC) because of their strong need to serve.

I can play "vanilla" women, but I find it mostly boring.

Race: I am essentially a "basic white girl", and as such, and am not comfortable playing others races for fear of writing something offensive from ignorance.

Bodytype: At just under 5' tall, I am quite short, though a BBW. I am overweight, but strong. I was in peak shape and quite muscular in the past, so I am comfortable playing that body type, as well. That being said, I have always had full breasts, wide hips, a round ass, and thick thighs, so playing waifs is definitely outside of my comfort zone.

I have brown eyes, wear glasses, and have long, wavy, brown hair that hits at about my bra strap.

I am not sure if this is the correct place to put this, but I am anyway. I truly have the face/features of a "good, all-American girl." I am a member of a Presbyterian church, and even my nose ring is really nothing that stands out in current times. I do have several tattoos and a variety of atypical ear piercings, though when I am wearing my hair down, long sleeves, pants, and shoes, none of them are visible. I admittedly get a thrill when people make insane assumptions about me, then are surprised to find out that not only am I pierced and inked, I have a rampant potty mouth, a sense of humor that is both dark and strangely like that of a teenage boy, and am interested in mysticism, spiritualism, and rough sex.

I have multiple sclerosis and have become overweight due to to a variety of reasons, but am actually working on losing weight and regaining strength, so an evolving form is something I am willing to entertain, as well. I have experience with both being confined to a wheelchair and using a cane, and while I don't have a strong desire to play disabled characters, within the right setting, it is something I would consider.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I have no interest in furries or anything with a non-humanoid body type. I would be willing to explore fantasy characters--witches, vampires, elvish, etc. Some of these might require some research, which I am willing to undertake in the right circumstances.

Settings: I am mainly interested in current/recent past/near future settings, but am also interested in historical settings. I prefer more concrete settings, though mysticism intrigues me. I am pretty open on settings, but prefer to keep my feet on the ground, so to speak.

Likes/kinks: I feel as though I am a contradiction when I start trying to explain my likes/kinks. I am married to a mostly "vanilla" husband who has dabbled in D/s powder exchange scenarios to please me. I can tell he derives pleasure in it, too, but it seems as though he is disgusted with himself for enjoying it. He was raised by a single mom and feels a duty to be "respectful" to women, but his idea of respect and mine are not always the same.

I love to serve and being told what to do. I am also a cock worshiper. Whispered instructions in a harsh voice in my ear with one hand on my throat and another on my lower back is enough to get my juices flowing. I love the idea of mental/emotional force/coercion. My husband would never physically force me to do something, but sometimes he tell me to do things that, for whatever reason, embarrass me or push my limits. Sometimes I hesitate, but always comply because of my desire to please.

I enjoy being spanked--both on my ass and pussy--but more for pleasure than punishment. I have only been spanked with hands and a cock, but have a strong desire to be spanked with a belt, flogger, or crop. I don't think there is much of a chance of any of the latter happening IRL.

I am okay with light bondage, though it is not necessary. If told to stay, I will. I simply adore edging and short-term orgasm withdrawal, but because achieving orgasm is difficult for me IRL due to my MS, my husband is hesitant to deny me even short-term. I think he is afraid I won't be able to orgasm if he does it, but I have tried to explain that it actually help.

I enjoy sensual, one-on-one play, and strongly believe that sensuality and rough sex and not mutually exclusive.

I hope this isn't too personal/TMI, and that at least a little of it makes sense.

Hard limits: Minors, scat, bestiality, inceast, furrie, necro, rape, drinking any bodily fluids with the exception of swallowing during/after a blow job, anal (finger/cock/toys) to mouth or vagina, foot worship, strong violence/gore, group/multiple partner sex scenes, and sexual scenes only, without taking the time to create a rich setting/characters with partners OOC via PM or a shared story development thread.

Availability: I will be on most days, and will let co-writers know if I will be away for an extended time. I do enjoy time with my family on the weekends and evenings, so I will be on mostly during the day during the week.

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Hi Heather,
Welcome to Literotica.
People can't reply to you, as your private messaging function isn't active.

If you go into your profile/control panel, you'll find it there.
Once you enable it, people can send you private messages.
I'd love to chat to you a bit more to find out what you're looking for.
You sound like a fun person to write with!

Hope to hear from you.

Current Threads:


Groundhog Bride with DeliciousMaiden

Corporate Change with Tanned_babe

Seraph of Desire with barefootgirl69

Accidental Alliance with DeliciousMaiden

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Originally Posted by DanFS View Post
Hi Heather,
Welcome to Literotica.
People can't reply to you, as your private messaging function isn't active.

If you go into your profile/control panel, you'll find it there.
Once you enable it, people can send you private messages.
I'd love to chat to you a bit more to find out what you're looking for.
You sound like a fun person to write with!

Hope to hear from you.

Same here ThisisHeather.

I too would love to see if we have any mutual ideas that we can develop

Being Sexy is an Attitude, a Confidence, not a look, an outfit, not a size.

"Time spent on foreplay is seldom wasted".

All PM's welcome and I will endeavour to answer as honestly and frankly as possible.

** Always on the lookout for either a new SRP partner and/or naughty pm/email buddy! **

My BDSM Test Results!!
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Gender: I play characters of both genders.

Age: I am flexible but mostly play 18-35

Orientation: Flexible according to the needs of the story.

Power Exchange: A bit of both. I often play the dominant role, but I really enjoy playing the submissive role when a lady is up for something different.

Race: Caucasian. But willing to play any race.

Body type: Slim, but willing to play whatever the character calls for

Alternative species/Fantasy races/Furries/Mutations: I'll do basic fantasy races (elves, etc), but I don't really go in for things more exotic.

Settings: I am open to just about any kind of setting. Most of my experience is with modern and fantasy settings.

Likes/Kinks: Romance, teasing, seduction (particularly being seduced), being submissive

Hard limits: Blood and other non-sexual body fluids. Rape (I will do lighter non-consensual, but no rape)

Availability: Quite a lot at the moment. More at night, but also here and there during the day.

What I look for in a partner: Someone who can write descriptively. I don't necessarily mean long. I'm not that strict about grammar or post length, but I want someone who can write more than a couple sentences, and who will write descriptively. This is supposed to be a fantasy after all.

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A resurrected exlit

Gender: Female, and I play females.

Age: Iím 38, willing to play from mid-twenties and up. Prefer to interact with folks in that same real life age range, and characters under that age are a pretty hard line limit for me.

Orientation: Straight. Willing to play straight, bi-curious, bisexual, possibly occasionally male lesbian or a situation.

Power Exchange: Not hard into bdsm but I enjoy being pursued, coerced (you canít rape the willing), etc. No extreme violence or flat out meanness. I could easily play a sub, or a dominating female persona.

Race: Iím white in real life and donít have a lot of cultural experience to play otherwise. Could probably swing Hispanic or bi-racial. Race in play is fine with me; a big, muscular black man whoís a tad (or more) dom-tilted is one of my fantasies....

Bodytype: Real life bbw but insecure about it. I can play just about any size and shape, real or fantasy.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: umm... yes?
Fantasy is a favorite, especially high fantasy. Middle earth, Fantasy magic, light themed vampire, mythology, superhero, fairies and pixies and brownies oh my!

Sci-fi is also an interest. Whovian, Trekkie, Ghostbusters... Etc.
Might be fun to do a non-traditional species thing once or twice.
Iíve done a few furry things when theyíre well done.

Settings: Any. Out of time settings, known universes, made up universes, space travel, any place on earth, outside, public, ...

Likes/kinks: (will likely return to edit and add to this)
Coercion, rape
Group sex
Swinging, swapping
Older men
Anal play
Massage, spa
Nipple play
Colonial style simple living
Bi-curious F
Mmf, mmmf, mmmmf....
Magic (fantasy sort)
Sexualizing well known books and movies

Hard limits:
One and two line RP.
Characters under 21.
Making religion look stupid.
Violence, blood and guts, harm, murder
Bathroom functions
God mode
Over the top bad grammar or spelling.
Mom and son or sonís friend/s
Other hard incest ( I can handle distant or perceived usually)
Hell/heaven, angels/demons, extremely spiritual
Horror, dark themes

Iíll be back with edits and additions!
~~*~~The Show Doll~~*~~
exploring the box
My SRP profile

I do individual commissioned stories. PM me!
See my old profile! Showdolly the younger years.
Iím here for RP/SRP... PM chat is fine. I donít have kik or yahoo or Snapchat nor am I into cams or audio. Letís RP here on Lit!
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to be deleted

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Name: Abi


I exclusively play human female characters.


I prefer playing characters who are around my own age, which is between 20 and 25.


I prefer playing a heterosexual character usually, but I might consider playing a bisexual character if the plot demands it.

Power Exchange:

I only play submissive characters. Submissive doesn't mean BDSM, yuck.


I am of Indian descent so I prefer playing Indian characters. Playing other races will always feel hilariously stereotypical at best and kinda racist at worst.

Body type:

Petite and almost athletic, i.e about five pounds overweight for eternity. I have average B cups and am trimmed down there, for those of you who are weirdly into that sort of thing. :/


1700-1950 AD, modern era.


I like being submissive and I guess some elements of masochism. Due to that fact, I prefer RPs that feature violent stories and characters who might be labelled as despicable.

I am also sapiosexual and intelligence along with creativity definitely get me wet.

Other fun things I am really into include consensual sexual violence, older male characters, verbal humiliation, some degree of hatred in a relationship that involves my character, breaking my character's sense of self worth.

I prefer partners who are adept at conquering the mind rather than the body.

And, remember: Always show, don't tell. Don't waste hours setting up a story or a scenario with me while you only have the skill to write a few bad lines. I swear I'll block you without warning for wasting both of our times.

Hard limits: Minors, BDSM, ropes & toys, scat, puke, partners who put in no effort, rushed/unedited posts and playing as a dominant character.
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Originally Posted by shy19f View Post
Name: Abi


I exclusively play human female characters.


I prefer playing characters who are around my own age, which is between 20 and 25.


I prefer playing a heterosexual character usually, but I might consider playing a bisexual character if the plot demands it.

Power Exchange:

I only play submissive characters. Submissive doesn't mean BDSM, yuck.


I am of Indian descent so I prefer playing Indian characters. Playing other races will always feel hilariously stereotypical at best and kinda racist at worst.

Body type:

Petite and almost athletic, i.e about five pounds overweight for eternity. I have average B cups and am trimmed down there, for those of you who are weirdly into that sort of thing. :/


1700-1950 AD, modern era.


I like being submissive and I guess some elements of masochism. Due to that fact, I prefer RPs that feature violent stories and characters who might be labelled as despicable.

I am also sapiosexual and intelligence along with creativity definitely get me wet.

Other fun things I am really into include consensual sexual violence, older male characters, verbal humiliation, some degree of hatred in a relationship that involves my character, breaking my character's sense of self worth.

I prefer partners who are adept at conquering the mind rather than the body.

And, remember: Always show, don't tell. Don't waste hours setting up a story or a scenario with me while you only have the skill to write a few bad lines. I swear I'll block you without warning for wasting both of our times.

Hard limits: Minors, BDSM, ropes & toys, scat, puke, partners who put in no effort, rushed/unedited posts and playing as a dominant character.

Lovely simple, elegant profile...

You may want to turn on Private Messaging

Being Sexy is an Attitude, a Confidence, not a look, an outfit, not a size.

"Time spent on foreplay is seldom wasted".

All PM's welcome and I will endeavour to answer as honestly and frankly as possible.

** Always on the lookout for either a new SRP partner and/or naughty pm/email buddy! **

My BDSM Test Results!!
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--The Abridged Stats--

--Status: Currently Seeking Collaborators

--Gender: Female

--Age: Twenty-Seven

--Orientation: Pansexual

--Power Exchange: Submissive or Equal

--Race: Caucasian

--Bodytype: Average, Lean or Curvy

--Alternate Species/Fantasy Races/Furries/Mutations: Yes (see below)

--Settings: Open for Discussion

--Likes/Kinks: Links in Signature (F-List & BDSM Quiz).

--Hard Limits: I will NOT play a mentally/physically disabled character (perhaps a mentally ill individual, if the story calls for it, but otherwise, this is a very strict hard limit); the usual suspects applyóBathroom Play, Vore, Excessive Gore, Pet/Animal Play, Necrophilia, Pedophilia, Bestiality, etc. Also: refrain from PMing me if you want a cyber buddy/phone sex partner/picture swapping friend; Iím only here to write stories of substance and shoot the shit with friends.

--Availability: Daily

--The Loquacious Details--

I was suggested to re-write my SRP profile to be more user friendly; if you donít like reading through excessive details, feel free to PM me. The whole idea behind writing with another person is getting to know them, after all, right?

If youíve gotten this far, thank you for taking the time to read the abridged version of my brain dump of likes and dislikes. Iíll try to make this longer version as painless as possible. The key word, here, is ďTRY.Ē

To Start: Iím a kinky woman of questionable moral fiber and mental wellness. There isnít a lot I wouldnít try (save for my Hard Limits). I prefer anonymity and discretion (donít we all?), and Iím not comfortable with going into the depths of my real life, with the exception of the fleeting details I have strewn about the Lounge or my Introduction. If you get to know me well enough, I might divulge such details, if not, just think of me as an intriguing enigma. I will never send you a picture of what I really look like, unless I truly trust you, so please donít waste the time in asking. Iíll describe myself to the best of my ability, if you really *must* know what I look like, but I donít think how I appear behind my computer screen is pertinent information to story writing (I will never play *me* in an SRP).

What you need to understand before pursuing me: Iím very shy and it takes me a while to warm up to the idea of collaborating with someone. If we hit it off immediately? Great! Letís get started! If Iím tentative in responding to you the first few times you attempt to reach out to me, Iím probably just getting a feel for you and/or Iím trying to work through whether or not weíd mesh well as co-writers. Please do not take my timidity as a personal attack towards your ability to write well, or a silent rejectionóI really just need time to gather the gumption to respond, sometimes.

Speaking of responses: I am available nearly every day. I let my co-writers/collaborators know when I have to take a leave of absence, but, generally speaking, I respond to PMs several times a day, and I make a point to try and respond to story posts at least once a day. Iím a graduate student on summer holiday, at the moment, so this availability may change slightly as the summer ends (I may not PM as much on certain days, for example, but I will make a point to respond to story posts as soon as humanly possible). I live in the EST time zone, and Iím an insomniac/night owl.

I donít think my sexuality has a lot to do with my ability to write with people. I am pansexual, yes, but I can write a myriad of functions, from vanilla hetero-normative stories to nonbinary on transgendered kinky interactions. It really depends on what my co-writer wants. Age, I feel, is also a moot point. I can write from my own experience as a 27-year-old, but Iíd like to think I may have more experience in certain departments than others, so I can really write any age that our prose calls for. Bodytypes vary based on what my writing partner wants, as well. Iíll play anything for the fantasy of it, and, again, Iím adamant about NOT wanting to play myself.

Power exchange and race is pretty self-explanatory. I donít particularly budge on either stat, but Iím open to roleplaying with different races. As for alternate species/races/furries/mutations: Iím down with most anything, save for Furries (no offense intended, theyíre just not my jam); Iím particularly fascinated by D&D Humanoid Fantasy races (Elves, Gnomes, Halflings, Half-Orcs, Tieflings, Genasi, etc.). If I could wrap my head around it, an alien race would be interesting to explore (I must admit Iím not well read in the Sci-Fi department, Iím more of an avid reader in the High Fantasy/Epic Fantasy branch of speculative fiction).

My favored settings can span anything from modern to medieval eras. My preference will always be the latter, but Iím open for anything along the lines of ďTODAY,Ē or even Urban Fantasy, all the way to historical fiction in Wessex during the Anglo-Saxon era (if we decide on something that is not in my repertoire, say: Historical Ancient Egyptian era, I will have to do my research and that will take a few days before we can get startedójust a warning; I aim for accuracy).

My kink list is not exhaustive, and Iíll likely add more to it if I suddenly remember another aspect that I appreciate or would like to further explore; some of my favorite kinks include: light BDSM (I say ďlightĒ because Iím not well versed in the community or the lingo; perhaps we can explore how far Iíll go, together. Of this spectrum, I can confidently say Iím experienced with: being disciplined/punished, being chokedóeither for my partnerís enjoyment, or just because Iím into it at that moment, being spat on, various forms of verbal humiliation/abuse, being restrained/cuffed, etc.), coercion, rape, impregnation, ice play, wax play, being forced to be used by multiple partners as a punishment while my typical partner watches, DDLG, etc. I also quite enjoy mind games being played on me and being, what I can only colloquially define as, ďscare-roused.Ē

Some things Iím considering exploring: edge play (specifically: blood play, knife play, and fire play), sensation play, blindfolding, collaring/leashing, total sensory deprivation, ritualistic play, etc. An aside: if you want me to call you ďDaddyĒ I will happily oblige and melt like a puddle at your feet.

Please know that these notions are just guidelines, and not concrete rules (the exception being my hard limits, of course). I'm open to dialogue; if my style of writing appeals to you, don't hesitate to reach out to me. I'm relatively open-minded and easy to get along with (if you want to see a sampling of my writing, you can see my posts in The Darkness Within).

Throw me a line if youíre interested; I look forward to hearing from you!

"I knew nothing but shadows and I thought them to be real."
--Oscar Wilde

--- --- --- ---
--My Sacred Space--
--My Writing Profile--

--My Current Writing Projects--

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If I might suggest, I see it as a difference between "role players" and "collaborators."

Role players, are defined lines that are never crossed. Mine|Yours.

Collaborators, are less about border patrol, and more about working with each other behind the scenes, helping the other work out how something should be said or done. For instance, if you were to say "I'm not sure how something should roll along..." I could suggest one or two ways. The imperative word is "suggest." That isn't to say; that's the way you MUST say it, or writing my role, and blurring the edges of my role and writing some lines for you. To me, THAT is "god modding."

I'm still new at this, but to me, collaborators help each other. The help goes both ways. Tell me if I'm wrong in that.

My Stories ................................ SRP Profile .........................My SRP Projects
My Sex Map ...................................................................... Author's Hangout Profile

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This is my SRP and truthfully, I probably "borrowed" the format from and/or got ideas from people who have already posted. I hope that's not an issue and if it is, I'm sorry! Anyhoo, take a read and if this all seems good to you, send me a message!

Gender: I can only play girls on account of me being a girl! I'm not talented enough of a writer to switch genders or play one that I'm not, sorry.

Age: I can play anywhere from 18 to 40.

Orientation: I am only interested in playing heterosexual characters. Like with genders, I will absolutely ruin any story that involves me writing a character that I cannot relate to.

Power Exchange: I like to immerse myself in writing and despite being new to this whole sexual roleplaying thing, I know that I'll like to do the same here. So much like in real life, I'll be submissive. It might not seem like it in the story at first, but I would love for it to move in such a direction where I would be completely submissive towards a man.

I like to think that I could play any race! Personally, I'm Filipina but I don't think that this would prevent me from writing a character from a different ethnic background, depending on my co-writer's tastes/preferences. I might be slower in writing, since I would have to give my posts a bit more thought, mind you.

Bodytype: At about 5'10 tall, I consider myself to be a tall woman. I'm taller than my husband, even. My body type is curvy and even if this sounds like I'm bragging, I'm busty too. I think my big butt is probably what appeals people most about my body. My hips add to its appeal too, making it seem more wide and all. I have thickish thighs too, so if that all appeals to you then I think you will live my characters who will most probably resemble me in some way!

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations:
I don't think it would be a good idea for me to play anything involving these. I'm a fantasy fan but I've never written a character that wasn't human so this is one of those things that I stay away from because I would ruin the story with cringy writing. Maybe in the future I will edit this though!

Settings: All of my favorite stories involve a more modern setting, so that's what I will stick with! I do like the idea of lore building though, so maybe I could be convinced in the future to try something else out.


1. Being married and having been with one man, it's a bit hard to say what my favorite kinks are but I'll try to describe the kind of things that I freaking love reading on this site.

2. I really love some light BDSM. Being choked, verbal humiliation, being restrained/cuffed. Although I wouldn't stand much for it in RL, I do like the idea of being objectified and being the plaything of a crude man.

3. While we're on the subject of the type of man I would love to be part of my stories, my husband is a very loving and caring man. That said, I would love for the man in the story to be the opposite. It's not that I don't love my husband or anything but writing these kind of stories would not have the same appeal if I were immersing myself in a story where the male character was loving, considerate and warm. What I would really like is a dirty, lewd man to have his way with me in these situations. I would love to read about his thoughts, his endeavors and how he plans to have his way. Most of all, I love the feeling of reading a story, immersing myself and feeling like a prey hunted by a predator.

4. I'd love for the male character to be a lecherous pervert. Constantly checking me out, thinking of ways to get me in compromising positions, etc.

5. I love the thought of some public display. From having my ass grabbed in public to filming a sex tape, I would love to include some aspect of this into my stories.

6. While in RL, I'm loyal and loving to my husband, I would like to eventually write a cheating story. It's the taboo aspect of it that I love so I hope that makes sense.

7. Non-consent and impregnation might be themes I'd like to visit, but would require some planning ahead of time!

8. Anal. Totally embarrassed to put that one in there, but I would love to try it

9. Detailed writing!


1. I'm not crazy about the idea of multiple partners. It might seem like a silly limit but I can't imagine being in a situation like that. I could maybe be convinced to try, but you'd have to be pretty darn convincing. If so, I will edit that out.

2. While I'm into the idea of degradation and humiliation, I'm not into being tortured. There's a line and having it go for too long would probably turn me off.

3. No scat, vomit and blood.
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STATUS: Searching . . .

GENDER: Exclusively Male Characters.

AGE: Preference 39 to 54.

ORIENTATION: No Limitations, Adaptable.

POWER EXCHANGE: Doesn't matter, Adaptable.

RACE: Caucasian.

BODYTYPE: Whatever your preference is, Adaptable.

LIKES / KINKS: (Everything is Optional) Non-Consensual, Forced Orgasm or Orgasm Denial, Masochism, Humiliation, Objectification, Psychological Torture, Gangbang, Breeding, Creampie, Sex Toys, Body Modification, Double Penetration, Anal Training, Ureteral Insertions, Partial Castration, Male Pregnancy.

HARD LIMITS: Minors, One Liners, God Modeling, Racism and Rushed / Unedited Responses.

*is thumb twiddling*
SRP Profile: Will_o_the_wisp.

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STATUS: Involved in a few role-plays and enjoying them immensely! But always interested in new ideas, even if we might have to wait.. I know I can tend to take on too much and so I must try to keep things at a manageable level. Iím relatively new at this, still ďfinding my feetĒ, so I welcome feedback and critique of my writing.

I am Swedish, and even though my English is advanced I know I might have some difficulty with certain aspects of the language.

GENDER: Female. Your gender is male. Iím not bi, but Iím not totally against the idea of another woman slipping in, if it feels right. I can do a male character if the story needs it.

AGE: I am 36 but can do 18-50 as a general guideline. Your charactersí age can be any.

ORIENTATION: Heterosexual, for the most part. But open to interesting ideas.

POWER EXCHANGE: Mostly I need to be submissive in some sense, from a little to a lot. I can play a more dominant role also, like a wife in exchange with her cuckolded husband.

RACE: Caucasian, but I could see myself do other races if need be.

BODYTYPE: I am a blonde, curvy, blue-eyed, big-assed woman and I do enjoy playing myself in my own body! But I can be other body-types too.

SETTINGS: I enjoy detail, especially when it comes to the persons involved, their history, culture, even politics, psychology, surroundings etc. To quote from Obuzetis presentation - ďI canít just do random bar and thereís a brunetteĒ (thanks). Thatís a turn-off. On the other hand (yes Iím complicated, Iím a woman..), there is such a thing as too much detail, when they donít contribute to the story and the atmosphere.

I prefer the reality of the world we live in and canít really do fantasy/sci-fi settings justice. I would probably have difficulty with historic or future settings also. I do often prefer to use myself and my own life as background, I find it easier and more exciting than taking on a completely different persona Ė but I think it in part has to do with my lack of experience in RP. So, trying out someone else would probably be an interesting and rewarding challenge.

LIKES / KINKS: I want to be used hard and rough, all holes, and everything else you would associate with rough play. Into a lot of BDSM stuff but not everything. Can be discussed on request. Enjoy interracial, humiliation, certain types of abuse, cheating, psychological Ďgamesí, group sex/gangbangs. Into my character being watched, both in real-time but also as in photography, film etc. Exhibited, exposed, maybe degraded. Interested in non-consensual situations - maybe. Also into alterations (not sure what the term is), like bimbofication.

There are most definitely more likes and kinks that I forget right now. A general ďlikeĒ I have are unhappy or complex course of events and endings. I want it to be a bit dark, realistic, slightly twistedÖ My character will cry and can generally have all kinds of feelings ranging from joyous and elated to sad and depressed. Donít worry, itís life.

HARD LIMITS: Minors, pointless violence, torture that leaves bad bruising, blood etc. No piss or feces thank you.. I can do family as in in-laws, but not blood relatives. There are probably more limits, but like many limits they might be pushed. Letís talk about it.

AVAILABILITY: When Iím on form - daily and often. But then I know myself well enough to say that I sometimes have a lapse after a more intense phase. But I will let you know!
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Ashley's Profile

Status : Returning , not new but returning back on a new account , hoping and looking to find new story lines and meet new people

Gender : Female , I'm a Female in real life so whenever things get dirty I'd have no clue how to react as a non female character

Age: well I'm 24 Y old but I can play younger or older characters if need be

Orientation : Well Bisexual/ pansexual so i have no issues writing with males or females

Power Exchange: Well I mostly try to rp as a chaotic , mischievous character ... Naive at times and a full time brat and of course when doing the naughty my characters are always more submissive inclined

Race and Body type : I don't mind playing any kind of Race i have an open mind as for body types well I'm a Tiny person in real 5ft1 so most likely I'd rp a smaller Character

Settings: I don't mind any setting from Fantasy to Scifi it all works for me aslong as the general story and idea speaks to me

Kinks : Actually quite a lot if you're interested in rping with it might be easier to have a chat about what works and what doesn't as i genuinely don't have any hard limits besides scat , death and dismemberment so just let me know what you have in mind and we sort stuff out !!

Some Quick Facts :

- Yes I can be very Cheeky
- I do work but i can be around daily to atleast get some posts out and in the weekend I have days off from work
- I do have ADHD so sometimes i can be very distracted

If you'd like to Rp with me Hit me up
Love me or Hate me i'm still me
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SRP Profile

Gender: Male.

Age: Middle Aged. Tend to play with people my own age but if the scenario involves a generation gap, I'm fine with that. (But I would prefer to play those games with someone my own age, if you know what I mean.)

Orientation: Bi. Grew up mesmerized by assertive women. Still a thrill for me. But I cannot deny a certain attraction to a portion of the male anatomy now and then.

Power Exchange: I'm submissive. But I won't submit to a sucky dom or domme. I'm sorry. If I have to do all the work, I really don't need you. ;o) If you can't write complete sentences, we're not going to work. (I can take a dominant role with someone I know and expect to play with again in the future.) You don't have to tie me up. Fascinate me and I'm all yours, willingly.

Race: I'm white. Open to race-themed scenarios but it's not my main thing.

Bodtype: I'm tall and broad shouldered. Long-waisted. As for body types I'm attracted to: full figured women are my favorites, though I cannot deny an appreciation for pretty young women I see (but do not associate with).

Alernate species / fatasy races / et al. No. Not interested. At all.

Settings: I'm an introvert: home, library, maybe a church (for some naughty nun / religious fetish stuff). Open to other things.

Likes / kinks : Femdom, cuckold, verbal humiliation, tease & denial, forced bi, cocksucking, voyeurism, mutual masturbation, religious themed scenarios. (I spent several years in a Catholic seminary...) I'm creative (writer, musician) and emphasize the PLAY in roleplay. It's a dance. Both have to be involved and attentive to the other's moves.

Hard limits: scat, men who think it's okay to hit women, things done out of meanness rather than zeal, and people are humorless and uncreative.

A few pictures I like. (I made the captions. I love to make captions.)
Attached Images
File Type: jpg He's mine and I fuck him however I want to.jpg (40.0 KB, 0 views)
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AutumnOhGee's amazing roleplay profile

Gender: I prefer playing female characters, not having experience playing male roles and given that I'm a woman in real life, it wouldn't make much sense for me to jump into a male role right now.

Age: Anywhere between 18 to 36 years old works for me!

Sexual orientation: Heterosexual.

Power exchange: This is probably one of the most important bits for me, but I cannot for the life of me play a dominant role. It just isn't as fun for me. So, I play nearly exclusively submissive roles. Keep in mind that my characters aren't total pushovers but will nearly always submit to the male character at the end.

Body type: I'm a taller woman with an ample chest and larger butt, but I'm comfortable playing any body type that suits the story.

I love first and foremost, well written stories. As cheesy or even pretentious that might come across, I love reading the characters that my partners come up with, their thoughts and reading about their lewd intentions. For me, it's always a bit of a rush reading what goes on in the heads of male characters and I always try my best to return the favor with my posts being as descriptive as possible. The story is, at least for me, what makes the sex scenes enjoyable in the first place. What I'm trying to say is that unless you can write at least two paragraphs per post and build the story with me, then even if you had identical kinks for me, writing the story wouldn't be as enjoyable.

That put aside, I love cheating threads. I know that it isn't everyone's cup of tea, but I love to write my characters being in loving relationships and getting seduced by a man who is anything but loving. I really enjoy the idea of "losing" in the story; not ending up with a man who both loves me and is well suited for me, but with a lewd man who just wants me for my body. I really love a good story where my character initially wants nothing to do with the advances of her pursuer, but ends up submitting due to him manipulating her. Whether it be through twisted her moral compass, mind frame, blackmail or otherwise, that she ends up being with someone who is obsessed with her body and nothing else. In that same vein, I would love for the male character to be objectifying and incredibly lustful in nature. He might not show it right away (or maybe he does, depending on the story), but eventually would show his true colors.

I really, really love rough sex with hair pulling, slapping, spanking, choking and more. So much so that my characters would protest, to the border of it being non-con. I also really enjoy filmed sex and public sex in my stories; being coerced into doing something that I would otherwise never do in a million years. To put things bluntly, I don't want love-making sessions, I want to be pro-boned, pinned against the floor, kind of animalistic lust.

Anal and assplay is something that I enjoy adding to my stories, although it is typically brought up as a more "forced" scene. What I mean by that, is that my character would never suggest this to the male character, but usually he'd force it on her, whether through blackmail, heavy coercion or even rape.

I love body writing, with the male character writing his name on my body. Whether it's through the use of a marker, or even a tattoo, I enjoy the thought of the male character declaring "ownership" at some point of the story. The ultimate form of this would be impregnation in a way, but I would really keep this as an "ending" to the story.

I really love being descriptive in writing, with wet noises and degrading comments being written during the sex scenes.

Hard limits: Bestiality, children, scat, vomit, foot-fetish

Writing Style: Third person or first person. What's most important to be is highly descriptive, dialogue heavy kind of posts. I need there to be build-up before I'd want to fuck. I like the use of images in posts, whether it's to describe a a character, a setting or event - but this is more of a bonus than anything.

I can be online at least once per day, and if something comes up I would be sure to let you know.

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Gender: Iím female. So I like to stick with what I know. Iíve never really tried out a male character. I feel Iíd stumble around with it or be over the top.

Age: 18 - Ďso old the age has been forgottení

Orientation: again, sticking with what I know, I tend to play straight, but Iíll prance around in bi and lesbian territory.

Power exchange: I like switching it up. If you can hold the counter part, I can more than likely connect with it.

Race: Iíd prefer what I know, Caucasian or something off the wall fantasy or supernatural.

Bodytype: I lean towards the curvier, but Iíll fit the need. Any height is fine. Iíll, also, go redheaded unless thereís a need for something else.

Likes/kinks: Iím into way too much to put down. I can usually fit the need or find something I like about it. Iíd like to get into some fantasy/supernatural. I havenít experimented with it much.

Hard limits: children, scat, watersports, non-humanoid beastiality

Availability: at least once a day
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