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that is why I write

I think the passive neglect is even worse.

I just write because at least that is a world I can feel a wanted romatic.


Originally Posted by GorgeousGeekGirl View Post
Just read your reply, and I feel you.

I'm in FTW.

My married sex life: the annual event, and I have to push for that.

It's been giving me severe stress headaches, and I dealt with my frustrations by putting on a lot of weight. I've lost 38 pounds since Halloween, but losing momentum.

Our marriage was never good. The only happy times were when he was gone on business. We didn't have sex for first 2 years 7months of marriage. I would have gotten an annullment except I was financially strapped.

After 8 years, I've had it, so now I'm getting things set so I can leave. He seems to have picked up on it, and so is trying to be mr nice, but still no sex. he says it's new medication, but after 8 years of excuses (allergies making him sick, back is out, has to get up extra early for work, etc), I just don't give a crap.
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Originally Posted by LadyNina123 View Post
im in a similar situation. I get w bam thank you mam every 6 weeks or so. I think the wam bam is worse than celibacy. It becomes like a chore. It's like oh yeah we'll have to find time to do it. Kind of like mopping the kitchen floor
We're a mature couple and both got out of sexless marriages to be with each other. And we haven't stopped since...

We love meeting new women to play with as I am very bi. I play alone or with hubby...

And he's cool with it....

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in the boat with you

I'm in the same boat. Married for over 25 years...and haven't had intimacy for over two years. I keep pretty fit (run 3.5 mikes a day) and have tried. It just doesn't work. She's happy with the situation the way it is.

I'm sorry, intimacy is something I can't live with out. I haven't cheated, but have come to the conlusion that I should.

I'm in the midwest. I travel on business almost all over the US. If you are a mature woman and woulld like a friend, PM me!!!
Life is short...live it to it's fullest!
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