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30 F seeking Master/Mistress

Hello, all!

My name is Bella, and its my first time posting here as you probably can tell from my posting history. I am a slave seeking a Master or Mistress, so that they can liven up my rather boring life of being an office manager. Being married to a fantastic woman and having a child we both love, my anonymity is essential especially at home.

Though it is my first time posting on Literotica, it is not my first time seeking a Master or Mistress; I have been exploring this lifestyle since I was 16. Obviously I am quite experienced, so please do not come at me as if I am a newbie. Any questions about my past relating to this lifestyle will be addressed when we chat one on one.

Now on to more of what I'm looking for, you'll find this strange a bit later due to my limits, but I am a exhibitionist, and would appreciate someone who had some experience in handling one. As stated above, my anonymity at home is essential and because of that tasks and rules will have to be geared more towards work and public place related environments. I believe you'll find that goes along with my exhibitionist tendencies.

My other love in this lifestyle revolves around orgasm denial and chastity. One of my biggest fantasies is to give my orgasms up permanently somehow, but as I have a wife it will be hard to do. Orgasms to me are the ultimate reward and should only be given if/when the slave has done something incredibly good. They should not be given out like candy. Because I am a stickler for Masters/Mistresses being willing to read all of an ad, I would appreciate it if you mentioned the word Splatoon 2 in your reply. As of this moment, I have denied myself for just over six months (Yes, that means I have been faking SEVERAL orgasms).

And now on to my limits:
Pics/Cam/Phone - I have been burned VERY badly in the past due to these and thus well they are off limits.
Anal - I've been trained in Anal, and I do not find it stimulating, but rather painful for me, so its off limits.
All of the normal ones - Blood, Gore, Scat, Ingesting of bodily fluids. The ones "normal" subs do not like. I'm sure you know what that means.

In regards to forms of communication I use, I have kik (though I dislike it) and google Hangouts (preferred).

I believe that is where I shall leave it off for now. Please feel free to contact me via PM and I will reply as soon as I can.

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A bump for a deserving lady
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A bump for a nicely written, well thought out post.
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Splatoon 2!

Consider reviewing our post: http://forum.literotica.com/showthread.php?t=1428262

If you find it intriguing, we would love to hear from you.

Good luck with your search!
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I am sadly still looking...
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Going up!
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You have a very good post..it interest me may be we can chat and see if we can connect and explore!
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Still looking. Please make sure you read the entire post before replying...
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Would love to chat further if interested
"Heaven STILL doesn't want me & Hell is STILL afraid I'm going to take over".

"Though gravely wounded, I endeavor to persevere."
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Have to ask header says "F" but then I see Being married to a fantastic woman and having a child we both love, Are you male or female and where do you reside. I am a well hung ole' scooter tramp.
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