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Originally posted by Sabledrake
I have a short story called "Don't Look Back" in the newly-released anthology FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN.

All proceeds of this book benefit bone cancer research.

Given that the intro is by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro and the TOC includes names like Poppy Z. Brite and Jack Ketchum, I consider myself flattered to be in such very good company indeed!

WOW! Congrats, Sabledrake. That's awesome news!

Those are indeed some big names, and you must be extremely proud to be published in the same book as them. I know I would be!

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I have a short story in a book to be published in the fall by Carriage House Publishing.

The book is "Adoption Love Stories," - my story is entitled "A Promise Kept" (Thanks Renza, for the title!)
Whenever someone says "I'm not book smart, but I'm street smart," all I hear is "I'm not real smart, but I'm imaginary smart."

Dear politicians and/or assorted twats who are against immigration,

We would be glad to help you pack.

Sincerely, Native Americans
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New Book: PASSION'S VINTAGE - An Erotic Tale of Hollywood Vampires

A NEW Gothic Fantasy from ExtasyBooks!
The Extasy Tarot Series - Key 16 - THE STAR

- A Novelette of Hunger and Hollywood Vampires
By Morgan Hawke

- Bryn did not discover that the snow on the mountain road was too deep for her car until her Saturn slid into a snow bank and stalled. An hour later, an oncoming the driver of an SUV spots her and stops.

The passenger side window buzzed down and a familiar Hollywood face smiles at her with snapping black eyes. His hair was almost pure silver and hung over his shoulder in a long tail pulled back from his broad and handsome brow. "Having a bit of trouble are we?" His accent was rich with European tones.

And so Bryn Savage begins a whirlwind sensual adventure involving some of Hollywood’s hottest vampires and just a dash of kinky sex…

The poplular Literotica 5K short story has been expanded into a 30K Novelette... *grin*

- After a hot night of being double-pleasured on Nick and Conner's couch, Bryn wakes in the morning and dashes off - without telling the guys that she's leaving. Once she arrives at the convention, Bryn learns that her literary agent, Paula has a proposition waiting for her - at her convention table...

Paula suddenly stood up and smiled. "He's back!"

Bryn looked up at Paula. "Who's back?"

Paula brushed her hands down her skirt. "The gentleman that wanted to speak to you. His name is Boyd, Boyd Ransom."

Bryn turned around. A tall dark-haired, blindingly handsome man was headed straight for her table. He was impressively dressed in an expensive suit and oozed charm from his broad million-dollar smile. At the same time, his thoughts oozed the unwholesome steaming chill of a cesspit.

Order Book: http://www.extasybooks.com/eb.php3?ebookid=19258
View Cover: http://www.ebookad.com/coverart/xsize/x19258.jpg

Perfect for your PDA!
- Available by Download in Adobe PDF, Microsoft LIT, hiebook KML, Palm PDB,
Rocketbook RB and HTML

- For a review Copy, contact: extasybooks@aol.com
Morgan Hawke
My Website
For Writers Only: Dark Erotica blog

Literotica Author's Page

"The only way to get rid of temptation - is to give in to it!"
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Natalie Nessus
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My small ones

Short Stories & Novels by Natalie Nessus
Available Here
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Fiel a Verdad
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Thanks for keeping us posted, NN. May the publications keep coming.

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Talk: A Novel in Dialogue


Corey Mesler’s novel is set completely in dialogue. And to steal the thunder from one of its blurbs, you’re going to be surprised at “just how sexy a novel made out of dialogue can be.” (Frederick Barthelme) You’re also going to be surprised at how mesmerizing such a novel can be as you fill in descriptive detail even as you read/hear the central character Jim, hip and bright owner of a metropolitan bookstore, quipping with his customers, philosophizing with his wife and artist friend, instructing and learning from his children—and heating afternoon stew pots of audacious linguistic sexiness with his erstwhile, almost lover. In the end, all the talk amounts to much more than talk: it builds meaning. Aristotle may have defined us as “political,” “featherless,” and “bi-pedal”; Mesler defines us as TALK.
Creole Myers
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Edited by S.A. on 5/14/05

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Down boy!

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edited by S.A. on 5/14/05

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Coming in August from Sabledrake Enterprises

Silver Doorway #4: Dragon on the Loose
by C.M. Morgan
When a dragon egg hatches in Aunt Ellie's basement, it's up to the Broderick kids and Chester the talking cat to round up the rambunctious baby before he wreaks havoc, and return him to his mother.

Gifted Children
by Christine Morgan
The second Trinity Bay book, set three years after Black Roses. Seacliff, the house on the hill, is home to a new secret evil. This one will take the innocent gifts of ordinary kids, and elevate them to a terrifying potential.

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A very articulate reader sent me the following review for my novel "The Usahar"; the review is itself a beautiful piece of writing and so I thought it deserved to be shared. The book is available as either a paperback or e-book from Amazon (Links are provided below).

The Usahar: A C'yiss Novel
by Karen Anne Mitchell


They dressed her in a thin, black teddy that rode up tightly between her thighs and buttocks, its surface a mosaic of satin and lace patterns, and they had her kneel before a mirror and pretty herself with cosmetics and a tease of curl in her hair, then dab her body with a bit of rich perfume. Elizabeth did this all without protest, for it was fairly typical. She was to be taken for sex, and so she must appear sexual. A small part of her, a part that she wanted to deny, actually enjoyed the process, the bit of vanity it allowed her.

I am beautiful, she thought from time to time. No wonder they want me.

[from "The Usahar"]

Imagination is a wonderful thing. When it flies, it takes you places you've never been before. Imagination is freedom: freedom from constraints, from the past, from the known, from the stale. When someone has the tools to share imagination with others, it's a rare and wonderful thing.

A gift, at all levels.

Passion is a wonderful thing. Commitment to the now, lust for life, honesty, fearlessness, authenticity.

Karen Anne Mitchell, as it turns out, has the tools to share her passionate imagination with others. And anyone fortunate enough to inquire will find in her work an alien world that evokes the most familiar and intimate questions about what it is to be a human being.

In her first novel, "The Usahar," Ms. Mitchell has devised an ingenious method for exploring the various threads found in the tapestry of human emotion. In her world, she manages to separate the twisted strands of sex and love, need and desire, service and freedom in ways fascinating to contemplate.

In her preface, she states that "The Usahar" is a "Damsel-in-Distress" story, but what we find is that Ms. Mitchell's writing is always about more. The seductive uni-polar world she has imagined is a framework into which the passions of her omni-polar heroine are delivered to be cultivated and 'harvested.' It's a devilish idea and it resonates on many levels.

And on none more so than what it is to be female in a patriarchal paradigm; to be the biological receptor made to willingly beg to receive, to be used as a female, and compelled to desire the subjugation out of passion and need and finally submerged in pure sensation, to radiate joy, again and again; to be emotionally harvested and utilized, to be used, the female orgasm, volcano at the center of the world, taken and given, shared, generated, flowing.

Ms. Mitchell may be informed by the erotic writings of Anais Nin and Anne Rice, but her vision is more mature. Unlike the lusty but ultimately featherweight vignettes of Nin, or Rice's forays into some abstract feudal world of the past, each of whose vision of womanhood reveals woman-as-child, Ms. Mitchell's heroine is an adult with an adult's intellect and emotions coming to terms with what is happening to her: she is living in a clear-and-present fascism, subverted by power and biology. This world is now, existing parallel in time to ours, with all our possibilities and perversions, all available to the villain, to the heroine, and to Ms. Mitchell.

"The Usahar" owes more perhaps to the writings of John Fowles and his novel "The Collector," which shares the theme of femininity imprisoned. Where Fowles is cerebral in his polemic on class warfare, Ms. Mitchell is far more visceral and intuitive; where Fowles' heroine maintains her 'ivory tower' distance throughout, Ms. Mitchell's Elizabeth knows the complex and humiliating human truth that total existential surrender to pleasure, being powerless within it and against it, being ravished by it, physically and emotionally deconstructed through it, may be the height of female arousal; where Fowles sees the ultimate dark triumph of evil over good, Ms. Mitchell's vision is finally more elevating as her characters strive for ways to follow the longings of their own hearts. Her compass is fixed on magnetic north – towards freedom – as she sets her lovers in situations of self-opposition and on paths of realization, letting them evolve in their circumstances, becoming increasingly aware, honest, and empowered.

Her writing is strong; she knows how to construct a sentence and an idea; and when she gets going, you can feel her purring right along. Her cadences make music in the ear; her ideas, colors in the mind. It's a world of contradictions and opposites where circuit boards develop emotions, sex slaves long for men, and freedom is lost without the slightest hint of cruelty or violence. There is no pain in Ms. Mitchell's world, or only the pain caused by absence of pleasure. It's not about bullies and winning; it's about being conquered from within, subversion and capitulation, self-betrayal, being dismantled from the inside out. (Sort of like the Bush era.) She's a bit of a magician as she shows a slave grasping freedom through love, an automaton developing consciousness in dreams, a man (of all things) as a savior to sex slaves, and a master race with imperfect knowledge.

One arrives at the end of Ms. Mitchell's fine first novel satisfied but wanting more. She has a sure touch and a clear vision, and, as this tale and her short stories show, also a deepening awareness of the fertile possibilities at her disposal. One looks forward to the unfolding "C'yiss" novels with anticipation and pleasure.

It would be easy to hate men in seeing what they want from women, and what they will do to have it. It would be easy to blame the faults of the world and society on them. The joke goes, "If they can put a man on the moon, why can't they put all of the men on the moon?" Fortunately for us, Ms. Mitchell is more generous than that.

The Usahar -- Paperback

The Usahar -- e-book
All things end. It is the way of them.
Eternity is not eternal.
(From the "Song of the Adhal")

Karen's stories can be reached here. Enjoy!

The Blog of Karen
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Books Published -electronically

Since my first story on Literotica I've been lucky enough to be published thru Ellora's Cave. www.ellorascave.com

My fifteen book is due out in a week or so, so briefly:

Family Secrets- Young woman learns her fiance is cheating, her mother has been involved in a long affair, and she isn't who she thought she was.

Family and Promises- Phaedra agrees to help her family by pleading with the man threatening the company. He wants more than she bargained for.

His Dance Lessons- the strange man in her dance class wants than private lessons.

Burning Desires- Former soap star feels the need to help her family out and return to rescue the daytime drama that launched her career.

Cattleman- Animosity kept them apart until the attraction drew them together.

Rebel Slave- a fantasy D/s story.

Submissive Passion- D/s story in which a young woman, shy and used to hiding her body and her emotions, finds herself drawn to a man who wants to find a way into her life.

Medieval Mischief- She is to be married tomorrow. But today she goes riding and finds herself captive of a handsome stranger who takes what he wants.

Blood Dreams 1 and 2- vampire story with a twist. Fauster Blue is a vampire who wanted to create an empire, or at least he wanted to create a better vampire. 3rd book is due out in October and I am writing a 4th book as well.

Anthologies with 2 other authors:
Crown Jewels- Man who Should be King- She doesn't want anything to do with the throne, happy to live her own life. But since she is the legal heir, things get sticky. Not to mention that she keeps wild animals for pets and lives with an old wizard.

Passionate Hearts-Valentine Wishes- Her mother is everything romantic and weddings, but she has been burnt. Now her mother has remarried and she finds herself with a step-brother to die for.

Elemental Desires- Rayne Dance- Sci-fi/fantasy- The future is a place that doesn't welcome psychics. A special cop has been sent to find three psychics that slipped under the net.

Things That Go Bump In The Night 3- Colonial Ghost- Attending a sci-fi convention goes awry when staying in a Bed and Breakfast. Her hunk of a host has a ghost in residence.

I also have a short story in print in the Anthology called Closet Desire 4, available thru my website.

"And the day came when the risk it took to remain tight inside the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom." Anais Nin

Visit http://smoothtales.com for original erotic stories
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Ann Vremont
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Re: PUBLISH AMERICA!!! Real publisher for your book?

Originally posted by MorganHawke
You're with PUBLISH AMERICA???
- Are you out of your MIND??? That company has AUTHOR BEWARE warnings posted all over The Internet!

I'm glad someone said that (so I wouldn't have to). Nor do I think it harshly phrased considering the original attitude.
Ann Vremont
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seduce the mind
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I've got two books coming outunder Ellora's Cave's new Ghede imprimatur, and the launch date has been pushed back repeatedly. It's now set for September or October, but meanwhile I was interviewed for an on-line mag called e-cubus.

So if you want to see the Dr. spouting off about his theories of erotica, then interview is here:



EPIC Award Winner: A Good Student Best E-published Erotic Novel, 2009
(E-Publishers Internet Consortium)

Weave a circle round him thrice,
And close your eyes with holy dread,
For he on honey-dew hath fed,
And drunk the
milk of Paradise...

Lit Stories: The Cabinet of Dr. Mabeuse...
Even more... T h e W e b s i t e
~The Love That Is Not Madness Is Not Love~

More books: Published by Jasmine-Jade
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Originally posted by dr_mabeuse
I've got two books coming outunder Ellora's Cave's new Ghede imprimatur, and the launch date has been pushed back repeatedly. It's now set for September or October, but meanwhile I was interviewed for an on-line mag called e-cubus.

So if you want to see the Dr. spouting off about his theories of erotica, then interview is here:



I'd like to see the Dr. spouting off.


There was another life that I might have had, but I am having this one.

-- Kazuo Ishiguro
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Ann Vremont
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Calabi Chronicles: Bloodstone

I have a dark romantica (ie erotic romance) novel releasing from Ellora's Cave September 8, 2004. An excerpt is on my elfenwood web site and a synopsis appears below.

The medieval manuscript of a Dark Mage and a mysterious stone with the power over time and space plunge Aideen Godwin into a world of sex and sorcery, love, passion and betrayal.

Arriving late at the estate sale of reported Arch Druid Michael Meyrick, Aideen buys the last item available—a crate, contents unknown. Back in her Dublin antiques shop, she finds that the crate holds a blood-red stone and the diary of Cenn Cruach. Academic appreciation of the text is soon replaced by erotic visions of Cenn. With each new page translated, the dreams grow more searing, drawing Aideen closer to the conclusion that she is the mysterious witch Cenn seeks to possess at all costs.

Foregoing a childhood aversion to magic, Aideen uses the Bloodstone and finds herself not only in Cenn’s arms and bed, but also in a land besieged by unseen evil. Treachery and the Bloodstone’s own duplicity tear the lovers apart, returning Aideen to her storeroom where she questions her memories of this other time and place.

Into Aideen’s life steps the strangely familiar Kean Toland. He warns that her life is in danger, but before he can convince the reluctant Aideen of his honest intent, her world and belief system are turned upside down.

To survive a madman and his troupe of killers, Aideen must put aside her fears and place her trust in Kean and the Bloodstone—before the dimensional barriers are broken down and an unholy army trailing chaos in its wake is unleashed.
Ann Vremont
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Ann Vremont
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Baby's Back: The Best in Fetish Erotica

I also have a new release from eXtasy books. It is a seven-story collection of couple-focused anal-erotica shorts. Blurbs on the seven stories appear below. "Backshore" is the prelude to a differently-focused (well, still anal but different partner (her brother)) short here on Lit titled Nowhere Street (The House at the End of Nowhere Street).

Magenta ... What happens when cub reporter Veronica Quim spends a day under cover at Belinda Lee's sex shop?

Trailer Park M.D. ... Ronnie Stover runs a simple home-based business and the last thing he needs is a visit from the Lumpkin County Prosecutor's Office, even if it is in the shapely form of Amanda Graham.

Behind the 8 Ball ... Josh Hardwick is fresh off winning a regional pool championship, flush with cash and ready to upgrade his home table but pool is the last thing on his mind when he walks into Behind the 8 Ball to find Annette Valenzuela behind the counter.

Pleasure Cube ... Merrick Keogh is hell bent on finding out who is using pretty little Katelyn McMurphy's computer after hours to visit an anal erotica site ... little does he expect that his investigation will lead him to the Pleasure Cube.

Backstage Pass ... Felix's leading lady in the stage play Sacred Heart Diaries is a full blown tempest who presses him for a bit of improvisation on the night her parents come to see the show.

Ice Princess ... When Candace Lodge visits his office late one night, skate coach Vincent Bowers figures the lovely blonde that he's lusted after for years is here to complain that she's been cut from the Nationals team ... little does he know that his ice princess is ready to melt.

Backshore ... Cassidy Danville has nursed a crush on her brother's older friend Steve for years. Now that she's 18 and virtually alone with him after her brother passes out on a weekend fishing trip, will she make her move?
Ann Vremont

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to: dr_mabeuse

Congratulations on your upcoming books. I don't completely understand the new off-shoots from Ellora's Cave, but good luck with your stories.

I was contacted the same way as you, which is how I ended up with EC. That was 3 years ago and I now have 15 ebooks!

I'm working on reading the whole article, but I've already seen a few interesting ideas I need to muddle over for a bit.

I particularly related to your comments about depression and the writing and sex. I lost my job 3 yrs ago, and subsequently my life went into a tailspin.

things are better now.

I am very impressed with your list of stories here. I will read a few and send you some comments. I also have a website if you want to ck it out. http://smoothtales.com/

Take care, Mlyn
"And the day came when the risk it took to remain tight inside the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom." Anais Nin

Visit http://smoothtales.com for original erotic stories
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Originally posted by dr_mabeuse
I've got two books coming outunder Ellora's Cave's new Ghede imprimatur, and the launch date has been pushed back repeatedly. It's now set for September or October, but meanwhile I was interviewed for an on-line mag called e-cubus.

So if you want to see the Dr. spouting off about his theories of erotica, then interview is here:


Great, great article Dr M. That open conversational "spouting off" is going to entice lots of ladies to read your stories.

Congratulations on your two books coming out soon. It is exciting to see EC opening its new line. I am not sure if is is you or them that have been pushing back the date. I intuit it is them, but do not look at it as a bad thing because waiting until this Fall now is a GOOD thing. Just my opinion, however the Summer is slow on readers looking and buying. Now you will get that added momentum that returns in the Fall.

Omni ~
Erotic Romance for Women
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Nice interview Dr. M. And congratulations on the two books. Best of luck with them.
I have CDO. It's like Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, only in alphabetical order like it should be.
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Ann Vremont
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The Venus Cup

Available here
Excerpt: here

Blurb: The Venus Cup is a dark erotica novella (with a bonus short "New Venus City"). The story tracks Caroline Averitt, a young artist who is Venus reincarnated, heir to a fortune and gifted with supernatural powers that wait to be unlocked. Her last
reincarnation, as the sensually innocent Antonia, was half a
millennia ago. The story tracks Caroline as she gathers her three
Graces and as Antonia's fate, through Caroline's paintings and
dreams, is slowly revealed.

"Praise" for The Venus Cup

[rejecting editor # 1] "maybe even great literary erotica..."

[rejecting editor # 3] "[upon finishing] I felt like jumping out the
window.... [C]ould've been penned by Emily Dickenson [or] Sylvia

sr.thebestreviews.com: "an intriguing tale of sexual
discovery and daring matched with the search for a hidden truth that binds generations of souls in a dance of pain and sex. It is not for the feint of heart, and it deals heavily with lesbian sex scenes. Still, it is surprisingly engaging, and even someone whose interests don't run those corridors can't help but be intrigued by the interplay and the mysteries that wait to be exposed. It is dark, erotic, highly sensual. Well worth the reading! Vivat to Ann on another story with hidden twists and characters you can visualize
Ann Vremont
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Snooper writes novels as Charm Brights which are available from the Charm Brights library here.

The contents of the CHARM BRIGHTS LIBRARY of BDSM books is listed below. The price of each book (unless stated otherwise) is $8.50. Visa, MasterCard, Amex - shows as Cyres International on statement. Also Stormpay accepted.

NEW - Numerous Delights - see below
The Delights Series
Power is pleasant; absolute power is absolutely delightful.
If you haven't read any of these books, the first in this series is Absolute Delights, and it is followed in chronological order in the Emirate of Kobekistan by Hunting Delights, Female Delights, Intrusive Delights, White Delights, Anniversary Delights, Numerous Delights, Butler's Delights, Military Delights, Girlish Delights and Nautical Delights.
A brief introduction to Kobekistan and the present Emir's father is on Literotica in The Training Ch. 05 written as Un-Registered.

David Ransome has lived in England since he was four years old, and is a post-graduate student at Oxford University when his grandfather dies, and by an odd sequence of events he inherits the throne of the Emirate of Kobekistan. The Emir is the absolute ruler, and in "Absolute Delights" we watch the process of change whereby an easy-going ordinary English young man is transformed by power into a cruel autocratic Emir who is quite capable of having an annoying concubine killed out of hand. The effect of this on his English fiancée contrasts strangely with the changes in his mother's attitude.

Now we follow the history of hunting, imported from England by the old Emir, David's grandfather, and continued by him. The horses are superb, and the costumes are indistinguishable from those of an English fox hunt, with the red coats and black hats. Unfortunately there are no foxes in Kobekistan, but there are plenty of female slaves. Foxes run for their lives, but the slaves are running for their freedom if they can elude the hunt for long enough. Of course, bigger dogs are needed for such a quarry, so Irish Wolfhounds are the order of the day. The "kill" is more interesting if the dogs don' t take part, but each huntsmen indulges his whims with the quarry ...

Special offer - Absolute Delights and Hunting Delights
$10 for both (reduced from $17)

We follow the varied fortunes of several different members of the Emir's harem. Maryam, the kitchen skivvy who becomes Head Wife, and a Princess, and returns to the kitchen. Amelia, mother of the Emir, who becomes the plaything of many men and then finds favour again in her son's bed. Laura, the American girl who becomes Fatima, the harem slave. Once again the Emir sails through life doing as he pleases without thought for the consequences to the minds or bodies of his subjects.

The Emir plays with the minds and the bodies of some of his subjects. The husband of one of the slaves, a kidnapped Sicilian woman, tries to rescue her, and feels the full force of the Emir's wrath. A prostitute in a cheap brothel discovers his gratitude. A would-be rapist picks the wrong target and suffers for it. The Emir explores more of his magnificent Palace complex and discovers some very interesting rooms indeed.

The Emir of Kobekistan has decided to add some new faces, and other bits, to his harem. Whipping the same sixty women all the time gets boring. He embarks on some "fishing expeditions" but isn't really successful until the last one.

His Magnificence, the Emir Mahmoud Abdullah, may he live for ever, the young Emir of Kobekistan had been on the throne in the Golden Palace, centre piece of the Triple Palace, Ruby, Gold and Emerald, for almost ten years now; his faithful courtiers decided that the tenth anniversary of his succession should be celebrated in some style. Many ideas were mooted, and finally a plan was passed to the Emir for his approval. The plan that was put before the Emir was simplicity itself. To celebrate the tenth anniversary of his accession the Emir would be pleased to accept a new concubine into the Golden Palace harem and create for her a title, Special Concubine to the Emir. The judging would be performed by the Emir himself and there would be a series of semi-public tests of all the women. He would consider each candidate in turn and would award marks for her looks and deportment, for her ability to accept punishment, and for a demonstration of her skill at pleasuring a man without being penetrated. The top four entrants would participate in the semi-finals during which marks would be added for the woman's grace and elegance and the Emir's pleasure during her public defloration. Finally, the two top women would each spend a night with the Emir and the winner would be announced.

A young accountant is seconded to work with the British Embassy in Kobekistan and soon learns to appreciate the values of a feudal society. He encounters a number of young ladies from various backgrounds, all of whom (except Molly) he incorporates in his harem from time to time. Of course, most of them need to be punished for one thing or another ... Helen he imports from England, but sells her ... and then there is Samantha. He saves her from a fate worse than death in England, and then gives her to the Emir as a virgin gift.

The Emir decided that an English butler - a veritable Jeeves - would be a pleasant addition to his Golden Palace. For Robinson, the selected butler it meant a big change from his life in England. Most of the duties were similar to those in the household in England, but some of the perks were better. And when the Princesses came to visit him ... For Robinson's wife, who had never been spanked even as a child, it meant a bigger change, and one she came to love.

His Magnificence, the Emir Mahmoud Abdullah, may he live for ever, the young Emir of Kobekistan was annoyed at the occasional incursions by raiders from the neighbouring Khanate of Tirfil. After Prince Habib succeeded to the throne of Tirfil, they became much worse, and the Emir resolved to deal with this problem once and for all. He defeats the Tirfilese troops in a matter of seven days, and then indicates his willingness for the people of Tirfil to be taught a lesson they would never forget. His soldiers run riot through the city. This book chronicles the impact on the lives of some of the people involved. Some gain promotion, others are treated shamefully. The Khan becomes Eunuch in Charge of Public Lavatories. An English woman who is the mistress of an expatriate engineer has a torrid time, ending in a most surprising rôle. A simple riflemen becomes a sergeant as a reward for the rape, sodomy and whipping of a Princess.

GIRLISH DELIGHTS -- jointly with MsLinnet
It was six years after he became Emir of Kobekistan that David Ransome discovered that his Oxford girl friend, Pauline, had borne his child. When the mother died in a car crash, he stepped in and made his daughter a Princess at 20 years old. She takes to the life of a Royal favourite with gusto, indulging all her dominant bi-sexual appetites to the full.

The Emir of Kobekistan, like every other self-respecting ruler of a small country, has a Royal Yacht, the Imperial Voyager. Soon after the present Emir succeeded to the throne, the skipper retired and a new one was appointed. Henry Hargreaves had been second officer on a cruise liner, and he finds that the comfort and amusement of his passengers is every bit as important in his new command as it was on board his old ship. It is just that the Emir's idea of comfort is rather more luxurious than that of Western holidaymakers, and the Kobekistani idea of amusement is also a little more extreme than that provided by shipping lines for Westerners! However, being the shipper of such a vessel means his wife and daughter can live aboard, together with some concubines. The hostesses for the Emir's guests are also available to him whenever he wants them.


The Space Series
Dealing with the intertwined lives of five women of the future, each is complete on its own, though you are recommended to start with Helen for its background.

Helen is framed by her boss for theft on her 18th birthday. Over the next six weeks, she is convicted, raped, transported to a penal planet where she becomes the plaything of some very important men. Making a silly mistake she is then punished severely, a punishment she discovers is just what she wants.

Martha Templeton was never beautiful, she wasn't even pretty, but she had a pleasant face and a bedworthy figure. But underneath she was a dominatrix, of both men and women ...

Jacqui is a dominant who was trying to fit in to life as a submissive!


By Brian Khast & Charm Brights
The white planters thought they were rulers of their small world in Africa, watching with avid interest as girls were whipped in front of them for their amusement, for infringing the rules in even a small way. All the women were erotically turned on by the scene but the indigenous people were not prepared to be dominated by the whites any longer. They turned on their previous owners in a savage act of rebellion and forced them into acts of extreme debasement and humiliation!
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I can at lease add my own contribution to this talented group of writers. *grin*
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I have a technical question. A German writer friend of mine said something about being registered as an author.
Do any of you know about something like that in the English language territory?
Is it related to having an agent?

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