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This award is for influential author not 'favorite' author a point which I think is lost here.

My vote is for Blackrandi. An accomplished writer, but more importantly a great editor who has helped many authors and also this past year organized a group of writers getting together to write some stories in the loving wives category and then a western themed group of stories.

She took the time to reach out to many authors to invite them into this fun writing exercise and I was one of them. I declined, too much on my plate and not my niche, but it was flattering to be invited and I appreciated her effort in organizing it as no one is getting paid here.

To me that's someone who is influential.

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While I would've liked to nominate BreakTheBar because of Font of Fertility or compnerd because of Special Ring unfortunately neither of them have submitted anything in 2017. They were both great inspirations for me to submit my own story, but so was writerannabelle who gets my nomination.

I'd also just like to say I think Literotica should do a new author award to help those just starting out within the year expand their fanbase. Just a thought.

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My nomination

In this category I have no hesitation in Nominating



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100% Harddaysknight

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No one casts a larger shadow across the landscape than BlackRandl1958. She writes, edits, conducts invitationals and has her finger on the pulse of Literotica. The choice of obvious. She is no one trick pony. She's not Teflon coated. She is the best. I nominate BlackRandl1958

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I nominate


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Thumbs up Only one choice for me!

BiscuitHammer. He's the author that keeps me coming back here!

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No, wait.

Just plain Bob.

No, wait again.

HardDaysKnight. Yeah. Him.
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This may be foolish because this writer is no longer on Literotica and the story series 'Maggie and Zach' has been taken down, but this story lingers in my mind and I wish I had saved it to my hard drive. Since his writing has had this effect on me I still would like to nominate Piper320 as Most Influential Writer.

I know I am probably alone in feeling this way but I would give a lot to have a copy of this series. No other author on Literotica ever made me feel like this. Anyway, I guess I am just venting my frustration in losing this talented writer and his excellent work.

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Without a doubt. He's been around a long time, and he never gets old.

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Post Lost Boy

Lost Boy's written so many series that are all entertwined in the same Lovrcraft-ian universe. Above all else, though, they are very well written.

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Smile Lost Boy

I nominate Lost Boy. He is one of the best writers on here

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For me personally, probably nageren. He hasn't been that active in 2017, having only posted one story, but I only discovered his work a couple of months ago. I've come to absolutely adore the cast of characters he portrays in his own personal universe, and I find the way he explores them to be absolutely riveting.

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My nomination is Tefler,

Yes he won last year, that is irrelevant. I am only weigh Tefler contribution in this year.

Tefler continues to put out a large quantity of high quality work. Tefler adverages 2-3 large stories per month which are pure gold. His writing continues to improve which each new chapter. Few writers can match Tefler contribution is this area. Aside from the impressive word count that Tefler writes. The depth and breadth of his imagination has inspired many to begin writing on their own. And when discussing the “most influential” writer what better measurement is there to judge than inspiration of others.

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Thumbs up Tefler

My nomination is Tefler.

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The most influential writer category

Black and Rand

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My nomination is for Melissababy

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I would like to nominate Black Randi

Volunteer editor, writes stand alone stories in multiple categories and is selflessly here to help others not herself, unlike many here.
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There are a number of people I believe are deserving, but I'd like to vote for ChloeTzang.

Chloe's output is incredible, and her contributions to the community are greatly appreciated.

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ChloeTzang is amazing storyteller

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