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Sexual urges during Pregnancy

Hey folks, gotta quick question for ya'll ( at least ya'll who have experience with it): Is it unusual for a woman's sex drive to go into hyperdrive when they are preggers? I'm about 7 week along and my hormones seem to really have taken off. I was always a very sexual creature before, but now the way I feel now,i t makes my pre-preggers self look like a nun! Is this healthy and will it hurt the baby? I talked to my doctor about it, but I'm sure she really doesn't understand how sexual I was before. I don't wanna hurt my baby, but God I am so damned horny!
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During the 4-6 month mark I was insatiable while pregnant. 3-5 times a day I'd be masturbating plus milking my husband's cock every night and before work the next morning. Totally normal. The extra blood flow to the area left my clit always ready for more!
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ok I wasn't sure or nt...we tried so hard for the little one I just wanted to be sure...I made all my lovers wear condoms during sex despite how much I hate them just my chosen one would be the only one...hubby is so happy right now!
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Not sure how common it is, but it's not abnormal. No penetrative sex won't hurt the fetus, just watch your positions as you get larger.
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My wife was horny as fuck with our first child, a boy; her libido disappeared with the second (a girl). Extra hormones surging, blood flowing, all that good stuff. Enjoy it while you've got it, it might not be there next time .

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I made hubby work it while pregnant and both our kiddos are fine. Normal part of hormone flux. Just stay hydrated and itís ok. Further along, may want to get a memory foam body pillow to sleep with, also makes a good soft prop up if you need it.
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For any of you who have read my TRY THIS thread on G-Gasms ... I have posted warnings numerous times through the thread. Please be very very careful with G-Gasms. The orgasms are NOT the same as clitoral orgasms. G-Gasms arePUSH OUT plus the brain produces loads of OXYTOCIN - the drug/hormone given to women about to give birth to stimulate that process even more / speed it up.

I'm NOT a doctor but use common sense. It is a GREAT way to orgasm as many times as you want but you do NOT want those orgasms to actually stimulate a dangerously premature BIRTH.

G-Gasms ARE an excellent way of normalizing hormone levels AFTER child birth. They will restore muscle tone, prevent extreme mood swings (post partum depression) and keep the new momma feeling sexy and loved ... so go for it then but please either be careful or avoid those G's altogether!!
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My wife just got done with her third preganancy and she completely lost all of her drive with each one.
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