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Domme curious?

Hi guys! I'm looking for some out side advice. I recently had an experience that made me reconsider my sexual nature. Before I was (I thought) completely submissive. Now I want to explore this domination side... but not much has surfaced, I think I am pointed in the wrong direction. Any suggestions?

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I've babbled a lot about this issue...

Some of my thoughts are in the essay linked in my signature.
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Originally Posted by Stella_Omega View Post

I've babbled a lot about this issue...

Some of my thoughts are in the essay linked in my signature.
Definitely check this out.

Maybe try a survey or two?

Also, the best way to see if youre into something is to try it out or at least talk about it. If you get wet or arroused by the thought then explore it more. Theres a ton of different kinds of Femdom.
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If Query put as much effort into real life as he does trolling, maybe he would still have a marriage.

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Getting some rope and learning a few basic ties is probably a pretty good place to start. Or how about just taking control more during otherwise vanilla sex (might have to discuss it with your partner first if that would be unusual for you) and see if you enjoy it?
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