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Supportive of TJChurch

I've been wanting to do this for some time. All those members who are in support of TJChurch can come to this place to discuss your stories as well as add to others.

Can I say for the record I have nothing against the moderators of the site it's just that it'd be nice to know who supports TJ'
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Welcome to the forums, great to have you here. I got a question for you.

Have you ever actually spoken to Tim?

I have and frankly, I think he's an asshole. Not because of anything people have said about him, but the way he comports himself. My opinion. Thought I'd share.

Now you may be thinking you've found more supporters in Rippydoo and tnadnuder but I'll let you in on a little secret.

They're both TJ. Hence why both are on my ignore list.

Just thought you might like some inkling of what your getting into.

Chyoo Handle Cutie569

Chyoo Stories:

The Amulet


Shifting Reality

Legacy House

Mind Control University

Saphho's Kitty
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Interesting. I don't see many people rallying to this thread. I wonder why...
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Originally Posted by rippitydoo View Post
People posted here, as well as approving my threads & giving me high feedback/Trusted status
Since you, little boy, seem to need things pointed out to you I will gladly do so. The only people that seem to like you are all your aliases, and Mixermix. You hound people in emails demanding trusted status and if any other than Mixer have given it to you, it was probably just to shut you up. And please try to avoid your normal rant about how everyone is picking on you. Too many people have been on the receiving end of your annoying and rude emails for it to be a conspiracy.

Your posts keep getting deleted because your overinflated ego and constant whining are an eyesore. Mixer stands up for you and THOSE POSTS are not deleted because they actually have merit unlike you or any of the threads of yours that I have read. (Especially the ones that bash people)

If someone actually defends you (And it isn't another of your aliases) then I'm sure that it wouldn't be deleted since Mixer's have not been.

Also I'm glad you made that section bold because you are simply enhancing my point that NO ONE IS ON YOUR SIDE. I can't see what isn't there to begin with. Thank you for making it even clearer with bold because I honestly didn't think to do that. Maybe because I didn't feel it was necessary, but hey, you actually helped so thank you for that.
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