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Looking to hire an erotic writer

I have several erotic fantasies I cannot write for myself- It is tragic, I know, I know! I am looking for people interested in writing around... 30? pages... a month for me. Separate stories - as my desires fluctuate but at the end of a hard work week, I'd like to read something dedicated to me, written for me from a writer who knows my wants.

I would pay by paypal... or other methods, note - other methods means I might only pay 1s a month or so. Depends on inconvenience to me.

You can reach me here on this thread, or my email (creativelycreatively@gmail.com). please include prices based on word measurements.

If........ if you wanna write my fantasies out for free... I really cannot stop you!
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Clarification, please. Do you really want an erotic writer, or are you really looking for an erotica writer?
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Be aware that 3c/word is considered a cheap rate for competent writers. That works out at about $450 for 30 pages.

You may find authors willing to work for less, but whatever rate you agree on, ask to see a work sample first and you might want to be very clear about quality expectations. There was another poster here a month or two back asking for advice about a commissioned story that hadn't delivered value for money.
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Scouries might be a good choice. LIT is already paying him, so there should be no charge.
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Thank you all for your advice but is anyone interested in the position of writing stories specifically for me - for pay?
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