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Rejected 3x, Editors not responding and more

Hello All -

I very much enjoy the site and have finally decided to submit my own writing. I've read the advice for new authors and after receiving my first rejection I reached out to an editor who did not respond. I corrected some minor punctuation issues, resubmitted, and resubmitted my story again. Again I reached out to find an editor, this time multiple people, but I've received no responses. Can someone please assist me in figuring out what's causing my story to be rejected and what I'm doing wrong in regards to using the community to get help?

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Keep in mind, you’re probably not the only person reaching out to that editor.
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How did you try to contact the Editors? The 'Volunteer Editors' part of the site is not working...

Best way is to try to contact editors via the Editor's forum or send Private Messages to people that indicate they are available for editing.
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What RubenR said. Head to the Editors Forum and check there. I believe that you want to post your genre and ask for help then wait for pm' s to come in.

Also if you're using anyone that could appear underage in your story could be why it's coming back. Add a note "All characters are over 18" if that's the case.
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Could you give us an idea of what the story is about?
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Pm me a chunk of your story if you like and I will have a look at it.
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Originally Posted by fittexanman View Post
Hello All -
I corrected some minor punctuation issues, resubmitted, and resubmitted my story again.....what's causing my story to be rejected and what I'm doing wrong
A story doesn’t get rejected without explanation even though the explanation is very general. Quote the reason for rejection, in full, on here with a synopsis of your story. Minor punctuation errors etc won’t get a story rejected. Some very experienced writers on here have got stories through that have technical faults.
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